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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

scene from "You Can't Go Home Again"

"You Can't Go Home Again" By Lorna

Aired Feb. 4th, 2005

This episode picks up the cliff hanger from the last episode, within the first few minutes were assured that Hotdog survived, and that they’re undergoing search and rescue for Kara. Understandably Lee is the first to go looking.

We cut to the planets surface we see an alive, if endangered Kara, entangled in her own parachute. She manages to escape but damages her knee in the process.

Back on Galactica they discuss there search patterns and suggest she might have been pulled down into the planet surface. Adama orders that they send a squadron of ships to the surface of the moon. Roslin is sympathetic about Kara’s loss. In a meeting with Roslin about requesting supplies Six – who’s still appearing in Baltars head - manipulates him into questioning the security of the fleet during the search for Kara. Roslin refuses to consider the notion that they give up searching for Kara.

Meanwhile back on the planets surface Kara continues to survive thanks to her emergency supply kit, and radiation medication, and decides to head for higher ground.

Lee continues his search but the conditions are absolutely terrible and he can’t see anything.

Sharon and Helo back on Caprica continue searching for supplies and a way off the planet. While searching the restaurant Helo realises that a metal Cylon is stalking them. There’s a quick fire-fight and we don’t know the outcome.

Kara still struggles on the planets surface, and has started to run a little low on oxygen reserves. She spots one of the Cylon raiders and cautiously approaches, and to her delight finds it empty.

Apollo is forced to return to Galactica, due to fuel odds. He’s met with grim news that things don’t look good for Kara but Adama is point blank refusing to give in.

Helo wakes but finds out that Sharon’s gone.

Kara meanwhile manages to get inside the Cylon Raider and realises that it may well be sentient. She’s fascinated by the raider if a little freaked out. She realises that her lack of oxygen might be fixed by the raider.

Roslin phones Lee and informs him that Adama has redeployed the fleet’s last defence – the combat air patrol – to which he responds that it was his idea.

Even when the countdown for Kara’s oxygen reserve runs out on Galactica, Adama refuses to give up hope.

A quick shot later and it’s confirmed that Adama is right, Kara is still alive for the time being and has found the Raiders oxygen supply.

Roslin phones Adama and says how sorry she is but Adama refuses to give up searching.

Kara starts to get a grip on the Raider while Roslin boards the Galactica and Roslin orders them to give up the search because of the continued risk posed to the fleet by the Cylons. Adama and Lee comply and they call off the remaining search missions.

Kara manages to get the Raider working, and takes off from the planets surface.

Galactica is about to follow the civilian ships and jump system until they get a ‘dradis’ contact for a Cylon Raider and send vipers to shoot it out the sky, but only Lee is ready to go. The Raider is the one carrying Kara and deftly avoids Lee’s initial shots. Kara mimics Lee’s movements and flies above him, he then realises that the bottom of the ship has ‘Starbuck’ – I.e. Kara’s call signal written on the bottom. Lee radios Galactica and everyone is extremely happy.

She gets home safely and is sent to the hospital ward. Adama goes to visit her; she tells him that her damaged knee isn’t that bad. The episode ends with Kara sitting in the hospital wing.

O.K Fact fans: this episode echoes one from the previous (i.e. Original B.S.G) called ‘The Lost warrior’ in which Starbuck goes missing and is presumed dead.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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