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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

photo of Sharon in "Water"

"Water" By Lorna

Aired Jan. 14th, 2005

Sharon is soaking wet, completely confused how she got that way. She digs through her bag to find a towel, and is distraught to find an explosive at the bottom. She reaches in and dismantles it.

On her way to the small arms locker Sharon bangs into Specialist Kally. Sharon says ‘Good evening’ and is informed it’s actually the morning. It seems Sharons lost time.

In the small arms locker she starts to return the components of her makeshift weapon, before realising that six other items, exactly the same, have been removed. We are then shown in a quick sequence the other bombs scattered about Galactica. It may be worth pointing out that Sharon doesn’t know she’s a Cylon – the viewer found out in the pilot but she didn’t.

In a series of scenes showing everyone getting ready for Roslins arrival, were shown that Lee is still haunted by the destruction of the Olympic Carrier through a nice mirror flashback sequence. He confides in Adama about this but is told to shrug it off, and except what happened whether it was the right or wrong thing to do and live with it.

President Roslin boards the Galactica to lots of fussing and makes a short speech in the command centre. She and Lee have a little talk about why Adama decided to make such a fuss at her arrival.

Sharon goes to Chief Tyrol and tells him about the missing explosives, and confides that people will think she’s the one that took them. Tyrol assures her it’s a set-up, or that she’s been drugged and that he knows she didn’t do It. Sharon is worried that people will think she’s a Cylon agent.

In hooking up with another ship to transfer water to them the Galacticas’ decompression alarm goes off and water is poured out into space. It’s revealed that they’ve lost almost sixty percent of the water supplies, emergency rationing protocol is put in place, and a team is sent to find out what happened.

The Galactica is put in charge of searching for nearby planets that might have water. Meanwhile back on Cylon occupied Caprica Helo and Sharon observe a bunch of Cylons that have apparently Stolen the raptor Sharon used to ‘come back’ for Helo. Sharon has a plan how to get off Caprica.

Tyroll as leader of the investigation team has to report his findings and admits there have been five detonations, with a possible sixth, and that’s what caused the decompression. Adama suggests after the briefing, to a small group of people, that there may well be a Cylon aboard the Galactica. Roslin asks how many people know the Cylons look like Humans and is told the rumours been spreading like wildfire. Only eight people actually know to avoid mass panic.

Baltar panics because his supposed Cylon screening technology that he claimed worked in the pilot actually doesn’t. He tries to get out of it by claiming he doesn’t have what he needs to make large scale screenings a reality and Adama just assigns him everything he could possibly need – to Baltars’ dismay he is assigned Gaeta as an aid.

Adama and Roslin talk over the rights and wrongs of using the army to maintain order during rationing, with Adama extremely reluctant. Roslin talks him into sending people to a cruise ship to try and establish order.

Sharon and Crashdown are one of the teams sent searching for water in a viper; she finds water but ignores it. She runs the sweep again and finds it – as if something is interfering with her brain, she’s unable to say anything. We find out that the sixth explosive is on her viper and just before she’s about to activate it she stops and tells chrashdown there’s water.

Adama makes an announcement to the fleet that they’ve found water.

On Cylon occupied Caprica were told radiation meds are running low. Helo asks why Sharon came back, and she says she couldn’t leave him behind. They find a military signal and are extremely happy because someone else is still alive on caprica, and they make plans to find them.

Galactica Sharon sends Tyroll to remove the explosive from her Viper. Meanwhile Rolin and Lee talk about the Olympic Carriers destruction and asks Lee if he’ll be her military advisor.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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