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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Cylon in "Flesh and Bone"

"Flesh and Bone" By Lorna

Aired Feb. 24th, 2005

Roslin walks through a dream, a forest surrounding her. She runs through the forest until she encounters the Leoben model Cylon. There’s a flash of light, a rush of wind, and he disappears.

Roslin wakes and soon after that Billy reports that the Gemenon has found a copy of the Leoben model. Kara is fetched, and is under orders to interrogate the Cylon. Adama reminds her that the Cylons can be deceptive.

Kara goes in and starts talking to the Cylon. He dodges answering questions, by asking them, and seems determined to find out Kara’s name. She becomes annoyed at this and starts to leave – but Leoben guesses her call sign. He’s amused by the fact he got it right and tells Kara that he’s planted a war-head somewhere in the fleet, set to go off at 1800.

Leoben asks Kara if she believes in the greek deities, and claims to know things about the future. Kara tries to make him more cooperative by eating and drinking in-front of him without allowing him anything. Leoben spouts religious stuff, but Kara catches on to a particular phrase ‘Swimming in the stream’.

The Guards beat up Leoben and Kara comments that Machines shouldn't’t be capable of hunger, or pain.

Baltar is approached by Sharon, and she asks if he can check her blood to see if she’s a Cylon. He tries to deny the existence of such a test, but Sharon insists. Six suggests he should test Sharon to see if his Cylon detector works, because they all ready know the expected outcome.

On Caprica versions of the Six and Leoben models wait on Caprica Model of Sharon. They order her to force Helo to remain on Caprica. Caprica Sharon runs back to Helo, and tells him there's Cylons in the forest and they’ve got to move.

They engage in more philosophical discussion : Leoben claims that essentially Humans were favored by ‘god’ but through Sin disappointed him, and created the Cylons. Kara counters with the fact that the Humans created the Cylons.

She becomes annoyed and orders the cards to dunk Leobins head in a bucket of water. They go to fetch the water and he attacks her, of course she’s rescued.
On the CIC they discuss the fact that they haven’t been able to locate the nuke, and take security measures to minimize damage.

A know very angry Kara Thrace orders the systematic ‘drowning’ of Leoben, trying to extract information from him. He claims that he can’t die, because his consciousness can be downloaded. Kara has figured out though that since he was willing to talk in the first place something must be wrong, and it’s too far for him to transfer.

He makes some startling revelations about Kara’s early childhood, and how her mother believed suffering was good for the soul. That Kara believes she is the one at fault, when Leoben claims it’s the world that she lives in.

Baltar gets the results of Sharon's test, which prove she’s a Cylon, but Number Six tells him to keep the results hidden. She beleaves that if Sharon's cover is blown, Sharon's Cylon programming will kick in and she’ll try to kill Baltar.

Leobin claims that theres a path set out for everyone: ‘all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again’.

A cleaned up Leoben is brought before Roslin, who comes across all sympathetic. She offers him a special deal, and that they shouldn’t fight any more. Leoben reveals that there is no war head. He admits that he was too far out to transfer into another body, and so when he got captured he lied.

Leoben reaches forward and whispers into her ear that Adama is a Cylon. Roslin then orders that he be thrown out an airlock, with Kara protesting.

In the closing moments Kara prays for Leobens soul, despite the fact she doesn’t know if he’s got one. 

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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