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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Everybody celebrates the compleation of a new ship in 'Pheonix'

"Flight of the Phoenix" By Lorna

Aired  Sep. 16th, 2005  

Helo walks into a card game that Kara is playing, she greets him warmly but everyone else is extremely off. He goes away because it’s so uncomfortable and she’s left defending him. The card game end abruptly when kat looses her temper and tells Kara that she’s sick of this entire thing – they’re never going to find earth. Kara believes she’s wrong and announces that she’s going to find Helo. Kat makes some rather lewd insinuations and Kara kicks her.  

Tyroll looks over one of the vipers and is unable to fix it. Kally is let out after shooting a version of Sharon in an earlier episode. Everyone celebrates but Helo and Tyroll are extremely uncomfortable. They confront each other and start to fight but they eventually quit it and reach an understanding. Tyroll admits that he doesn’t know why he’s angry at Helo. 

An automatic signal has been triggered but no-one can figure out why. Dee tries to cut it off but gets a quick electric shock in the process, and then the cylons turn up. Dee is alright, and Gaeta informs them that it was a power surge. They order him to go through each and every line – he tries to explain why this is impossible, Tigh won’t listen, so he losses his temper. Adama explains to Tigh that he has to be patient. 

Tyroll explains that the viper he looked at earlier was broken, Lee asks him to fix it but it’s impossible. He then starts breaking the Viper down into spare parts. Some of his crew turn up, and he asks them to help off duty. No one is exactly thrilled, and they complain that it’s impossible so he carries on alone.

Roslin is feeling unwell and goes to see Cottle, who tells her that she’s only got about a week to live, a month at the outside.  

Kara and Lee have a bit of a tiff in the fighting range, and Kara tells him to lighten up, and that he should be encouraging Tyrolls new project. Kara bets Lee that it’ll fly, and what’s more she’ll fly it.  She starts laughing hysterically, and someone in the room collapses. Lee realises it’s Oxygen deprivation and tries to brake down the door – but to no avail, while Kara just cackles like an idiot.  

The pressure gage shows how little oxygen us left and Kara grabs a gun of the desk and tries to shoot through the glass in the door. They manage, the door opens, and oxygen floods in. Gaeta explains what happened with the environmental controls. Baltar explains that it’s a Cylon virus that must have infiltrated the temporary network they created a few episodes back.  

Helo is busy trying to build his viper but he just can’t do it on his own. They see him struggling and everyone offers to help.  

Adama and Tigh talk about Tyroll’s plan, and Adama is impressed at the motivation and dedication the deck crew are showing.

Dee and Lee practise martial arts defence techniques, and things get a little bir personal but Billy shows up so nothing happens. 

Sharon and Helo have a chat about there baby and the Cylon virus, she starts to look at the code and flips. She claims that she badly needs to talk to Adama about the Virus, because they only have a matter of hours. 

Lee goes to see the Viper Helo is building, and is impressed that everyone is helping. Tigh turns up and is significantly less impressed. Tigh finds Tyroll brewing his own alcohol to sell for parts that he needs to finish the Viper. Tyroll takes pity on him an offers to help get a few of the parts that they need.  

Gaeta suggests that the only option is to reboot the computer, but they can’t jump and they’d be completely at the mercy of the cylons.  

Adama and Roslin talk about the virus, but Adama is unsure if Sharon can be trusted.  

Sharon is brought into the CIC and given total access to the systems. She plugs one of the wires into her hand in order to get closer access. As she does this the Cylons arrive and the emergency Vipers are launched. Everyone is freaked that they aren’t attacking but Sharon explains that the raiders are going to send a signal to activate the Virus.  She orders them to close down the computer system and start rebooting it. The Cylons are there in there thousands as the power goes off on the Galactica, and the Vipers prepare for a very pointless and futile fight.   

The Galactica’s power flicks on and the Cylons suddenly lose all power, thanks to Sharon sending a virus. The Viper team then pick of the Cylons at there leisure.  

They are stuck over what to use to put as a cover on the Viper and Helo offers a solution. Once this is done Kara takes it out for a spin, but she can’t quite get a grip on it. She freaks out Lee when she seemingly disappears but it just turns out that the Vipers stealth mode is very good. Once Kara returns with the ship Adama and Roslin turn up to see the ship and both are impressed. While Roslin does this everyone involved in its creation puts there own mark on it by signing the wing.   

Helo hands a bottle of wine over to Adama so that he can christen the ship, while Helo has revealed they’ve decided to name Laura after Roslin. She is very touched and happily christens the ship herself.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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