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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Kara hands over the Arrow of Apollo to Roslin in 'Home'

"Home Part One" By Lorna

Aired  Aug. 12th, 2005  

On board the Galactica they discuss the fallout of a third of the fleet leaving to join Roslin, and realise that its not good at all.

On board the Astral Queen Lee is being interrogated by the Chroum, even though Roslin stands up for him. As always Zarek is advocating more weapons, which Lee claims is completely pointless. Roslin is under no illusions that the Galactica allowed them to leave, and that Adama could have the Astral Queen destroyed whenever he wants.

An unknown vessel has jumped into contact with the Astral Queen, and Zarek decides it would be best if they shoot it down without asking questions. Thankfully there prevented by the vessel identifying itself, its Karas raider.

Lee goes to meet her at the landing bay and they hug a version of Sharon steps off and Lee flips. Hes only prevented from shooting her by Helo holding a gun to his head. Roslin steps in to moderate, and after a seemingly peaceful resolution Roslin orders Sharon to be thrown out the air lock.

Lee tells Helo and Kara about what happened to Adama and theyre both stunned. Sharon only manages to save herself by claiming that she knows the location of the tomb of Athena. Roslin spares her and Kara hands over the arrow of Apollo.

Tigh and Adama talk about who should be promoted to replace Lee, but Adama has already made his decision. He calls the pilot named Lt. George Birch and hands over the premonition, explaining that he has a very important role to play.

Adama makes a speech to the press about the fleet being split; meanwhile Baltar and Six have a chat about how you can tell Humans from Cylons. Hes becoming increasingly worried about the remaining cylons in the fleet, and is freaked out that he might well be one of them.

Roslin interrogates Sharon and seems distrustful of her, and Sharon tries to convince her that earth isnt the best course of action. Roslin ignores this and orders her to tell her the way.

Roslin and Zarek argue about Sharon, Roslin believes that she might be trustworthy but Zarek has his doubts.

On a viper training exercise George Birch proves that hes not such a good choice. He makes a vital mistake in communicating and one of the pilots Kat almost gets killed.

Lee almost shoots Sharon but Kara stops him. Lee loses his temper and starts arguing about her taking the Rader and going back to Caprica.

Zarek talks with one of his flunkies and basically decides he wants to be Roslins second in command, and they decide that Lee is more likely to get that job so they concoct plan to remove Lee from control.

Once again the new CAG proves himself unworthy of his predecessor, and screws up badly with refuelling.

Lee and Kara have a heart too heart, and talk about the fleets future.

After the fuel mission has been aborted the CAG makes yet another mistake, and scratches the side of Galactica.

On the surface of Kobol Sharon starts to lead the way up into the mountains and towards the tomb of Athena. Sharon keeps everyone on guard, but they find a path of gravestones just as she predicted. A bomb explodes, and the Cylons attack. Everyone flees, and for the most part is O.K but there are some casualties but the religious women who has counselled Roslin for the last few episodes is killed in the initial blast.

In his office Adama paints one of his model ships and talks to Dee about Lee leaving to side with Roslin. Dee tells him that Adama promised to get them home - together - and that the fleet being split is his fault. Dee is dismissed but as a parting shot tells him that the fleet needs to be fixed.

Adama makes the decision to go to the surface of Kobol and try to heal the rift between the two half's of the fleet.

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