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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode 19: "Time Bomb" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired April 28, 2004.

Gunn is in the basement about to get his heart torn out again. There is an earthquake rumble and Illyria comes walking down the stairs. She punches out the torcherer and then rips off the medallion from around Gunn’s neck. His memories slowly return commenting that Fred looks terrible oh ya its Illyria and they can’t leave without a replacement for the medallion. Quick thinking Illyria puts the medallion around the torturer’s neck who now rips his own heart out.

Angel questions Gunn on why Illyria is helping them. Basically what is in it for her? Is he trying to convince her to join the team? Illyria arrives with Gunn and lifts him off the floor by his neck. She asks if this is great value to them and debt of what they owe her.

Gunn walks into Wesley’s office which a mess of books cluttered and opened everywhere. Wes says he should be apologizing for stabbing Gunn but it’s rather awkward. Gunn replies he doesn’t know if he would accept the apology anyways. Gunn finds it weird that the thing that killed his friend was the one that saved his life and know one knows why. Wes says he can’t look at Illyria without seeing her previous owner. He laughs kind of like his cracked a little.

Wesley explains to Gunn that Illyria is having a tough time adjusting to the world. Illyria still believes she is God King of the Universe. She was once worshipped and she still believes that to conquer all is winning.

Spike is still testing Illyria in battle. Spike is learning to adapt to her moves even though she can still treat him when she slows down time. Illyria questions Spike on how he felt about Fred. He loved that bird. But then how can he be hitting her shell. He knows what’s inside her now and doesn’t have a problem with hitting her.

Angel takes Spike aside. He tells him he wants to stop the sessions with Illyria. They are no longer testing her she is testing them. Illyria approaches them and grabs her stomach in pain.

Lorne visits Gunn. Lorne is in disguise and has been assigned with a walkie-talkie to follow Illyria. Gunn mentions going into Wesley’s office which Lorne recommends not doing again. Wes has been like two different people and when he gets into his office he gets crazy obsessing over books trying to find anything on Illyria. Angel calls over the walkie-talkie he wants a meeting.

The gang talk about ridding Illyria. They need to find her weakness, vulnerability. Gunn asks what about the Apocalypse? They tell him they were told it is happening now. How can they fight an invisible war when they don’t know whom they are fighting. Hamilton interrupts the meeting informing them that Illyria killed many employees of Wolfram & Hart and yards. The senior partners will be billing Angel. Hamilton also lets them know that Angel use to be the leader of the pack but is now scrapping bottom. The senior partners have a new task for him with important clients.

Illyria comes to Wesley’s office and kneels very close to him and says he is her guard and even more then that her betrayer. She knows he wanted to kill her to bring back Fred, he doesn’t deny it but realizes now he can’t do anything to bring Fred back. She is bothered that she is bothered.

Gunn and Angel are in a meeting with a pregnant women Amanda who is about to sign over her unborn child to a group of demons for a prophecy. The demons have been really supportive to her bringing her special shakes and vitamins. They believe the woman is their client but it’s really the demons.

Back in Wes’s office Illyria suddenly doesn’t look well. She flashes into the future and sees Wesley apparently trying to kill her. She flashes back to the present and in anger pushes the desk with Wes behind it into a wall and accusing him of trying to kill her. Wes says he doesn’t want her dead.

The demons are standing in the hallway while Gunn and Angel speak to Amanda about her contract. Harmony offers the demons coffee, tea or organic cola. They are angered that they have to wait out in the hall but decide to try the organic cola.

Amanda tells Gunn and Angel that she has been told that her child will be worshipped and be someone important which is more then she could ever do. She can’t afford the baby. Her husband had an accident at work and is brain damaged; the demons tell her that they can make her husband whole again so he can remember her. How can a person turn that down?

Gunn and Angel go out into the hall to talk. Gunn isn’t feeling too well. He is thinking about the fake life he was living in hiding in dimensions and wonders if that is what real life is like.

Hamilton visits Wesley in the lab. He jokes that Wes is trying to find the cure for cancer. But Wes says he believes that W&H are making money off the disease. Which he is right W&H’s client is the paten holder.

Hamilton reveals that W&H and Illyria go way back and they too want her gone but that’s Wes’s problem. He suggests that Wes check out a scanner showing Illyria.

The demons enter the office with Angel, Gunn and Amanda. The demons are very excited about the pregnancy. (Very funny scene) They want the contract sign but Gunn is trying to find a loophole. He discovers that on the child’s 13th birthday that will be a ritual sacrifice. The demons freak out.

Illyria found out that Lorne was following her. Though Lorne had been trying desperately to contact angel via walkie-talkie (Angel was trying to ignore it) Illyria barges into Angel’s meeting and he’s not happy. Illyria says that they are trying to kill her with poison or magic, they are jealous. She lifts Angel up and demands he tell her what he has done to her.

Lorne complains to Angel about not answering him on the walkie- talkie and Angel knocks Lorne’s hat off his head. “Oh that’s mature.” Lorne replies.

Angel finds Gunn and Spike working together. Wes tells Angel that Illyria is unstable. She as a demon cannot contain itself in a human shell. She is about to self-destruct, which will destroy part of the world. Wes pulls out a really big gun thingy and uses a whole bunch of high tech gargen to explain what is happening to Illyria and what the gun will do to her. “But will it kill her?” Angel wants to know.

Lorne thinks she is contained in a room but when the gang enter they cannot find her. Illyria does a surprise attack and spikes Spike, slices Wes, punches her hand through Lorne and dusts Angel. They are all dead.

Illyria’s pain returns and she is in the past with Angel arguing. Then suddenly they are both in Wes’s office to again go back to when she saved Gunn only Angel is with her this time. Illyria blames Angel saying it is his fault the timeline is out of order. How do you unweave time?

He yells at her to Shut Up! This is his kingdom and she’s not controlling it. Now they flash to the future where Spike is gone and Lorne and Wes lay dead. Angel is horrified (because he is the Angel of the past and has no memory of this occurring). Illyria tells him how she killed the white haired one first, then Wes and then the clown one, then Angel. Illyria doubles over in pain again. She babbles on about her powers being to great but he tells her she can change the outcome. But she explodes which sends Angel back to when they were about to take Illyria down. Angel sees their deaths coming. He saves Spike, yes that’s right! Angel tells Illyria what is about to happen and he will not have her death destroy his kingdom. Wesley tells her how he can help her. He has not set out to kill her.

The gang fight her. Angel tells Illyria that she can change the out come to a different path and be nothing but who she is.

Wesley uses the big gun to draw the energy away from Illyria safely. She falls to the ground and doesn’t move. Wes asks how she is but she snaps at him. “Touch me and die vermin.”

Illyria is different now. She can’t stop time, no dimension hopping and her strength has decreased. Wesley is staying with her because he needs to be with her. Angel says that’s weird. Wes knows it. Wes says Illyria will never stop trying to conquer everything but she could be a resource. Angel says she may make the team.

The demons and Gunn are still arguing over the contract. Angel steps in and tells Gunn that the baby belongs to the demons. Gunn asks what he is doing and Angel replies, what he is suppose to because they are the clients.


“She still thinks she is God King of the Universe.” Wesley.

“So she’s like a TV star?” Gunn

“No nothing that bad! Bit more violent though.” Wesley.

“It’s business boys, not a bat cave.” Hamilton.

“I tell you what I still like him better then Eve.” Lorne.

“The vampire plays children’s games.” Illyria.

“We’re motivated go getter’s.” Spike.

“It’s not murder if you say yes.” Spike.

Written by:  Ben Edlund. Directed by: Vern Gillum.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne), Mercedes McNab (Harmony) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley)

Guest Starring: Jaime Bergman (Amanda) note: David Boreanaz’s wife. And Adam Baldwin (Hamilton).

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Updated 1/14/09  


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