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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Lee in the episode 'Black Market'

"Black Market" By Lorna

Aired  Jan. 27th, 2006.  

The episode opens with Lee pointing a gun at someone and then it flips to cloud Nine 48 hours earlier with Lee in bed with a woman. It’s revealed though that she’s a prostitute.  

Roslin is holding a meeting with Adama, Baltar, and the Pegasus XO about the new Black market that has sprung up. Roslin wants to implement a new trading policy throughout the fleet so the people in charge have more control over the supply’s.  

On his way back to the Pegasus the XO is waylaid by the guy Lee had his gun pointed at when the episode started, and is killed. 

On his way home Lee keeps having flashbacks to Caprica, and his brush with death just a few episodes earlier.  

Doc Cottle does an autopsy on the XO who’s been strangled, and a strange disk shoved down his throat. Adama is understandably starting a full investigation with Lee in charge. At first Lee is reluctant but Adama convinces him it’s for the best. 

Lee goes to the XO’s quarters, and they’re covered in blood. He looks around for evidence and it’s not long before he finds cigars and gold jewellery, presumably smuggled. Baltar makes a fuss outside the quarters and manages to get past the guards. It’s only when he spot’s the blood that he realises the XO is dead. 

Lee confronts him with the black market items and Baltar denies any part in it. Six turns up and warns Baltar that he needs to be careful of bringing suspicion onto himself: he got some trust by saving Roslin but according to Six it won’t last. Six bates Baltar for being a coward and allowing himself to be questioned. Predictably this makes him over-react, and just makes him look more guilty. Lee leaves and Baltar is left alone. 

Adama and Tigh talk about security, and ways to make everyone feel more secure. Lee interrupts and tells them that the XO had been taking supplies and re-routing them in exchange for Black Market goods.  

There’s a flashback to a conversation between Lee and the women he’s been seeing. They’re talking about shortages around the fleet, her daughter is sick and she just an’ get hold of any medicine.  

Lee goes to talk to Tigh – he’s found a bracelet that he thinks might be Ellens in the Pegasus’s XO’s stash. Tigh confirms this and Lee tells him where he found it. Lee confronts him and Tigh admits he’s been trading with the Pegasus XO.  

Lee goes to the gym to work out some of his anger. Dee is there and asks him if they’re current flirting is going anywhere. Lee tells her that he isn’t sure what to say, and she leaves.  

Lee gets an urgent call and rushes over to Cloud Nine. The woman he’s been seeing has been threatened by someone wanting to know things about Lee. He’s getting ready to take them back to Galactica when he’s attacked. The man threatens him, saying if the investigation continues things could get really nasty.

 He manages to fight the attacker off, just avoiding strangulation. He passes out, and when he wakes phones a medic.  

Baltar reports to Roslin. She tries to be open and honest, asking exactly where they stand with each other. She asks about his meeting with the XO, and he claims it was all to do with the new trading policy. She tells him that she senses he has some un-ease about being the future president and offers him the chance to resign, which he tells her is complete nonsense.  

Tom Zarek turns up, and Lee asks about the Black Market. Lee tries to insinuate that Zarek is involved somehow because of the logs, but Zarek claims he has nothing to do with it. Zarek passes on a certain rumour that the Prometheus is the base of Black Market operations.  

Lee goes to the Prometheus to find out that Zarek was right on that score. He finds the women’s little girl locked up in a cage with a bunch of other children.

Lee is approached by the head smuggler, who claims that the Black Market is essential. He tries to bargain with them to save the women and her child but it fails badly. The episode goes full circle with Lee pointing a gun at the chief smugglers head. The guy taunts Lee, claiming he’ll never shoot, but he does. He allows the Market to continue under three conditions – no more killing, no more holding back medicine and no more selling of children.

 Lee makes a report to Roslin, who wants the entire market shut down. He explains to her that this way, at least, they can monitor the situation.


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