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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

The Resurection Ship

"Resurrection Ship Part One" By Lorna

Aired  January. 6th ,2006 

Kara manages to approach the unknown Cylon ship in her stealth radar and gather lots of information. The other recon missions approaches the ship but are spotted by the Cylons who start to attack, a war of words breaks out between the Battlestar and Pegasus pilots until Kara returns reporting that she knows what the mysterious ship is. 0 

Cain and Adama separately look at the pictures acquired from Kara’s recon mission, Cain orders Adama to report but Roslin overrules her, drags them both to her office and shouts at them. She tells them they either have to cooperate or fight it out. Cain is dismissive but agrees to work with Adama to use the information they gained from Kara’s recon mission – and then they’d discuss the future of Tyrol and Helo.    

Cain promotes Kara to Captain and puts her in charge of the Pegasus air group, and Kara is extremely shocked. She agrees but only if Lee can help her. Cain tells Kara that she thinks they should go rescue the people on Caprica and Kara is overjoyed.  

Roslin and Adama have a talk and Roslin tells Adama that Cain is dangerous and needs taken out of the picture.  Meanwhile Helo and Tyrol are approached by Lee who tells them it’s only a temporary delay before there execution unless he can do something to save them. 

Gaius imagines that he’s back in his house on Caprica chatting to Number Six who tells him that she misses just hanging out there. Then it cuts to the version of her on board the Pegasus who Cain is being really nasty to her. Baltar steps in and prevents Cain becoming abusive. Cain goes and the Pegasus six becomes distraught and almost strangles Gaius before bursting into tears, she tells him that she wants to die.   

Tight talks to one of the Pegasus officers who reveal that the Pegasus civilian ships were stripped for parts and those considered useful came with them. The rest were left to fend for themselves against the Cylons.  

Lee and Kara talk about how to deal with Cain. Baltar continues to try and help the Pegasus version of Number Six, she mentions downloading into a new body. Baltar asks what the ship they can’t identify is and she tells them that it’s called a ‘resurrection ship’. He reports to Cain that it was built for the purpose of storing new bodies for the cylons to download into if they die – if they’re too far away from the home world then the process doesn’t work. So understandably it’s really important to them.  

Adama and Roslin talk about Cain and the destruction of the Civilian fleet under the Pegasus.

Kara leads her first mission as Captain by organising an attack against the cylons. Her plan is to use a few of the civilian ships as a decoy and lure the Cylons so that the Galactica and Pegasus can launch a surprise attack.

Cain orders a group of marines to the Galactica and while simultaneously Adama asks Kara to assassinate Cain. Cain has similar plans and is also ordering Adama’s assassination.


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