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photo from "The Hand of God"

"The Hand of God" By Lorna

Aired March 11th, 2005

Roslin makes a speech to the fleet about the lack of tilium, during the speech she starts to hallucinate that sheís seeing snakes on her podium. She does a good job of keeping it together, but starts to unravel.

Sharon and her co-pilot crash search for ore. Crash manages to locate some, and is extremely elated but soon come crashing back to earth when realise that the Cylons are completely swarming the planet.

On the CIC they talk about possibilities but Adama decides they must mobilise against the Cylons.

Adama talks to Kara about the new pilots, she seems happy enough with there progress.

Roslin talks to one of the fleetís priests and tells her about the visions sheís been having. When she talks about the snakes the priest is dumbfounded. Apparently there is a resonance between Roslinsí snake dreams, and Pythia. She discounts this because the Ďanointed leaderí suffered a wasting disease and would not live to see the new world.

On the CIC Adama asks Kara to come up with a plan, something really unconventional, in order to get the fuel from the Cylons. She comes up with quite an original idea. Itís explained to Roslin and Adama, who both confirm itís worth a shot. After all they donít really have a shot.

They quiz Baltar on the operations of a Cylon Base. He tells them they have to hit an exact spot, and the place will explode without any bad effects on the ore. He pleads with Six for help on which point they should aim for, but she claims to know nothing. Six tells Baltar that he should ask God for assistance, he becomes frustrated, and on a whim makes a random guess.

Six is elated that he Ďtrusted himself to Godí but Baltar denies ĎGodí has anything to do with it.

Adama informs Kara that she canít take place on the raid because of her damaged knee. Needless to say she isnít best impressed but is forced to admit that heís right.

Kara gives Lee advice on how to carry out his mission. He is slightly peeved that Kara doubts his ability, but it becomes clear he isnít entirely convinced himself.

On Caprica Sharon and Helo hide from the rain, with her not feeling very well.

Lee and Adama have a heart to heart about Lee doubting his own ability. Adama gives Lee something that belonged to his grandfather as a good luck symbol. Adama tells Lee that he never doubts him for a second.

On Caprica Helo is shocked to see a version of Number Six leading a group of Centurions. They flee the location, but he is still stunned, not realising that Cylons can look like Humans now.

The Cylons take the decoy bate, but spot the attack force and send a group of Vipers after them. It really doesnít go well in the slightest. Once the Cylons have done some serious damage they head towards an unprotected Galactica.

Galactica send a short message in Code to Apollo, who it turns out have a small reserve section to go after the Cylon base.

In what seems like a crazy suicide run, with Cylons hot on his heels, Lee and a bunch of his Vipers run along the top of the planet. Quite a few people miss; Lee goes in himself and manages to blast the base sky high. Itís quite similar to the Death Star run from Starwars. Sadly though itís not without loss of life.

Baltar is extremely stunned while everyone celebrates around him. Lee returns a hero, and Kara congratulates him on doing such a good job.

Six asks Gaius if heís read the Pythian prophecey and quotes: ĎAll of this has happened before, and all of this will happen againí. She mentions the serpents, and insists the Baltar had been led by ĎGodí to chose the point he did. Baltar agrees with her, and now beleaves himself to be led by gods will. 

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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