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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

photo from Kobol's Last Gleaning

"Kobol's Last Gleaming Part 1" By Lorna

Aired March 25th, 2005

The episode opens with Lee and Adama engaged in a boxing match. Lee loses and his father tells him it’s because he doesn’t trust his instincts. This is intercut with Scenes of Baltar and Kara being intimate. When Kara mistakenly calls Lee’s name, Baltar isn’t at all impressed.

Meanwhile Galactica Sharon is contemplating taking her own life; her thoughts are interrupted by a summons from the CIC. While Caprica Sharon has bigger problems – Helo has figured out she’s a Cylon. She runs after him, but in a fit of rage he shoots her in the arm, and now she’s steadily dieing from a bullet wound.

In the sick-bay Doctor Cottle tells Roslin that her impending death isn’t far away. Roslin consults with one of the ships priests – revealing Cottle’s findings. The priest is convinced that Roslin is the ‘dieing leader’ mentioned in scripture and that Roslin will lead them to Earth.

Lee is engaged in a card game with a bunch of the pilots and Gaius. Baltar is drunk and making A complete fool of himself. Six is not very impressed with him. Kara turns up and Baltar is incredibly off with her.

Roslin and Baltar talk about the reintroducing currency into the fleet. Six appears and asks Baltar if he loves Kara – to which he answers no. He tries to juggle both conversations but Roslin can see he’s not fully paying attention. He ends up making an idiot of himself by shouting at both Roslin and Six.

Roslin calls a break and Baltar effectively tells Six to go away. He goes to the bathroom and Six appears, she’s very angry at his betrayal and starts shoving him around. She beats his head of a mirror and leaves him with a black eye. She calms down slightly and tells him Galactica isn’t safe any more, but she refuses to tell him why.

Sharon and Crash down jump into the orbit of a planet, and are astounded by how blue it is. They discover that it’s habitable, and crash down wonders if it’s earth.

Helo has taken Sharon hostage, in the hope that it’ll get him off the planet. He’s very angry and tells her she’s not Sharon, Not even human.

Lee and Kara have a fight in the hanger deck, he’s found out about there night together and isn’t best impressed. The argument starts to get really heated and they end up hitting each other.

Roslin looks at the survey taken by Galactica Sharon and Crashdown. She reaches the conclusion that the planet must be the mythical planet Cobol. Were everyone else sees ruins, she sees an inhabited city, with a layout just like that described in the scriptures.

Galactica Sharon again contemplates taking her own life, Baltar interrupts. She does a good job of hiding it but he can sense something’s wrong. Six tells Baltar that she knows she’s a Cylon but won’t accept it. Baltar subtly hints that Sharon is indeed a Cylon, and that perhaps death wouldn’t be the worse thing and acting on this Sharon
Shoots herself.

Adama suggests that they settle on the planet, and that they send down a raptor search party. Six tells Baltar that he should go; Baltar kicks up a fuss with Adama and is allowed to go.

Sharon doesn’t manage to succeed and is visited by Tyroll in the sick bay, he tries to talk to her but she sends him away.

Roslin and Adama talk about scripture and the arrow of Apollo leading the way to Earth. Adama maintains there is no Earth, and that the scripture has no basis in reality. She wants to send Kara in the Cylon Radar back to Caprica and find the arrow.

The ground surveillance crew are attacked by Cylons when approaching the planet; they are severely damaged and are forced to crash land.

Back on Galactica they discuss the possibility of a recovery plan. It turns out that Kara went straight to Adama with her plan which has annoyed him. Kara apologises for hurting Lee.

Billy is asked By Roslin to get Kara. They talk, and Kara is at first incredulous, she can’t believe that Roslin is even considering it. Roslin talks Kara into it by telling her that she’s dieing, and Kara makes the connection with Scripture.

Kara asks Adama if he knows were Earth is, and she knows he doesn’t have a clue.

During a test with the Cylon Rader, Kara jumps away in search of the arrow.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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