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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Starbuck at the bar, in a dress, in "Colonial Day"

"Colonial Day" By Lorna

Aired March 18th, 2005

The episode opens on the beautiful Cloud Nine spaceship, with three of the press making speeches about the Intern Corum of the Twelve. This is cut through with people listing to the report.

Wallace Grey comes to see Roslin, and there meeting is interrupted by the announcement that Tom Zarek has been elected as one of the delegates.

A second after the announcement Adama phones Roslin, demanding that Zerek be removed, and that he be bared from travelling. Roslin is adamant that nothing be done to make a martyr out of him. Zarek makes a speech over the air.

Kara informs Gaius that he’s been elected to the Corum, and is shocked but slightly peeved. That is until Number Six steps in and convinces him it might not be that bad.

Kara and Lee relax in the park on Cloud Nine. Kara pretends to be all serious about the security issues – she’s been assigned to look after Baltar – but squirts Lee with a hose when he least expects it.

Everyone important lines up outside the ball room to greet the Corum Delegates.
In the line up Tigh refuses to shake Zarek’s hand, and is a little miffed that Ellen does. Roslin shakes hands with Zarek, much to the amusement of the press.

Inside the hall Roslin makes a speech about what they were going to discuss. Baltar drifts off to sleep but is woken up by Number Six who tells him that a member of the press is flirting with him. He claims she’s jealous, but Number Six utterly denies it.

Tom Zarek decides to make a speech of his own, and interputs Roslin – asking when shes going to elect a vice president. He calls a vote that they should nominate a vote for Vice President and Six orders Baltar too second. Roslin is forced to accept nominations for Vice President.

One of the delegates nominates Zarek, and another seconds, for the role of Vice President.

Roslin isn’t happy, and suggests that put forward a nomination of there own. She offers the honour to Wallace Grey who accepts.

One of the press interviews Zarek, and he makes quite a good speech, claiming that things need to change, and that Roslin Is living in the past.

Lee is sitting in a bar aboard Cloud Nine listing to the broadcast; he becomes annoyed and switches it off. The man who heckled Zarek earlier becomes annoyed and starts to get confrontational.

The guy smacks Lee with a bottle, Kara jumps in and a full out fight ensues. During the fight it’s discovered that one of the Bar patrons has a gun. He tries to make a swift exit but Kara tackles him, and prevents him from leaving.

Helo and Sharon remain alive and well on Caprica. They’ve found there way to the planets main space port and are awaiting the cover of darkness to infiltrate it. Helo is still a bit freaked out by the two versions of Number Six and reaches the conclusion that Helo has arrived at the idea of clones. Sharon’s suggests they could be just like Humans but Helo shoots it down.

During the guy’s interrogation Lee and Kara start to believe that the man, Valance, is working for Zarek. They threaten to kill him unless he cooperates. He steadily maintains his innocence.

Lee is back on board colonial one with Roslin, he tells her that they can’t find a connection between Valance and Zarek, but Roslin is adamant that one must exist. She orders Lee to investigate Zarek.

In a Corum meeting Lee approaches Zarek and threatens him.

A quick cut and Zarek is talking to Ellen in the bar. She asks what Zarek can do to advance her husbands carrier and he asks her were Valance is.

Valance is found dead in the interrogation room, Roslin believes that Zarek had him killed.

The press talk to Baltar and he publicly declares his support for Roslin, while she listens to his statement she has an epiphany that Baltar can handle the press very well and wonders if he might be a better candidate than Zarek.

Roslin goes to Cloud Nine and asks Wallace Grey to step down in favour of Baltar. She approaches Baltar and asks him to stand for Vice President.

The votes are cast and Baltar is doing very well, though he and Zarek get themselves into a tie breaker. Roslin is given the final vote and gives it too Baltar.

Kara and Lee dance at the celebration dinner, he’s surprised that she’s wearing a dress!

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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