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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

photo of Six and Baltar in "Kobol's Last Gleaming"

"Kobol's Last Gleaming Part 2" By Lorna

Aired April 1st, 2005

The episode opens on the Raptor crash site from last episode. Baltar is trapped inside the fire ridden raptor, and then Number Six appears like some ethereal angel and saves him. They exit the crash site, but the Raptor is well and truly destroyed.

On Caprica Helo is led to a museum by Sharon in search for the arrow of Apollo. He isn’t impressed, and threatens her, but Sharon puts him in his place.

Aboard the Galactica Tigh and Adama aren’t very happy with Kara. Roslin phones and Adama asks if she’s responsible. Adama asks Roslin to resign, she refuses and he tells her that it isn’t really her choice.

Adama orders all transmissions from Colonial One to be blocked, and that a strike team be put together. Roslin confides in Billy that she believes Adama is bluffing, but that they should take measures.

Lee and Adama formulate a plan to invade Colonial One. Adama goes to speak to Sharon and asks her to jump to Kobol and destroy the base-star. They’ve placed a transponder inside her ship so she won’t be identified. Sharon agrees to accept the mission.

Kara is overjoyed to find Caprica, and fly’s straight towards the planets surface. Caprica Sharon tells Helo that she’s pregnant.

The strike team approach Colonial One and start cutting through the hull of Colonial One, but Roslin is doubtful that Adama will harm anyone.

Kara finds her way to the museum, while on the surface of Kobol and everyone is worried about Baltar, while Crashdown and Helo clash over tactics.

Sharon and her co-pilot dock aboard the Base star in order to drop off there weapon, the Cylon transponder keeping them safe from detection. They manually activate the weapon and prepare to flee but Sharon is faced with multiple versions of herself, and is finally forced to accept her Cylon identity. She flees with her co-pilot and the Base Star is blown to smithereens.

On Kobol Six appears to Baltar and leads him towards and abandoned ruin, while on Caprica Kara finds the arrow. Kara takes the arrow but a version of Number Six appears and tries to take it from her and a fierce fight ensues. Kara manages to destroy that version of Number Six, while Helo and Sharon walk in.

The strike team board Colonial One, and everyone stands face to face, no one quite wanting to make the first move. Tigh takes the first step and tries to put Roslin under arrest. Lee flips, and points a gun at Tigh – Lee says that this is the wrong thing to do. In order to avoid any bloodshed Roslin hands herself over, and Lee is taken into custody for mutiny.

Helo is overjoyed to see Kara, but she isn’t as happy to see Sharon. Because of the version aboard the Galactica Kara knows Sharon is a Cylon and tries to shoot her, but Helo stops her.

On Kobol Baltar is awed, and a little confused, when the ruin starts to build itself up around him as a very grand building. Six leads him through the winding corridors to a crib, and informs him he’s a father. He can’t understand how that can possibly work. The phrase: “The shape of things to come” is uttered by Number Six, a very telling phrase. Baltar looks at the baby and loses all doubt.

Sharon reports to CIC, and Lee is brought there so that his father can have a word with him. Adama congratulates Sharon and her co-pilot, but Sharon pulls out a gun and shoots him. There’s mad panic in the CIC and the series ends on one major cliff-hanger for Adama. 

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