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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

photo of Tigh's wife in "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down"

"Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down" By Lorna

Aired March 4th, 2005

First off fact fans: this episode is directed by none other than Edward James Olmos (i.e. our own Commander Adama!)

President Roslin and Adama chat, he informs her that Baltars Cylon detector is working. Roslin suggests that Adama should be the first tested.

Billie and Dula are on a date aboard the Galactica, and Dula, without really thinking, tells Billie that Adama has been making calls from his office, and they haven’t been logged or anything.

Afterwards Roslin and Billie have a conversation about what he found out, Roslin has reveals that she suspects Adama is a Cylon.

In his lab Baltar is bemoaning his fate, and does the maths on how long it will take to test everyone in the fleet – 61 odd years it works out as! Six is not impressed with his negative attitude, and attempts to cheer him up by engaging in intercourse with him. Kara picks a rather inopportune moment to walk in, and of course sees no-one but Baltar, and understandably thinks he’s a bit odd.

In his quarters Tigh continues his on-going struggle with alcohol addiction. He takes a picture of a woman out of his desk, seems rather sad, and chucks it away.

In the CIC the dradis has picked up Cylon Raiders. The vipers are sent out to destroy them, Tigh arrives after the alarm goes off and asks were Adama is. He’s informed that Adam left in a Viper about an hour ago, and they’ve no clue where he was going. There’s a quick fire-fight and the Cylon Raider flees. They’re about to jump but the same Raider keeps appearing and disappearing. It looks like it’s going no-where so they use this opportunity to gather intelligence.

Adama arrives back on board the Galactica, to be greeted by a rather angry Tigh. This quickly disappears when the same women from the photo steps off the Viper, and were informed she’s Tigh’s wife.

Meanwhile back on Caprica centurions are roaming the streets, while Helo and Sharon hide underground, in the sewers. Helos’ bemused about the increased Cylon presence in trying to locate him, and Sharon tells him that they’re actually after her. Apparently due to some overheard information while she’s been held ‘captive’.

Roslin phones Baltar and asks him to call her once Adama’s test is done. Baltar tells her that Adama’s test had been cancelled a while ago, and replaced by a specimen of higher priority: a woman called Ellen, I.e. Tigh’s wife. Roslin overrules this and tells him to resume Adama’s test.

Tigh and Ellen talk about what happened and were told she’s been on a ship called the ‘Rising Star’. She claims memory loss, and the rest is just fragments. Apparently
she was knocked out when the Cylons attacked, but some-one saved her.

Kara is thrilled that the wounded raider can give her more information on the Cylon FTL capabilities. Adama summons lee and asks if he’s got dinner plans!

Ellen and Tigh heal old wounds – it seems they’ve had a troubled marriage. The phone goes, and Tigh is summoned away.

It turns out that Roslin has summoned Tigh, and he’s not impressed by her theory that Adama is a Cylon. When questioned he tells her were Adama has been. When Tigh tells her Ellens’ name Roslin makes the connection between her and the test, and Roslin then asks to meet Ellen.

Baltar gets a phone call and is told to resume Ellen’s test. He is a very un-happy man.

Ellen and Tigh turn up to a dinner with Adama and Roslin, they’re ever so slightly drunk. Ellen tells them what the people of the fleet think about those in charge. Ellen sticks her foot in it over the death of Zak. While talking, well in truth being questioned, Ellen does some rather inappropriate things to Lee underneath the table with her foot. Her ‘past’ seems a bit suspect, and everyone has there doubts about her.

The Cylons have made there way into the sewers but after a close call Sharon and Helo evade them.

A very drunk Ellen and Tigh are staggering down a corridor, she’s adamant that Adama doesn’t know the location of Earth. Baltar runs into them and after a brief introduction, Number Six seems a bit suspicious. Baltar is summoned over intercom to his lab. Ellen tries to make Tigh jealous, claiming that Adama tried it on with her aboard the rising star.

In Baltar’s lab he’s confronted by Adama and Roslin. Eventually they end up shouting at each other. Adama confesses that he has been going to the rising star, because Ellen is a dangerous influence and he’d been trying to keep Tigh away from her.

Ellen and Tigh walk in and the entire thing explodes into a rather amusing fight between the main cast. Everyone is called over intercom to the CIC because the Raider is doing something suspicious. It heads straight for the side of Galactica, but the alert fighters destroy it.

The results of Ellen’s test come back and she’s revealed as being Human. It’s implicated in a conversation between Six and Baltar that she may be a Cylon, but were not told for sure.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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