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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Admiral Cane arrives aboard the Galactica in 'Pegasus'

"Pegasus" By Lorna

Aired  Sep. 23rd, 2005  

The episode opens with Kara explaining a recon mission on how they could rescue those stranded on the surface of Caprica.  She’s come up with a plan but neither Adama nor Roslin are really impressed, because of the distance they’d have to cover. They end up having to explain that there isn’t any way they can actually go back. The discussion becomes heated but before anything serious happens the alarm goes off and everyone jumps to action stations.  

Tigh informs Adama that what they believe is a Cylon Basestar has come into dradus contact. They send out vipers to take it down but then it starts transmitting colonial signals. It’s too interesting to ignore, and they’re just away to send a message when they’re contacted by someone claiming to be the so called ‘Battlestar Pegasus’. The Pegasus sends them authentic I.D codes, and Adama recognises Admiral Cain’s voice. Needless to say everyone is very shocked, and quite excited.

It then flicks over to the Battlestar Pegasus’s CIC and we see Admiral Cain issuing orders to her crew, but she seems as surprised as everyone.  

Tigh, Roslin and Adama go to greet Admiral Cain and everyone is all very excited to discover another Battlestar and Cain is greeted with a huge welcome party. Even from the first few minutes its clear Cain runs a tight ship.

Afterwards Cain, Adama and Roslin have a drink in Adama’s quarters. Roslin asks how they found the Galactica, and it was just through random luck. Tigh and the XO of the Pegasus are also having a drink and they end up talking about Cain. The XO tells a few stories about Cain, and the incident in how her last XO died. Apparently he refused an order and she had him shot. He then starts to laugh, pretending it was a joke but Tigh just isn’t convinced.  

Cain explains that they only managed to survive the original attack on the Colonies because they where off world at a ship repair yard, and through some very fast thinking managed to survive. It’s only because there network was offline that they haven’t been taken down. She leaves to go back to the Pegasus, but asks to see the Galactica’s logs. Roslin looks surprised and Adama explains that since Cain is an Admiral she’s his superior officer and therefore in charge of the entire fleet.

 Roslin leaves and Cain questions whether Roslin is the right person to be president. Adama reveals that they have a Cylon on board and Kane admits that theory have one too.

 The crews start to mix and Kara doesn’t quite agree with the way they run things, but it seems that the Pegasus CAG has similar issues about the Galactica and tries  to pull rank over Lee who just isn’t impressed.  

Cain is taken to see Sharon in the brig and seems surprised that they got so much information from her without using what Cain calls ‘physical coercion’. Six talks about the Cylon on-board the Phoenix because he’s being taken to see her.  

Tigh reports what he heard from the Phoenix XO and is surprised that Adama isn’t disgusted. He explains that context matters, and Tigh wonders if they can get hold of the Phoenix logs.

Cain is trying to make friends on board the Galactica by delivering much needed food and mechanical updates.

 Baltar goes to see the Cylon that the Pegasus have held prisoner and is shocked to discover that it’s a version of Number Six whose been beaten and abused terrably. Six is distraught and Baltar is disgusted at how the other version of Number Six has been treated. He goes into see her and but she’s too scared to talk to him. Baltar tells six that he will help the other version of her.

 Baltar explains to Cain that the Six model needs to be treated well if they want any information from her. Cain wonders if Baltar has any Cylon sympathises but he denies this outright, and manages to convince her otherwise. Baltar is given any supplies that he needs to care for the Cylon. 

Adama goes to speak to Cain, who asks a few questions about incidents in the Galactica’s logs. She reveals that they’ve found a ship under Cylon control that she can’t identify and they agree to send joint forces on a recon mission. Adama mentions Lee and Cain informs him that she’s going to reassign Lee to a post on the Pegasus. Adama tries to convince her that this isn’t a good idea, due to his actions aboard the Galactica. She issues a transfer list, and Adama isn’t at all impressed, but since he is outranked there’s little he can do.

 Lee and Kara go and complain bitterly to Adama about being transferred but he tells them that whether they like it or not they’re in the Colonial forces and have to follow Cain’s orders.

 The Pegasus CAC talks to the pilots about his plans for the recon missions and she informs him that it’s a bad idea, and because of her attitude takes her off the mission. Lee sends Kara in the stealth ship as a backup plan.

 Some of the Pegasus pilots make supremely inappropriate comments about Sharon, which Tyrol and Helo take offence too. There’s also the implication that the Six model on board the Pegasus had been subjected to some hideous ordeals.  Meanwhile one of the Pegasus officers – LT Thorn - goes to interview Sharon about the unknown ship and becomes violent. Helo and Tyrol realise that Sharon’s in danger and rush to her rescue. They rush into the brig and just manage to stop Thorn from raping her, but they kill him by accident. The guards see what happened to Thorn and they take both Helo and Tyrol prisoner, and transport them to Pegasus.

 Adama tries to defend them but Cain demands that they be interviewed on the Pegasus.  

Baltar takes food to the Number Six model in the Pegasus brig and demands that her restraints be removed. She doesn’t trust him or the food but his words manage to sooth her. He talks about his version of Number Six and a part of that gets through to her. He confesses that he loves Number Six and somehow this makes her willing to trust him.

In a completely heartbreaking scene she forces herself to take some of the food.  

Adama is informed that the court-martial of Helo and Tyrol is over and they’ve been charged with treason and as such will be executed. Adama orders a strike team to board the Pegasus and save both of them, but Cain counters by ordering alert Vipers of her own to strike at Galactica.


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