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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Adama lies dieing after the events of the finalie

"Scattered" By Lorna

Aired  Jul. 15th, 2005  

This episode opens seconds after the season one finale finishes, the CIC is in an uproar – trying to do anything they can for Adama. Tigh remembers meeting Adama for the first time. Sharon is absolutely mortified and confused, but they have her confined to the brig. Lee is also sent to the brig – though he protests greatly.

Adama is taken to the medical bay while Tigh is forced to take command after Cylon Base star jumps into range. The fleet make a quick exit, and Lee is forced to explain to Roslin about Adama.

On Cobol Baltar is a bit worried at the prospect of becoming a father. He doesn’t understand how the baby can possibly be real – he still believes that Number Six is an illusion in his head. Understandably he’s a little freaked out.

Kally finds him passed out, and they think he’s a bit mad. Crashdown overrules Tyrol and takes control.

The Galactica is separated from the rest of the fleet due to a technical error. His wife is already making plans for him to take over, but Tigh can’t think of anything worse. He makes a speech to the people on the CIC to that effect.

The Galactica is going to have to jump back to its previous position to catch up with the rest of the fleet but they won’t survive a Cylon attack. Roslin tries to help Lee get back to the CIC and exercise a little control.

On Cobol as they make there way through the forest Baltar is haunted by manifestations of a crib, just like something out of Rosemary’s Baby.

The pilot injured in the season one finale is steadily dieing and they’re all shocked to realise that the second med-kit has been left behind. Crashdown is incredibly power drunk and tries to send someone back alone but Tyrol and Kally decide to go too.

On Caprica Kara has gone a bit mad and refuses to have anything to do with Sharon. Helo tries to calm her down but it doesn’t really work. Kara wants to shoot Sharon but Helo will not let her, because Sharon is carrying his baby. While kara and Helo fight Sharon flees in Kara’s Raptor.

Adama is going to die and Tigh is at a loss what to do. The fleet’s doctor is with the rest of the fleet – miles from the stranded Galactica. Tigh keeps remembering how Adama and him first met, and how Adama got them both back into the fleet. The ships medic is forced to do an emergency surgery if Adama is going to live.

Tigh goes to see Galactica Sharon in the brig, while interrogating her he losses his temper and starts hitting her. He thinks about shooting her but can’t quite bring himself to do it.

On Cobol they retrieve the med kit and start heading back, but the cylons attack and the other member of there party is badly injured, they fend of the Cylons but he’s too badly injured and doesn’t make it.
Gaeta suggests that they form a network aboard the Galactica, leap back, and they can calculate the co-ordinates to find the fleet in less than ten minutes. Tigh is reluctant at first but is eventually won over. Tigh remembers Adama telling him that one day he’d run his own Battlestar.

Lee is brought out of the brig on the understanding that when he isn’t on duty he will have to report back there.

They jump back, connect the network with a firewall Gaeta has created and start calculating co-ordinates.

That’s when the Cylons decide to strike and a very tense sequence follows in which the Cylons try to take down the fire wall and infect Galacticas systems with a virus.

While the Cylons attack Roslin and her guard prey in the brig while Adama goes under the knife.

They manage to fend off the cylons long enough to get there coordinates, break the network and flee to meet up with the rest of the fleet. Adama is still alive but the medic doesn’t hold out much hope for his survival – even after the successful operation. While Tigh contemplates this he insists that he never wanted a command, and were told how Adama got Tigh reinstated into the colonial fleet.

A quick shot at the end reveals that a Cylon escape pod has crashed aboard the Galactica.

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