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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

The Cylons watch footage taken by D'Anna in 'Final Cut'

"Final Cut" By Lorna

Aired  Sep. 9th, 2005  

A short note fact fans – D’Anna Biers is played by none other than Lucy Lawless (i.e. Zena warier princess!

The episode opens with a news report about the so called Gideon massacre. The reporter, named D’Anna Biers is in the midst of editing it when the marines burst in and take her to colonial one. Adama and Roslin grill her about where she procured the tape. They buy her silence by offering her unlimited access to the grew of the Galactica.  

Tigh gets a phone call from his wife, he rushes to see that she’s o.k. but Helen is distraught. Someone has broken in to there cabin and scrawled ‘From the darkness you must fall’ on a mirror with her lipstick.   

D’Anna is given a tour by Dee. Lee and Kara talk about the threat towards Helen and Tigh, she expresses shock that she hasn’t been called in for questioning due to the antagonistic relationship that her and Tigh have. Lee tells her that’s because there’s no way she’d know any poetry and she starts quoting the line scrawled on the mirror plus some additional lines. He just laughs at her. 

D’Anna runs away from the tour and goes to interview a few of the pilots, Kat makes a complete fool of herself and Lee tries to take control of the situation and sends her away from the pilots ready room.  

D’Anna interviews Dee about why she joined the military, and Baltar wonders what on earth is going on. Not only that but he’s bitter he hasn’t been offered an interview. During a discussion with six D’Anna interrupts and asks him for an interview but claims to be far to busy at the moment.  

Biers interviews Lee and he talks about the importance of the pilots to the safety of the fleet. Tyrol tries to fix a viper, and the pilot goes hay wall because enough time hasn’t been spent on maintenance. Kara, for once, steps in and takes control of the situation. Lee turns up and they talk about Kat, whom Kara doesn’t think is ft for duty.

Someone is interviewed about the Gideon Massacre, and D’Anna finds out that Tigh has been given a death threat. She goes to the CIC in order to film everything that’s going on there.

Tigh is away to board a ship to cloud nine but before It takes off something happens and they realise that the ship has been sabotaged. Later on Helen tries to convince Tigh that he should talk to D’Anna and tell his side of the story – according to her both Adama and Roslin are out to pin the whole Gideon incident on him. He’s more than willing to take the blame for it because it happened under his command – a rather honourable move for him anyway.

D’Anna interviews another pilot about going into battle. Then she has a chat to Helo and he admits that the hardest part of being a soldier is having to turn of the ‘Human part’ of him, because that’s what’s likely to get you into trouble.

Helo goes to talk with Sharon, and soon realises that she isn’t well.

 D’Anna interviews Gaeta and he talks about what it’s like to be an officer on board the Galactica. Tigh goes to talk to her and they talk about the supposed ‘death threats’ against him. D’Anna asks him questions about being put in charge of the Galactica , but she annoys him and he storms out – which won’t look good for him.

Kara is training when D’Anna turns up to interview her, but Kara is less than enthusiastic. D’Anna asks what they look for in a pilot and Kara rattles off a list of qualities and then walks off.

 D’Anna shows Adama her interview with Tigh, and asks why he hasn’t been charged with the Gideon incident. Adama tells her that it’s because they can’t afford to lose an officer to placate the public.  

D’Anna interviews Kat, which is interspaced with her crashing her plane while docking on Galactica. She’s alright but psychotic thanks to a certain kind of medication she’s been downing by the bucket load.

D’Anna follows her to the sickbay but manages to catch a glimpse of Sharon giving birth. Adama turns up and she questions him about Sharon: he refuses to answer and takes the camera from her. He tells her that she needs to keep quiet about the entire incident. She convinces him to hand the camera back but he keeps the tape, which she has a copy of.

 She interviews Baltar who still manages to make a fool of himself no matter what. The alarm goes off and D’Anna rushes off leaving Baltar on his own like an idiot. 

 It turns out the cylons have attacked and everyone springs into action – while D’Anna videos it all, but of course everything turns out all right.

 Tigh returns to his office to find Helen tied up, and then someone hits him on the head. 

D’Anna trails through all her footage while a pilot holds Tigh hostage, because of the trauma he encountered at the incident on Gideon, but everything ends peacefully. She shows them the assembled footage and Adama is impressed that she’s put a very human face on the people that run the Galactica.

 At the end the Cylons are sitting watching the footage and know about Sharon’s baby – but it’s also revealed that D’Anna is a Cylon!


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