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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode 18: "Origin" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired April 21, 2004

Wes has been studying Illyria; he's had no sleep and has been drinking a lot. Angel says he doesn't need to be doing this alone. They need to test her strength though because someone could get really hurt. Wes says Illyria needs someone to guide her, but Angel also needs help because he is not leaving Gunn in the hell dimension.

A couple, the Rileys, have come to speak to Wesley. They were sent to Wolfram Hart by a police officer after their son walked away from a fatal accident. While their son was walking down the driveway to get the mail, a van hit him and slammed him into the garage. The boy walked away without a scratch. The police described him as being different. Wesley tells them no problem, they can help.

Angel is walking through the front lobby and hears a familiar voice say, "Hey Dad!" Angel turns around to find Connor walking towards him. Angel is speechless but Connor walks on by him to his 'father', Mr. Riley.

Wesley gives Angel the details of the Riley's son but Angel says they can't help them. Wes says they are good people, to which Angel replies it's all the more reason to get them away from W & H. Wesley is annoyed and becomes increasingly so throughout the episode.

Gunn still in hell; he lies on the table in the basement with his heart ripped out. His chest quickly heals itself and he awakens. He tries to remember why he is in the basement. The torturer holds out the light bulb, so Gunn remembers the light bulb, takes it, and heads back upstairs.

Illyria is beating up Spike and she is quite enjoying it. Spike naturally is not. He is supposed to be hitting her, and then she is suppose to tell him how it feels so he can makes notes on his clip board. He adds, “And by the way, don't touch his clipboard.”

Wesley shows up to see how they are progressing. Spike says they are working on the basics and he's writing it all down. Illyria tells Wes he reeks of frustration, but Spike says it's just Scotch. Wes tells them that he and Angel had a disagreement. Illyria doesn't understand why Wes is loyal to Angel. Wes says because he trusts Angel and he is willing to follow him; he has earned it.

Angel freaks out at the new liaison, Hamilton, for allowing Connor to just walk into the offices. Angel reminds him that he and the senior partners had a deal. Hamilton says that Connors appearance was not a coincidence.

While driving home, the Rileys wonder aloud what they are going to do about their son. Connor tells them not to worry about him. Suddenly, a demon attacks them, hurting the father. Connor takes some good shots at the demon but then takes a shot himself from the demon. He is amazed at his strength and speed but he obviously has forgotten all the fighting training he received. Angel comes to the rescue and saves them. He invites the family back to W & H so the father can have treatment and he and Connor can talk.

Angel tells Connor that he has enhanced abilities. Connor has found out that Angel is a vampire and asks him if he makes out with other vampires like in the Anne Rice novels. Connor takes all the bizarre information quite well and thinks it's all very cool.

Angel takes Connor to meet his colleague, Spike, who is still being knocked around by Illyria. He's making progress, though. He has noted that she hits like a Mack truck and may be able to talk to plants. Illyria asks if she can keep Spike for a pet. Illyria looks at Connor and states calmly that Connor is lusting for her, which he quickly denies. In conversation, Connor reveals that he is going to Stanford College. Angel is proud.

Wesley finds out that the demon that attacked Connor and his parents is Cyrus Vail. Angel goes out to search for him alone; he does not want backup. Wes wants more information about the demon.

He and Lorne discover that W & H did business with Vail. He deals in mind control and alterations. He's a go-to guy that has supervised sorcerers on the West Coast. He did a reality shift the day the gang joined W & H, which makes Wesley more suspicious.

Angel kills all Vail's guards, to which Vail replies that maybe he should have given them all the day off. Vail looks like a very old demon that might be near death. Vail informs Angel that he was not out to kill his son; he just wanted to know his abilities. Connor is one of his finest works. He explains to Angel that he gave Connor his new alternative memories and he is the reason that Connor is happy and healthy. Vail shows Angel a box that if broken around someone who has had their memory altered will reveal all memories that were lost. He needs a favor. He wants a long lost enemy killed: Sahjahn. Angel informs him that Sahjahn is long gone and trapped in a bottle. Vail has the bottle, which he sarcastically says he doesn't find goes well with his décor. The only one that can kill Sahjahn is Connor; it was foretold in a prophecy.

Angel tells Connor and Wesley the deal. Wes is worried because Sahjahn had almost killed Angel once before. Connor is up for the fight, not really knowing what he is in for.

Gunn is about to have his heart torn again when Hamilton appears and rips off the medallion. Hamilton introduces himself as liaison to the senior partner who want to help him. He makes a point in telling him the gang have no rescue mission for him. Gunn doesn't want help from W & H because the last time he got something from them, someone died (Fred) He just wants the medallion back. He puts it on and the torture ritual continues. Hamilton leaves.

Wesley finds a document in W & H that is signed by Angel. He realizes that they have all had their memories changed, which upsets him. Illyria tells Wes that Fred's memories had been changed, too, but she doesn't know the real memories. She asks if that that changes his feeling for Fred, but he replies no one is who he or she used to be.

Connor goes with Angel to Vail's place and threatens the demon. Angel preps Connor for his encounter with Sahjahn. He tells Connor not to talk too much to him, for it will distract him. Connor goes into a room, but when he turns around, he can no longer see Angel, though he can see Connor. Vail has put up an invisible doorway so Sahjahn can't escape.

Connor releases Sahjahn from the bottle. Sahjahn is grateful until he realizes who Connor is. Connor informs him that they are supposed to fight. Sahjahn chats with Connor about their past; he's surprised that Connor isn't more of a threat. Angel, who is looking on, isn't happy that Connor is speaking to him.

Sahjahn hits Connor and then be begins his beating; Connor isn't doing very well. Angel demands that Vail destroy the mystical box to help Connor return his memory to help himself. Instead, he finds the demon gone and Wesley holding the box, alongside Illyria. Wesley accuses Angel of selling them out and changing the world. He doesn't trust him anymore. Angel tells them that Connor is his son. Wesley asks him if he sacrificed Fred for his son. Angel replies no and says hurriedly that he can explain. Wes only knows that if he destroys the box, it can bring back the memories that were altered, but he also wants to see if it will change the past and bring Fred back. Even though Angel protests, Wes smashes the box.

We see the memories that were changed in quick flashbacks. Connor's fighting skills surface and he beheads Sahjahn. Connor says he wants to return to his parents, that the whole fight thing is not for him. Connor doesn't seem to have the angry personality back and he doesn't act as if he remembers anything.

Illyria talks of Wesley's real past memories. Were these the memories that he needed back, and does this make him the real Wesley? Wesley understands Angel's motives now. He is a little haunted by the real memories, since he remembers now that he betrayed Angel and stole his son.

Connor comes to Angel's office to say goodbye. He didn't tell his 'father' about their night of killing a demon. He just said they were running tests and he can bench press a thousand. Connor feels better knowing that Angel is looking out for him. Vail is still missing, but Angel will continue to look for him. Angel doesn't want Connor to leave, but Connor believes that he should go to protect his family. It's something that he learned from his father, he says.

As Connor stands before the elevator, he looks back at Angel, who is standing outside his office. They exchange a long look. Connor has memories of his true past after all, but he also remembers his new family and upbringing (so he's at peace).


"I've been hitting the half breed, he makes noise." Illyria.

"Old brutty pants got you wound up eh? Keep in mind he can't get laid without maybe going crazy. Makes it fun." Spike.

"Let's be clear about this. Things run different now. I am not a girl and you and I won't be making love on this couch anytime soon. Now with that in mind, how can I help you?" Hamilton.

"You almost broke that guy in half. That was awesome." Connor.

"Thank you mortal for releasing me from my cursed prison. And granted you I grant you three wishes." Sahjahn.
"Really?" Connor.
"Nay I'm just messing with you." Sahjahn.
"Ouch god that really hurt." Connor.
"Did it?" Sahjahn.
"Ya." Connor.
"I'm sorry, you need to call a time out?" Sahjahn.

"That guy made me really cranky." Connor.

Written by:  Drew Goddard.  Directed by: Terrrence O'Hara.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Ackers (Illyria), Andy Hallet (Lorne), Mercedes McNab (Harmony) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley).

Guest Starring: Adam Baldwin (Hamilton), Vincent Kartheiser (Connor), Jack Conley (Sahjahn) and Dennis Christopher (Cyvus Vail).

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Updated 1/14/09  


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