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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Starbuck and Apollo from "Act of Contrition"

"Act of Contrition" By Lorna

Aired Jan. 28th, 2005

Note: This episode has quite a complex narrative structure that’s easy to follow on the T.V but not so much in writing.

Quick shot: starbucks plaine crashing, then we flashback too:

Were open on quite a laidback scene, its Crashdowns 1000th successful landing and everyone is celebrating in the hanger deck, this is split up into segments with Lee and Kara mucking about painting something.

In all the excitement someone fails to notice a weapon for the raptor has become loose and there’s a huge explosion in the hanger deck.

We then cut back to Kara’s plane crashing for a second, until we flashback too the hanger deck and see the mess, while someone explains what happened. Lee makes am announcement about services ext in the briefing room, and Adama walks in.

There’s a flashback within a flashback (ambitious!) for a brief second with Adama meeting Kara for the first time.

Adama makes a speech, and while he does there’s another flashback within a flashback, in wish she says sorry, and that she meant to come and see him before the funereal.

We then cut to the pilot’s funeral, and this is intercut by scenes of Zak Adama’s funeral too.

In Adamas office after the funeral, he asks Kara to train a bunch of new pilots but she’s extremely hesitant. The reason for this is that Zak failed basic flight but Kara passed him anyway because she had feelings for him. Therefore she blames his death on herself. In the pilot she tells Lee but Adama doesn’t know. In the end Kara has to agree.

We cut back to her crashing in the plane, things are certainly far worse. We cut back to a poker game, which is further intercut with scenes of Kara and Zak being intimate in which she tells him he’s passed basic flight. The poker game has Gaius and Gaeta denying the presence of a Cylon detector.

Meanwhile on Cylon Occupied Caprica we see Sharon and Helo alive and well. They’ve traced the signal from last episode to a restaurant and proceed to investigate, but there isn’t any power and at first they can’t find the source of the signal. They soon find a radiation shelter, and the source of the signal, but also lots of food and medical supplies. A shot outside reveals that a Number Six model has traced them here.

Back on the Galactica Roslin has gone to se DR Cottlel, who tells her there’s very little they can actually do for her cancer minus radiation treatment. She asks for something called Chamalla extract.

Lee and Kara discuss the recruits she’s got to train and she complains that they’re very poor quality. She explains to them that they’re basically useless, and that the Viper mark two is far more advanced than anything they’ve ever flown. They do basic flight, some progressing better than others, but no-one is really any good.

They protest when Kara complains about there awful flying and she refuses to teach them anymore, tells them to pack there bags and go. Lee gives her trouble for it and he blames the entire incident on her history with Zak and her guilt over his death.

Adama overrules Lee, but promises to talk to Kara. Lee lets it slip that something happened with Zak he perhaps doesn’t know.

Kara is summoned to Adama’s office. They talk and Kara is forced to admit that she passed him when she shouldn’t have. There’s a short flashback sequence to Kara telling Adama after the funeral that she and Zak were engaged. She’s very upset , he’s angry and sends her away, but not before demanding that she continue to train the pilots.

Quick shot of Kara ejecting from the burning plane, before she reinstates the trainee pilots.

During a training session the Cylons turn up, Galactica sends out its trained viper pilots and the trainees are ordered to return to ship. Starbuck tries to take on the Cylons herself but one of the trainees disobeys orders and remains to help. She tries to send him home but he refuses to go. Together they take out the Cylons, but the trainee gets shot. He turns up O.K but she disappears.

A Cylon hits her and she’s sent plummeting towards a planets surface – hence the intercutting of the burning plain throughout the episode – and it ends with her floating towards the planets surface.

Photo from http://bsgmedia.org

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Updated 6/21/07  


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