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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Lee floating through space

"Resurrection Ship Part Two" By Lorna

Aired  January. 13th, 2006 

Apologies if this is a little confused, because itís all told in some twisted flashback sequence. Iíll try to make it as clear as I can.  

The episode opens with Lee seemingly relaxing in the sea, but this is disrupted by a plane flying over head. He wakes up and we see that heís floating through space in a spacesuit.   

They flashback to Lee and Kara who are discussing Adamaís plan to assassinate Cain, but he isnít entirely convinced itís a good idea. 

On board the Pegasus Helo and Tyrol are taken out of there cell by some of the Pegasus pilots but theyíre under no illusions that itís a good thing. The pilots and officers beat the hell out of them. There caught by the X.O who gives the pilots hell for beating up Colonial officers, and dismisses them. He puts Tyrol and Helo back in there cells.  

Cain and Kara talk, and Cain tells her that everything sheís done has been out of necessity to prevent death. Meanwhile Lee and Adama talk, and Adama asks lee to help Kara assassinate Kane. Lee tells Adama he has no qualms looking after Kara but is in doubt about the ethics of it.  

The pilots are given there orders and prepare to take down the resurrection ship, while Kara prepares for her mission to take down Cain.  

Adama and Sharon talk about why the Cylons hate the humans. Sharon suggests that itís because Humans are so flawed that the Cylons donít think them worthy of survival.

Lee approaches the Resurrection Ship in the stealth fighter and shoots it so an explosion is triggered, and the FTL drive is destroyed. Something goes wrong and the ship explodes. The attack squadrons are launched to destroy the Resurrection ship and a viper is sent out to try and rescue Lee.   

No weíre back at the start of the episode with Lee drifting through space, but a tear has developed in his suit and the oxygen reserve is flooding out.  

While the Resurrection ship is being destroyed Six is having a complete fit. They do a really clever Jekyll/ Hyde thing with number Six/ Pegasus Six. Number Six claims that God will not forgive this while Pegasus Six tells Baltar that God forgives all.

Galactica tries to contact Lee but lack of oxygen is making him light headed and incapable of responding. Lee watches as the Resurrection ship is ripped to shreds as he flits in and out of consciousness.  

On the Pegasus they celebrate the destruction of the Resurrection ship, which is intercut with scenes of Lee being resuscitated. Pegasus Six asks Baltar to kill her because now she wonít be brought back to life with the destruction of the ship.  

Kara paces the Pegasus corridors and stops just outside the CIC, while the Pegasus XO hovers about on the Galactica CIC. Cain phones Adama, and asks to speak to Kara. He tells her that there plan to assassinate Cain is over: but itís all done in code, and Kara is very relieved. Cain then asks to speak to her XO but doesnít give him the codeword to assassinate Adama.  

Baltar finds himself incapable of killing Pegasus Six, but instead helps her to escape and offers her somewhere to hide.  

Pegasus Six hunts down Cain and shoots her. They hold a funeral for her, with the XO making a rather nice speech in her honour. Kara makes a speech too saying that the fleet was in a worse state without Cain.

Lee and Kara talk about what happened with the destruction of the Resurrection ship and he apologises for not being there to help her when he promised he would.

Tyrol goes to see Sharon, whoís overjoyed to see him.

Roslin talk about the Pegasus Six and how she escaped. Roslin surprises Adama by promoteing him to Admiral now that he commands more than one ship.


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