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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Roslin, Lee and Zarek disscuss were they are going to hide in 'resistance'.

"Resistance" By Lorna

Aired  Aug. 5th, 2005  

The episode opens with Tyrol being interrogated by Tigh, after his return to the Galactica last episode. Tigh believes that Tyrol was collaborating with Sharon, and that he had something to do with the assassination attempt against Adama. Tyrol tries to plead the right to remain silent but Tigh tells him Cylons have no rights. Tyrol becomes indignant at being called a Cylon and Tigh hits him.

Tyrol is put in the same cell with Sharon who is shocked to see him there. She tries to talk to him but Tyrol losses him temper and tells her to stay away from him.

On the surface of Kobol a group of resistance fighters are planning an attack against a group of Cylons. Kara and Helo sit reading a map and the resistance group mistake them for Cylons. They narrowly avoid getting shot, and after a shooting match, everyone ends up with a gun pointed at there head.

On board the Galactica Baltar is sent to see Tigh, but Kally stops him and tries to convince Baltar that Helo isnít a Cylon. Kally ends up blackmailing him: save Helo or sheíd tell everyone that Baltar shot Crashdown, even if it was saving her.

Baltar manages to convince Tigh that they should t least run the test and try to establish if Helo is a Cylon. Tighís day just keeps getting worse with protests breaking out amongst the fleet. Quite a few of the ships are refusing to give Galactica supplies until the declaration of Martial Law is repealed.

Lee heads back to his cell after a briefing with the pilots. He Ďrunsí into Dee the way back and she informs him about everything thatís happening over the fleet. Tighís wife tells him to take a very strong stance against the protesters. He falls for her plan and orders the rest of the fleet to supply the Galactica or Ďsterní measures will be taken.

On Kobol both groups argue about who is actually a Cylon. It turns out the resistance group is actually a sports team lead by a guy called Anders. They survived because they were up in the mountains when the Cylons attacked. Everyone puts down there guns are reaches an un-easy truce.

Because of Tighs actions a couple of other ships have joined the protests. Tigh Ė being Tigh Ė decides that the best way to respond is violence. He orders a group of marines to be sent to every ship thatís refusing to supply the Galactica.

On board one of the ships a group of marines are met with violent protest. Someone fires a shot; the marines flip, and start firing at the civilians. The marine commander vaguely manages to regain control, but four people die.

Roslin and Lee talk about Tighs actions and they reach the conclusion that theyíve got to escape. Lee has a plan, but he knows for a fact she isnít going to like it.

Sharon apologises to Helo for getting him dragged into this but heís incredibly cold. Baltar walks into the cell with a needle and takes blood from Helo. Baltar knocks out Helo and tells Sharon he knew all along. Baltar then tells Sharon that unless she admits how many Cylons there are in the fleet Helo will die. Sharon claims not to know, and tries desperately to revive Helo. That doesnít work and she tells Baltar that there are eight Cylon models. He rushes over and saves Helo.

On Kobol Anders and his team take Kara and Tyrol to there base, which has quite a few people.

Roslin goes to see Cottle and asks him for his help. Everyone goes about doing there part in the plan to get Roslin off the Galactica, which involves various things.

Lee goes to see Adama and apologises for the fact heís going to Helo Roslin escape. Someone grabs Roslin from her cell and they flee along a closed causeway, but someone is waiting at the end. Roslin manages to convince the guard to let her through the hatch. They go to board the Raptor but Billy canít go because itís going to divide the fleet and he doesnít want to be part of that.

Lee manages to get clearance to fly the raptor off Galactica on a so called Medical Mission under the guise of Doctor Cottle. Itís then reported to Tigh that Roslin has gone missing and they do the math. They soon realise that Cottle is still on board and that itís Lee flying the Raptor.

They try to contact him but Lee refuses to turn back, and manages to reach cloud Nine before anything happens to him. Someone surprising is there to meet them: good old Tom Zarek.

Baltar tells Help that he isnít a Cylon and he gets released from the cell. Ellen is giving Tigh hell for letting Lee go and Adama walks in. He asks whatís going on and Tigh explains.

Sharon gets shot by Kally and Helo is distraught.

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