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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide


"Epiphanies" By Lorna

Aired  Jan. 2oth, 2006

The episode opens with Roslin sitting in Caprica City before the attack, being told that she's got cancer. This cuts to her in the 'present' we're she’s had an accident and is being rushed for treatment. We flick back and forth between the past and the future with Roslin in some sort of political discussion. In the distance she see's Baltar and Six. 

In a regular flight test Kat's viper freaks out and damages Kara's viper and they both have to make emergency landings. Tyroll is pissed because he thinks sabotage after they find three vipers with the same thing wrong. 

Cottle tells Adama that Roslin is dieing. We're shown Roslin standing up for teachers against the then president Adar, as she drifts in and out of consciousness.  

Baltar and Cottle talk about Sharon's baby, and Roslin doesn’t think that it should allowed to be born. Baltar tries to convince Adama otherwise but he refuses to listen. Number Six turns up and Baltar is shocked to see her. Six re-iterates that Sharon's baby is also there's (Not sure how that works) and that he needs to save it.

Adama talks to Helo about the termination of Sharon’s baby, and understandably he's very upset. 

Lee is confronted by the saboteur who claims that the on-going war is the militaries fault because they refuse to negotiate with the cylons. Lee tells Adama about it, and apparently a group of ‘Cylon sympathisers’ have started a campaign. They’ve released a manifesto, claiming not to be terrorists, just against the war. Demonstrations have been struck up all over the fleet. A meeting with the leader has been organised.  

The leader turns up; wanting the fleet to surrender to the Cylons, and Adama has him arrested. They go through the demonstrators items and are led to believe that they intend to strike at a Tylium refinery ship. 

Helo tells Sharon about the decision Adama has reached in regards to the foetus, and they’re both very upset. Sharon becomes very angry and claims they’ll never be able to pull it off.  

Lee leads a group to the Tylium refinery ship, until they interrupt a broadcast from a suicide bomber. They pull back but the ship is destroyed. The group’s leader is interrogated by a very pissed off Adama.  

Baltar is shown round Roslin’s office at her request – he is the vice president and she does believe that she’s going to die. Roslin has left a letter for Baltar, which he puts in his cost to read later. 

On board Cloud Nine Baltar goes to visit the Pegasus number six whom he believes is the leader of the Cylon sympathisers. She claims that he needs to use his office as president to save the rest of humanity by giving into the Cylons. He refuses point blank, believing it a very bad move.  

In a flash back it’s revealed that Roslin was having an affair with Adar. He’s angry that she’s given into the striking teachers, and asks her to resign from her position.  

Adama makes an announcement about Roslin and asks them to prey for her if they’re that way inclined. Sharon tries to defend herself but they manage to inject her with something. She’s taken to the infirmary, but Helo tries to stop them. Adama talks to him, but Baltar interrupts with a plan to save Roslin’s life. 

Apparently the Cylon foetuses stem cells can be used to save Roslin because it has no antigens. He’s run a test and the Cylon Blood can destroy cancer cells. He claims it could be dangerous but Roslin really doesn’t have any other choice.  

Baltar takes some of the foetuses blood from inside Sharon and injects it into Roslin. In a flashback Roslin sees Baltar and six kissing, and starts to go into shock, but it seems she’s going to be alright. If she survives then the implication is that since she knows Six is a Cylon she could pin-point Baltar as a traitor. 

Roslin is much better and is taken to see the leader of the Cylon sympathisers. She tells him that if the violence stops then she’d be willing to talk with them.

Six is angry that Baltar has delayed his chance to enter into office because he saved her. He opens the letter that Roslin wrote him. She gives a very indicative reading of his character, and seems to suggest that he lacks compassion.

On board Cloud Nine Pegasus Six meets with the Cylon sympathiser’s leader. He’s got a case from Baltar, Six opens it and finds a nuclear warhead.

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