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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Cylons aboard the Galactica In 'Valley of Darkness'

"Valley of Darkness" By Lorna

Aired  Jul. 22nd, 2005  

The episode opens with Adam in sick bay, thereís a quick overview of the ship and we realise that powers been cut. Gaeta believes itís something to do with the virus from the last episode, but itís soon revealed that the Galactica has been boarded by Cylons.

Lee and a few of the other pilots make there way from the hanger bay to the CIC but are interrupted by a Cylon, and understandably they run. Thereís a very tense sequence in which Lee is cornered by the Cylon but one of the security team take it down before it can do any real damage. They then tell him that the Galactica has been bordered Ė though I think heís figured that out - but theyíve no idea of where or how many. They also reveal that theyíve got absolutely no ammo left. Lee sends one of the pilots to the CIC with a message.

Roslin is scared about being locked in the cell where sheís basically a sitting duck for the cylons. Someone attempts to open the door but itís revealed to be Lee. His plan is to take them to sick bay because itís the safest place on the ship. Lee dishes out guns but Roslin refuses to take it. He sends Roslin and some of the pilots to sickbay while he discusses with the rest about getting to a small arms locker a few floors down in order to get some weaponry and take out the Cylons on board.

On Caprica Helo and Kara decide to head out of the city, trying to find somewhere to find someway off the planet. They talk about Sharon and Kara is still sceptical. They go back to Karaís house on Caprica.

On the CIC they figure out where the Cylons are Heading, secondary damage control and auxiliary damage control. If the cylons reach there they can decompress the Galactica and turn the ship on the fleet and destroy them.

Meanwhile, On Cobol Baltar sees ships flying overhead and Adama speaks to him. Baltar wonders how the Galacitca found them, and when Adama asks what Baltar is holding he answers that itís a child. Adama asks to hold it, Baltar hands it over, and Adama. Adama walks away with a distraught and powerless Baltar following in his wake. Adama drowns the child in the nearby river and Baltar franticly searches the water for it but to no avail.

He screams and wakes, too be comforted by Number Six that it was only a dream. Six points out the skulls scattered around, claiming that itís human sacrifice to the gods. She claims that Humans are innately evil, and that Adama may well try to kill there child.

In the small arms locker Lee and the rest of his squad find some dead guards, and very little ammo actually left.

Kara and Helo are in Karaís house and it seems she has an artistic side, paintings litter the walls. After a little searching they find what she was looking for Ė the keys to her car. Kara reveals that she never really liked her life on Caprica.

Roslin, Billy, and there escort are on the way to the medical bay and they bang into Dee who appears to be suffering from shock. The route they where taking to Sickbays blocked and they have to take another way.

On CIC they talk about the situation and reach the conclusion that itís all a bit grim.

On Kobol Tyroll and Kally are making there way back through the jungle with the med-kit. Crashdown almost shoots Baltar and asks him where on earth heís been. Kally and Tyrol arrive hot on Baltarís heels and informs Crashdown that the member of there party died. The medic reports that the injured guy isnít going to pull through despite the medicine. His death is going to be incredibly painful, and so they make the decision to administer drugs and let him die in piece.

Lee and his group get in touch with CIC, Tigh sends them to aft Damage control and orders them to take out the Cylons. Meanwhile Roslin and her group follow there alternate route to sickbay, but get stuck behind a hatch that refuses to open. She asks if there's another way Ė and sheís informed that Aft Damage control is the only way.

Lee and his group arrive at aft Damage control, but arenít there long before they hear the sound of gunfire. They get ready for the Cylon arrival. Roslinís team hear the cylons and flee but Billy inadvertently calls there attention. Thankfully Lee is there to save the day and after a rather vicious fire-fight the cylons are destroyed.

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