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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

phot of Six in "Six Degrees"

"Six Degrees of Separation" By Lorna

Aired Feb. 18th, 2005

Baltar continues his investigation into a Cylon Detector, while he and Number Six continue to have philosophical discussions about the nature of God. He upsets her and she walks away, leaving him alone in one of his visions.

Adama summons Baltar to the CIC, and he makes an inappropriate comment to someone he believes to be Number Six, after all she does look exactly like her. It’s soon revealed that she is in fact Miss Godfrey, and in a very funny sequence the stunned Baltar asks if Adama can see her too! Miss Godfrey levels accusations of treason against Baltar, claiming to have evidence given to her from Doctor Amarak. She presents a disk to Adama, which he checks quickly to discover a photo of Baltar entering the defence main-frame, with a bomb, the very day before the attack on Caprica took place. Of course Baltar professes his innocence, and Adama aggress that the photo isn’t quite proof. Miss Godfrey points out a reflection in a surface within the photograph, and Gaeta is sent to see if he can sharpen it. Adama revokes Baltar’s security privileges, and ends all work on the Cylon Detector.

In the hanger bay Tyrol and Kally investigate the Cylon Raider that Kara brought back with her from ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’. In the medical bay Kara starts her leg rehabilitation but refuses to put any effort into it all.

Roslin and Baltar talk over the phone and Roslin professes doubt that Baltar is a traitor. In a flash of inspiration he tells Roslin that Miss Godfrey is a Cylon, but she doesn’t hear him because she’s collapsed. The presidents aid Billy has to make a speech to the press while Dr Cottle informs Roslin that she’s overdosed on her Cancer medication.

Adama and Miss Godfrey talk in Adama’s office. He expresses doubt about the convenience of it all and she bursts out crying, claiming that she loved Amarak and tries to seduce Adama. He doesn’t fall for it and issues orders that she isn’t allowed to leave the ship, and is to be put under surveillance.

Gaeta tries to sharpen the photograph, and while he’s in the bathroom Baltar goes into the cubical next to him and tries to win him over. Baltar tries to convince Gaeta that the photo is a fake but he won’t have any of it. While they’re talking Shelly Godfrey walks in and Gaeta makes a quick exit. Baltar confronts her, but Miss Godfrey is adamant that it’s him in the photo. He frightens her by claiming she’s a Cylon, isn’t aware of it.

Galactica Sharon is fascinated by the Raider and starts’ patting it like a pet, Tyrol is quite frightened.

Baltar tries to convince everyone that Miss Godfrey is a Cylon, this is intercut with visions of him back in his home on Caprica – but Number Six is still absent. Adama asks is Baltar has evidence to support his accusations against Godfrey. He asks for a tissue sample to check her in his ‘Cylon’ detector. Adama refuses, saying that Baltar can’t have access to his equipment

Gaeta has to leave the computer alone because a fire report is called and Baltar rushes in to find his picture on screen, and tries to delete it without avail. In CIC they realise Baltar might have set the alarm off. As a last resort Baltar starts trying to destroy the computer, which is when Adama and Co walk in and stop him destroying the computer. Baltar is tossed into the Brig while Adama looks at the evidence.

Kara hobbles to the hanger deck and attempts to show them how the Cylon raider works, and she manages to get it started.

Baltar gets a visit from Roslin in the brig, who asks him why he betrayed humanity. He professes his innocence, and still insists Godfrey is a Cylon. After she’s gone Baltar tries to communicate with ‘God’ and make peace with himself. He makes a promise that he will believe and do good things if he’s spared.

At this point Number Six comes back, happy that Baltar has asked God for forgiveness. Gaeta walks in and tells Baltar that the photo, though brilliantly done, was a fake.

It then cuts to a conversation between Adama and Tigh, in which were told Miss Godfrey has disappeared, and can’t be located anywhere in the fleet. Roslin makes a speech to the press about the innocence of Baltar.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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