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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Adama reads to a very sick Roslin in 'Escape Velocity'

"Escape Velocity" By Lorna

Aired  April. 25th, 2008 

The episode opens with a funeral for Kally. 

Afterwards Tigh goes to see Gina and as she talks she seems to change into his wife, though I think this is only in his head. This, understandably, freaks him out and he leaves. 

Baltar’s strange little club is invaded and like a coward he hides. The invaders demand to know where he is, but no-one will turn him in. A few people are hurt as a result. 

Six returns and they talk; she tells him he must make a stand against this. He calls the authorities and demands that something be done. 

Tyrol is going from bad to worse, picking fights with everybody left right and centre. Funny enough he’s not exactly on top form which everybody understands.  

Six talks about Gaius taking a stand against the ‘old’ gods. He is so spurned on by this that he makes a grand speech about not being afraid any more. This leads to Baltar and his congregation storming into one of the fleet’s services and causing hell. He is removed by security. 

Roslin and Adama talk, and they think Baltars actions could lead to a religious war. Roslin decides to go have a little chat with Baltar in the brig.  

Meanwhile Tigh and Gina talk, and she tries to convince him that they’re the same. He asks how she can live with what she’s done. He claims they are not the same. 

Baltar and Roslin talk in the brig. She explains that the closer she gets to dieing the less patience she has. She tells him to lead a ‘quiet’ life – she will protect him but not indulge him.  

Meanwhile Tyrol tries to drown his sorrows, and Adama attempts to talk to him. Tyrol loses his temper and totally tares into Cally. He refuses to let her be remembered as an angel when she wasn’t. Everyone is stunned. Tyrol and Adama have a bitch fight and Tyrol is demoted.  

Roslin tries to get emergency crowd control measures implemented, but Lee being Lee has to bitch. He claims the measures are targeted against Baltar and his ‘people’ instead of being there to protect them. Roslin rather cleverly evokes memories of New Caprica. She tries to explain how dangerous Baltar was with political power, and that the idea of him having any religious power is a terrifying thing.  

During all this Gina tries to explain to Tigh that pain and guilt led her to understand humans better. She claims that pain causes a moment of mental clarity. She then proceeds to kick the crap out of him.  

Six tries to convince Baltar to stand against the measures. He’s been blocked from his usual den, along with quite a few of the women. He attempts to push past the guards but they punch him. Six insists he goes on, he refuses, and she lifts him.

Lee shows up to save the day and tells the guards that the Chroum has voted against the crowd control measures.

Roslin and Adama talk about Lee and she admits his concerns might have been founded, but that doing the right thing is sometimes a luxury.

Baltar makes a speech about redemption, and even though he’s done terrible things ‘God’ still loves him, because ‘God’ loves everyone. You should love yourself, and embrace you’re faults, because ‘God’ does. The truth according to Baltar is that everyone is perfect, because ‘God’ can only love that which is perfect.

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