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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

"Fragged" By Lorna

Aired  Jul. 29th, 2005  

The episode opens with Crashdown holding a prayer for those that have died on the mission before. Six informs Gaius that because they died on Kobol nothing good awaits them. They conduct a mission and make there way back to the raptor site, but the Cylons are in process of dismantling it and making a nuclear warhead.

Cottle is finally aboard the Galactica and they discuss what the best course of action is, and they start an operation. Billy tries to get some medicine for Roslin but Tigh refuses to indulge him. Lee is let out of the brig to plan a search and rescue mission for those on Kobol. Tigh is being beset with demands, left and right, including the Chroum of twelve.

Billy tries to talk the guard watching over Roslin but he refuses to help.

On Kobol Baltar bemoans the pointlessness of the situation, but Number Six tries to pin it entirely on the Humans. There’s an indication that Six and Baltar’s child will offer Humans some kind of salvation. Baltar is reluctant to accept any responsibility and Six is quite angry, telling him to act like a man.

Tyrol spots a dradius dish and decides that the Cylons are building an anti aircraft gun, destroying all hope of a search and rescue mission. Tigh is forced to face up to the Chroum of twelve but as always Tom Zarek causes trouble. Zarek tries to get the Roslin re-instated but Tigh walks out without allowing it.

Ellen goes to visit Roslin in the brig, but the president is a complete mess. Roslin asks to speak to a lawyer, but then she starts to gibber incoherently. It’s only after Ellen goes that Roslin realises she’s made a bad mistake.

On Kobol everyone is watching the Cylons, but mistakenly Baltar alerts them to the Humans presence but doesn’t tell Crashdown. Crashdown has come up with a ludicrous plan to take down the Cylons. Tyrol tries to advise him that it perhaps isn’t for the best but Crashdown pulls rank and the plan goes on.

Crashdown walks them through the plan but Baltar expresses doubts over Crashdown’s sanity and the workability of the plan. Despite having similar doubts Tyrol shuts him up.

Roslin has degenerated into a gibbering wreck quoting scripture – specifically from Pythia. The guard is religious and agrees to get the drug that Roslin needs.

Tigh is informed by Ellen that Roslin has gone mad, and that they should let the Chroum and the press see Roslin.

Lee leads a Search and Rescue mission into the upper atmosphere of Kobol. On the surface Number Six tells Baltar that during the mission one person will turn against the rest of the group and everyone will die unless something is done. Tigh drinks a bit too much and makes a complete fool of himself

The search and rescue mission have located the Colonials, but sadly Crashdowns plan has a fault in it: there’s more cylons than they expected. They realise the search and rescue mission are here and tension rises. Kally freaks out but Crashdown looses his temper and turns a gun on her. Tyrol tries to talk sense into Crashdown but it doesn’t do any good so Tyrol turns a gun on him! Just as Crashdown is about to shoot Kally, Baltar of all people shoots Crashdown!

The Cylons hear the gun-fire and start shooting so the group is forced to flee. Tyrol runs ahead and tries to take out the Dradius dish but gets hurt. So Tyrol and Baltar grab one of the missile launcher and use it to take out the dish, saving the search and rescue mission. Because of the fighting a viper manages to find them and everyone is relieved.

The press and the Chroum go to see Roslin and she’s perfectly sentient and sane. She reveals about the roles of Pythia and that she’s dieing. Everyone believes her and starts to see her as a sort of saviour. The Chroum are escorted off the Battlestar by a very annoyed Tigh. Roslin thanks her guard for getting her the medication she requires.

Lee asks how everyone died and Baltar makes up a grand story about Crashdown dieing in the line of duty. No-one thinks it’s wise to contradict him. Number Six tells Baltar that she’s very proud of him.

Everyone gets on the shuttle and they all flee Kobol.

Cottle tells Tigh that Adama will live but might be unconscious for some time. Tigh apologises to Adama about the mess he’s made of the entire situation.

Tigh makes a speech about Roslins removal from presidency, and as such the Chroum has been dissolved and the fleet is being placed under martial law.


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