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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode 20: "The Girl in Question" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired May 5, 2004.

Angel and Spike need to retrieve a dead body from Italy. The body can be brought back to life but only if a ritual is performed in a certain time period. Angel receives a phone call about Buffy. The dreaded Immortal has been spotted in Italy near Buffy. Angel says that he will take care of it but Spike says he’s going along too. Now they can kill two birds with one stone.

Angel and Spike are on a jet to Italy. Angel discusses dating Nina (the werewolf). Angel and Spike decide they need to put aside their differences and work together. They can help Buffy and pick up the demon body thingy. They drink together from the little bottles of liquor and can’t seem to get drunk. Spike says that’s in the vampire constitution. Angel reveals that he has had a spy on Buffy. Just one who got spotted and ended up calling Angel from the hospital.

We see Spike memory of Italy in the 1950’s.

Then we see Spike aka: William the Bloody and Angel aka: Angelus in 1894 Italy where they are hanging from chains wearing only their underwear. The Immortal has captured them and his posse shows up to apologize on behalf of their master for containing them. As the boys are being unchained they are told to leave the country. Angelus snaps one of their necks and sends the other ones running away.

Illyria is wondering the office hallways; Wesley and Lorne are watching her. She is bitching about her loss of power and strength. She does not care for Lorne’s amusement. Wes requests that she go to the lab for more test, she leaves.

Fred’s parents arrive; they have a lay over before flying to Hawaii and have stopped to surprise Fred. Wes invites them to his office.

Angel and Spike show up at Buffy’s apartment where they are greeted by Andrew (watcher trainee) who is staying with her and Dawn. He tells them that they have just missed her she’s gone out to see The Immortal. Andrew reveals that they like to cozy on the couch and snuggle together. To Angel and Spikes horror Buffy is dating him.

Back to 1894 Italy Angelus finds Darla lying on the bed and thinks she’s injured. Apparently she’s just tired from her little romp in the sack with the Immortal. It’s okay he didn’t hurt her until she asked anyway. But the Immortal is Angelus nemesis how could she do this to him? William the Bloody jokes about it until he discovers that Drusilla has been with The Immortal as well. He had Dru and Darla concurrently the girls bragged. Spike pissed off because he and Angelus were never allowed to do that.

The girls go off to take a bath together. They decided to go after the Immortal. They show up at a ball The Immortal is at but are not admitted.

In the present Spike and Angel believe that Buffy must be under some sort of spell or the Immortal’s powers to be actually with him.

They go to pick up the body from a demon man and women. They only part they receive is the head in a bag. They return to Buffy’s again but you know it’s only 8:30 pm and she hasn’t returned yet.

Fred’s parents find the Wolfram & Hart offices quite impressive. Wes is trying to conjure up the right way to tell them that Fred is dead when she walks into his office with welcome arms.

Angel and Spike arrive at a dance club toting the head in the bag. They are looking for Buffy and The Immortal. A bartender points them out on the dance floor together. They fight over who gets to go to Buffy and in doing so they leave the bag with the head at the bar unattended. The creepy demon guy from where they originally picked up the head has now taken the bag. When Angel and Spike approach the demon to take the bag they are surrounded by a gang of men. A fight breaks out slow-mo style and in the confusion Spike and Angel start to fight each other and the demon gets away with the bag. They run out of the bar and see the demon escaping in their car so Spike steals a moped and with Angel on the back they ride slowing after him. They crash and the demon gets away.

They now have 12 hours to get the head back to L.A or the ritual cannot be done. First priority though Spike and Angel return to Buffy’s apartment to see if she has returned. That would be no.

Angel and Spike clue in that Italy has a Wolfram & Hart head office. They are surprised to find on their arrival that the offices look exactly the same as the one in L.A except for they are greeted by a very busty liaison. They receive a very warm welcoming.

Illyria has transformed her body back to its original state. As Fred she shows ‘her parents’ around the offices and into her lab. As her parent’s walk away to have a look at her office Wes holds her back and questions her about what she is doing. She replies in her own voice that she can appear as she chooses and thought being Fred would be more convenient.

Angel and Spike explain to the liaison their Buffy situation. But she assures them that Buffy is under no spell. The Immortal doesn’t do tricks. Do they not have an Italian Wesley that can do research on The Immortal. Yes but he’s taken a nap and really isn’t their mission to find and return the head a little more important? Italy’s W&H offices have received a ransom note and they need to hurry to the drop off place. Angel and Spike are expecting guns, helicopters etc but in Italy kidnapping happen all the time and they are not handled that way.

Standing together holding the money at the drop off place Angel and Spike argue over who has saved the world more. And of course they are better then The Immortal.

Illyria/Fred says good-bye to her folks. They ask Wes to take care of their little girl and though the mom feels that Fred seems different they father assumes it’s because she is getting older.

When they are alone Wesley asks Illyria if she got what she needed. Illyria replies yes most informative. Wes says fine but don’t do it again.

The demon with his lackey’s arrives for the trade off. He bugs Angel and Spike about The Immortal. They realize they have been set up by The Immortal to keep them away from Buffy.

Everyone begins to fight and the bag gets thrown about. It is not done this way in Italy. They give them the money they give them the head. The demon has to explain this many times. After the trade the demon and his men leave pleasantly.

Angel opens the bag to find not the head but a bomb. It blows up destroying Spikes long black leather coat. It was special to him. He did steal it after slaying a slayer. Good news though Italy’s W&H easily replaced it and sent him others like it to the LA offices. Angel got a stylin’ flashy leather jacket that he doesn’t much care for but apparently it is all the rage.

It is told to the boys that all first timers involved in a kidnapping get a bomb. But don’t worry about it now W&H will handle it now. Angel and Spike argue that they don’t need their work done for them they in fact champions. But they get locked out of the offices.

They return again to Buffy’ apartment to discover she has yet to come home. Andrew is getting ready to go. Spike asks him if he has found Buffy acting weird. Andrew knows what Spike is taking about and no Buffy fell for The Immortal on her own and she is happy. Yes The Immortal is cool but he ain’t all that. Buffy loves both Angel and Spike but she has moved on and they need to deal with that. Buffy knows she has to live her life. Andrew suggests Angel and Spike try it themselves sometime. Andrew suited up in a tux leaves with two nice dressed lady friends.

Illyria is still in Fred form; she asks Wes if he is angry with her. Illyria wants to explore Wesley and Fred’s relationship, which only sickens Wesley. He insists that she change back to her blue form and never be Fred again. She changes back as he wishes.

Angel and Spike return thinking that the head is still missing but they find it on Angel’s desk with regards from The Immortal. Angel and Spike argue over what she sees in The Immortal and who was better for her Angel or Spike. Could they lock her in a box? No she’s too strong and if they did a spell on her she’d only figure it out. They agree to move on as they speak they are moving on.


“I just want to see you happy. Not too happy though or I might have to stake you. Second thought...have at it.” Spike

“You want a drink?” Angel

“God yes!” Spike

“You're right. You can't get drunk off these things.” Angel (about the little bottles of alcohol on the plane)

“We couldn't anyway; vampire constitution. So how'd you find out?” Spike

“I've drunk enough of these things and I still don't like you.” Angel

“I meant about Buffy!” Spike

“I don't even speak the language. “ Spike

“We'll get you a book. “ Angel

“How do you say 'wank off' in Italian?” Spike

“Go ahead. Take your best shot. I'll snatch your little wee sticks out of the air and spend the next fortnight shoving them slowly up your arse.” Angelus

“He felt like sunshine.” Drusilla sexual feelings for The Immortal.

“Come on Dru lets take a bath!” Darla

“Will you hold me under the water?” Dru

“The man has no sense of indecency. You remember Frankfurt. He hatches the Rathruhn egg personally, and then just decides to give those nuns safe passage.” Spike

“Those were my nuns!” Angelus

“Yeah. Nuns are your thing. Everybody knows that. They respect it. They respect us.” Spike

“Spike, is Angel crying?” Andrew

“No...not yet.” Spike

“The Immortal?! “ Spike

“I mean, come on!” Angel

“She's smarter than that!” Spike

“She'd never fall for a centuries old guy with a dark past who may or may not be evil.” Angel

“Ours is a forever love.” Angel

“I had a relationship with her, too.” Spike

“Ok, sleeping together is not a relationship.” Angel

“It is if you do it enough times.” Spike

“I helped save the world, you know.” Angel

“Like I haven't.” Spike

“Yeah, but I've done it a lot more.” Angel

“Oh, please. “ Spike

“I closed the Hellmouth.” Angel.

“I've done that. “ Spike

“Yeah, you wore a necklace. You know, I helped kill the Mayor, and, uh, Jasmine.“ Angel

“Do those really count as saving the world?” Spike

“I stopped Acathla. That saved the world.” Angel

“Buffy ran you through with a sword.” Spike

“Yeah, but I made her do it. I signalled her with my eyes.” Angel

“She killed you. I helped her. That one counts as mine!” Spike

“Oh, look - the Americans are relying on violence to solve their problems. What a surprise.” The Demon

“Every time (the Immortal) shows up, I either lose my girl, get beaten by an angry mob, or get thrown in prison for tax evasion. (Angel stares) Long story.” Spike

“Our friend, she's under some sort of spell...” Angel

“Cast by the vilest wretch this side of Mount Everest. Which...I'm told he has climbed...several times.” Spike

“But she's not finished baking yet. I gotta wait till she's done baking, you know, till she finds herself, 'cause that's the drill. Fine. I'm waiting patiently, and meanwhile, The Immortal's eating' cookie dough!” Angel: (about Buffy)

Written by:  Steven S DeKnight & Drew Goddard.  Directed by: David Greenwalt.

STARRING: David Boreanaz (Angel/Angelus), James Marsters (Spike/William The Bloody), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Illyria/Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne), Mercedes McNab (Harmony) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley)

GUEST STARRING: Julie Benz (Darla), Juliet Landau (Drusilla), Tom Lenk (Andrew), Gary Grubbs (Roger), and Jennifer Griffin (Trish)

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Updated 1/14/09  


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