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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Cylons in "Litmus"

"Litmus" By Lorna

Aired Feb. 11th, 2005

A version of Aaron Doral – the Cylon they discover in the pilot – makes his way aboard the Galactica. While he’s wandering through the corridors Tigh spots him and summons a security team. Tigh confronts him and Doral set’s off an explosive, almost killing both Adama and Tigh. While this is going on it’s made plainly clear that Sharon and ‘the chief’ are still a couple.

Lot’s of people get caught up in the explosion – “Three dead and thirteen injured” – Adama demands to see the master at arms. In Adamas office Tigh confesses to the security chief that cylons look human, and that multiple versions exist. He orders that a full investigation is carried out, and grants her ‘free reign’.

On Cylon occupied Caprica three Cylons – versions of Six, Sharon, and Doral – watch Helo from the rooftops.

Roslin and Adama talk about the possibility of telling the public about the fact Cylon looks Human. Roslin is concerned about a ‘witch hunt’.

The master at arms interviews everyone and gets conflicting reports about Tyrol’s ware bouts while they all try to cover for him.

Roslin holds a press conference about a so-called ‘Independent tribunal’ and admits that the Cylon can look like Humans. She issues a picture of Doral and another Cylon, asking for any ‘copies’ of them to be turned in. The public is in complete uproar.

The master at arms arrives to collect Tyrol and Sharon to appear before the tribunal. Sharon, when questioned, maintains that she was asleep and that her relationship with Tyrol had been brought to an end.

Kally is concerned that they’re going after Tyrol and that the cylons are trying to make them turn on each other. Tyrol maintains that all hatches were sealed, but apparently hatch Causeway C was left unlocked. When asked if it could have been Sharon he denies it profusely. The conflicting information about his whereabouts is raised and he invokes his right to remain silent. He refuses to answer any more questions.

Specialist Sinnus -One of the people that was meant to have seen Tyrol - claims that he wasn’t at his post and takes the fall for the unlocked hatch, out of loyalty for Tyrol.

Helo heads south in search of a way off the planet but after a few minutes changes his mind and flees north where he believes Sharon might be.

Baltar goes to visit Starbuck in sick bay but she isn’t exactly in the best of moods. Kara tries to get information out of Baltar on the nature of his project, and whether the Cylons where trying to destroy it. He makes a quick exit and has a chat with Six, who agrees that the Cylons are trying to destroy his work. He becomes indignant that she could allow it but she argues ’I’m only in your head’ and states that the Cylons aren’t aware of her existence. He threatens to destroy the detector himself but Number Six flips and threatens to hurt him.
On Caprica the other Cylons beat up the Sharon model in order to makes it look like she’s been taken captive.

Adama and Roslin talk about the report, and Specialist Sinnus claiming it was his fault. Adama is interrupted during his phone call to the president and is ordered to appear before the tribunal.

Back on Caprica the now dishevelled Sharon model is found by Helo, who is delighted to have her back. Even if he does have to rescue her from one of the centurions, which are the metal cylons.

Adama is questioned, and they try to blame him for withholding information about the Cylons. They also try to blame him for allowing Sharon and Tyrol’s relationship to continue, which apparently aids the Cylons.

He ends the tribunal because they have ‘lost their way’, they aren’t protecting anymore they’re just condemning everyone. The master at arms tried to have him arrested, but he counters with the same orders. The guards on duty side with Adama and the master at arms is taken to her office and confined there.

Over a radio broadcast by Roslin, Tyrol is shocked to find out that someone else has taken the fall for him and goes to confess to Adama. Tyrol admits he was with Sharon and that people have been covering for them. Adama refuses to listen and claims he can’t do without Tyrol.

Tyrol then goes and breaks off his relationship with Sharon so that no-one else will have to lie for them.

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Updated 6/27/07  


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