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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Scar from BSG episode 'Scar'

"Scar" By Lorna

Aired  Feb. 3rd, 2006  

The episode opens on-board the colonial mining ship Majhual, with Cat and Kara doing a recon flight looking for a Cylon Fighter called ‘scar’. It cuts to a quick flashback which we’re informed is 94 hours ago. There’s a close-up on a picture of a girl and Kara can be heard informing someone that the only reason riley is dead is because he couldn’t control his fear. It turns out the picture is of Riley’s girlfriend, and that Kara, Cat and some other pilots are emptying out this guy’s locker. Kat claims riley was just clumsy, but Kara is adamant that Scar spooked him. 

A bunch of the pilots are talking about Scar and we’re told he’s the Cylons deadliest radar.  

The flashback ends and they’re flying through an asteroid filed. Another flashback kicks in (someone’s been watching a bit too much lost me thinks) and it’s Kara explaining that Scar creeps up behind people in debris fields. Then Kat and Kara get into a little bitching match over whose going to take out Scar. Kat makes the rather bad move of pointing out Kara’s slightly drunk and Kat’s ‘stim’ (think speed) addiction is brought up. Things quickly descend into them both throwing bad insults., and Kara making an ejit of herself. 

Flashback ends and scar shows up but they’ve been expecting it. A nice little space battle sequence starts before the show credits kick in. They both go after the fighter but Kara realises something’s wrong, claiming the Cylon raider can’t be scar, the fighting style doesn’t fit. Kara starts to scan the immediate area, she spots scar but it’s too late and he gets a rather good shot it. 

Another flashback with Kat teaching a few new pilots to keep they’re eyes open. We cut to the CIC with Roslin and Adama in discussion over the mining ship, with them being stuck they’re another eight days. On the plus side though the Pegasus production crew have finished they’re first combat ready viper.  

Kara is back teaching the class now, telling them that the Vipers are responsible for protecting the mining ship. Again Kat shoots her mouth off, I’m just waiting for Kara to lose it and punch her.  

Kara talks to Sharon about Scar, and Sharon tells her that Radars can be resurrected along with the Cylon models. Funny enough Kara isn’t impressed. She tells her that Radars are much like animals. With the destruction of the resurrection ship though they aren’t going to be pulling any stupid stunts. This time when scar dies, he’s really dead.

Kara is training her pilots on the vertigo simulator, but they all kinda suck. Kat gives it a shot and manages to beat Kara’s record. 

It then flicks back to Kara and Kat in the debris field with Kara going down rather baddy. Her and Scar play a game of hide and seek in the field. 

Yet another flashback – these really are never ending – with Kara and Helo training. They talk about Kat and Anders, Helo not quite understanding why Kara is so rattled by Kat.

We’re shown one of the recon flight missions and it goes terribly badly, and they lose a fighter. Kat blames Kara’s training techniques, you’re so lucky you aren’t getting you’re ass kicked Kat. Lee and Kara talk about losing pilots, and soon how they can never remember them. Kara talks about earth, and how she thinks she’ll never get too see it. Things become extremely heated shall we say, and then Kara starts too think about Anders and flips. Her and Lee start too argue and he tells her a few home truths which she doesn’t like so she slaps him.

We cut too Kara drinking and watching one of the pilot training videos. It then cut’s back to Kara and Scars little game. She starts a nose-dive, either her or scar will quit first, and the one that doesn’t is done for.

Another flashback with Kara teaching the Pilots and Kat shooting her mouth of. Kara calls her on it, hits rather close to the truth so Kat punches her. Kara’s about too punch back when Lee storms in. He assigns them to the same mission because they’re the best pilots he’s got.

We cut back to Kara and scar and Battlestar does one of It’s serene moments with Kara thinking about Anders. She manages to lead Scar directly into Kat’s line of fire, and he’s destroyed.

The episode ends on a rather sad note with Kara leading a toast too the pilots that they’d lost.


Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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