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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

picture of Tom in "Bastile Day"

"Bastille Day" By Lorna

Aired Jan. 21st, 2005

Someone reports to Tigh that an Ice moon has been found with an entire sub-surface ocean. It’s cold but they’ll get water which will put an end to the civilian riots. Tighs a complete mess though because he’s been drinking. Tyrol reports that the ice will need to be melted before it can be transported aboard the Galactica. Not an easy job, needing lots of people.

Adama argues to Roslin that the prisoners on-bored a ship should be used for the work, but she states it must be a voluntary choice. Those that do will get considered for release once the works done, but not the extremely bad ones.

Adama and Lee have a brief, but tense, conversation about Lee’s new job as the Presidents’ military advisor.

On board the astral Queen Lee makes a speech to the people on-board asking them to volunteer. At first no-one volunteers, after a short space of time, Tom Zerek (a known terrorist’) steps forward to decline the offer for everyone. A short side note: Tom Zarek is played by Richard Hatch who played Apollo (Lee) in the original Battlestar Galactica fact fans.

Duala and Billie argue over whether Zarek is a ‘terrorist’ or ‘freedom fighter’. Lee decides that the best way to get the Prisoners cooperation is to go through Zarek.

Meanwhile on Cylon Occupied Caprica Sharon and Helo wander through a deserted city, contemplating where everyone is. They’ve ventured to the city in search if a hospital and some anti-radiation meds. A quick shot shows two cylons watching Helo and Sharon from the rooftops.

Lee goes to speak with Zarek, trying to convince him to rally the prisoners and help the rest of the colony. While Lee is distracted talking to Zarek the prisoners attempt to escape, and many are set free from there cells. The Galactica representatives are taken prisoner and Lee attempts to fight.

Starbuck makes a light hearted speech to the pilots, she’s been put in charge while Lee’s away, but Tigh doesn’t like this and they fight.

Zarek and Lee talk, Zarek tells him that the prisoners just want to be treated as human beings.

Adama questions Baltar over the ‘Cylon detector’, and asks why it’s taking so long. Baltar tries to talk his way out of it but Number Six convinces him it’s for the best if he keeps working. She terrifies him and forces him to ask for a nuclear warhead in order to complete the project. Adama reluctantly agrees and promises Baltar what he needs.

Sharon is assured by Tyrol that they don’t know anything about the detonators from last episode. Tigh walks in on them hugging and confronts Sharon about the fact she’s sleeping with the Chief – which is against regulations. She tries to deny it, but Tigh refuses to believe it and orders that they put a stop to it.
Zarek makes a political broadcast: wanting the resignation of Roslin, to be replaced in a ‘free and open’ election. He believes it is an illegal government. Roslin is worried that Zarek will destabilise the government and tries to get Adama to send in troops. He isn’t happy and believes she should at least talk with Zarek first.

Adama sends in Kara Thrace to try and take control of the situation, because she’s the best person for the job. She’s under orders to shoot Zarek if she gets a clear shot.

Zarek and Lee argue about the political legitimacy of Laura to rule: she got the job under law, not because she was voted in. There conversation is interrupted by Adama radioing the Astral Queen. Adama tries to reach and understanding with Zarek but he refuses to talk. Lee accuses him of wanting everyone to die in order to get back into the headlines, casting Roslin in a bad light for sending in soldiers.

In a scuffle Kally is hurt and Lee manages to get hold of a Gun, points it at Zarek and orders him to take control of the Prisoners. The only way he can get him to agree though is an election. The Astral queen is given to Zarek and the guards taken off.

Zarek does as he promises and the hostages get to go free. Roslin is very upset at this, along with Adama. They may get there water but Roslin is angry at this enforced election. In a downbeat ending Roslin tells Lee that she’s dieing of Cancer.

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