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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Kara escapeing from Hospital in 'The Farm'

"The Farm" By Lorna

Aired  Aug. 8th, 2005  

The episode opens on board Galactica in the resistance camp, after spending the night together Anders asks Kara to stay and help them – but she says no.

The base comes under attack and Kara is shot, she becomes dizzy and faints, the battle carries on around her.

On board Galactica Adama is treated to a round of applause as he walks onto the CIC. Adama wants Lee and Roslin brought into custody. They can only carry this out by a pattern of searching that would prevent any movement between the fleet.

Roslin and Zarek talk about getting a message to the people, but Lee Is more focused on the fact that his father is O.K. Zarek convinces Lee into recording a speech for the radio denouncing his father but it’s quite warm and heartfelt. Lee stresses the fact that he loves his father, but disagrees with his actions. Despite this Lee finds himself unable to take the final step and ask the populace to rebel.

Kara wakes to find herself in a hospital, being cared after by a Doctor called Simon. He asks her name, and tells her that she should be alright. The doctor also tells her that Anders was admitted but never managed to survive, understandably Kara is a little upset.

After a few days Kara decides that Simon is a Cylon, and asks him – of course he says no, and that she’s free to leave. She moves to get up but can’t manage. Simon injects her with pain killers and she falls asleep.

Kally is being held in a holding cell after shooting Sharon and Tyrol makes a plea to Adama that she’s emotionally unstable after fighting the Cylons on Kobol. Adama tells him that Sharon was just more than a machine, that too all of them she was a person and so Kally does have to remain in the brig for some time.

Kara asks how many patients there are, and he claims two hundred odd. He tells her that they think she’s got a cist on her ovaries, but after being told it isn’t serious he isn’t really concerned. He tells her that she should be because if the human race is going to survive then children are a top priority. She becomes angry and he apologises – saying that women with her ‘history’ usually don’t have children. He tells her that during surgery they saw a lot of childhood injuries that suggest she was beaten up as a child. He trys to talk to her about it but she becomes upset and sends him away.

On board the Galactica Adama is reading a copy of Roslins ‘message to the people’ that’s clearly gone for the religious vote. It’s playing up the scrolls of Pythia and the part that Roslin believes she has to play in the future of Humanity. She tells everyone that wants to follow her to return to Kobol. Adama isn’t concerned but Tigh seems a little more worried that people will follow her. On board Roslins ship quite a few people have come to join her and want her blessing. She’s extremely reluctant.

We cut to a scene with Anders and a search party looking for Kara – it seems he’s O.K. A version of Sharon walks out and addresses Helo, and claims to know the whereabouts of Kara.

Roslins ship sends a signal to the fleet and jumps away.

Kara asks Simon about a new scar on her stomach and he tells her that it was just an emergency piece of surgery, but he tells her that she’s almost done. He tries to sedate her, but she pretends to be asleep and once he’s gone makes an escape attempt. She catches a glimpse of one of the Number Six models and flees back to her room, realising that her situation is pretty bad. When Simon comes back she pretends to feel sick, and when he moves closer to examine her she stabs him in the neck with a piece of mirror. She knows he’s a Cylon because he’s been using her call sign – Starbuck – and she’d never told him it. She grabs a set of keys from him, shoves on her coat, and flees. She walks through some of the patient’s rooms and sees all the weird technology attached to them. She recognises someone and rushes over to help but the girl begs her to cut off the power and kill her. Kara does as she’s asked.

All the power goes off in the hospital and Kara tries to escape again, narrowly avoiding a run in with a version of Number Six. She manages to get outside and aversion of Simon is waiting, the resistance arrive and shoot him. After a brief fight the resistance manage to rescue Kara and they flee from the cylons in a ship.

On board the Galactica it’s reported that 24 ships decided to follow Roslin.

Sharon tells her about the purpose of this so called hospital – it was built in order to create half human/ half Cylon hybrids. Sharon re-iterates that the Cylons know who she is, and that she’s special. Kara decides that they should take out the remaining farms but Anders tells her it’s impossible.

Kara and Anders part ways but Kara promises to return.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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