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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode 17: "Underneath" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired March 14, 2004

Angel sits alone at a conference table.  Apparently everyone is busy and not coming to the meeting.  According to Harmony, Wesley is babysitting Illyria, Lorne is M.I.A (still mourning Fred) and Gunn is still in the hospital.  Good old Spike shows up, though, with a brief case and beer in hand.  He feels part of the team, “Angel’s Avengers”.

     Angel confides in Spike that he is still feeling bad about Fred and still suffering from them coming to Wolfram & Hart.  He knows that the senior partners are up to something and have a plan.

     Angel and Spike visit Eve to seek help.  She is trapped in a house covered in symbols (they ward off W&H finding her).  The house begins to shake like an earthquake and the symbols disappear; the senior partners have found her.  A tall, well-dressed man in a suit crashes through the door, but Angel, Spike and Eve have already escaped through the window.

     Lorne is in a demon bar doing readings for the bartender.  He is depressed and has been drinking since the day Fred died.  He knows he needs to go back to work with a fake smile.

     Angel and Spike bring Eve back to the office.  Angel beefs up security and puts Spike in charge of guarding her.  Angel also goes to Gunn for a legal way to protect Eve.  Angel knows that Gunn feels bad about Fred and he should because he is a good man.  He tells Gunn to stop hiding out in the hospital. 

     Wesley dreams about Fred and telling her a bad joke.  Back to reality, Illyria points out that he has been sitting a long time alone in the dark.  He tells her that he was having a nightmare, so Illyria speaks of her dark past and the nightmares that use to walk among her. 

     Eve can’t help the gang.  She is an immortal that watches what is going on for the senior partners, but she only knows what they want her to know, when they want her to know.  Lindsay could have given them the answers, since he’s been studying W&H for years, but  Eve says Lindsey is in hell.

     We see Lindsey lying in bed with a blond woman, his wife; then we see a young boy, his son.  He goes out to get the paper in a suburban paradise, along with all of the other "dads", who wave to each other.  Lindsey is living in the ‘perfect world’.  Gunn says he knows where to find him; Lindsey is in a holding cell while the partners figure out what punishment to give him.

     Lindsey is in the kitchen helping his son do his homework and is interrupted by his wife, who needs him to go the basement to get a light bulb.  Lindsey makes up excuses, like he is afraid to go down, but eventually he does.

     A Camaro takes Angel, Spike and Gunn to Lindsey’s suburbs.   Spike compares it to Kitt in "Knight Rider" because it drives itself.  It magically knows where to take them.

     Illyria continues to talk about her past in a wistful way.  Wes tries to convince her to leave because seeing her around hurts him and she feels trapped.

     Lindsey begins his day the very same way, a walk to the end of the driveway, along with the other husbands to get a paper, a quick wave and back into the house. 

     The Camaro pulls up in front of Lindsey’s house.  When Spike and Angel go into the bright sun light, they do not burn.  The guys knock at the front door and are greeted by the blonde woman, who cheerily invites them in and calls for Lindsey. Lindsey who does not know who they are.  He offers them coffee and thinks they are there because he won a contest.  They tell Lindsey that he use to be a lawyer at W&H and that his life is a lie, not real.  Lindsey doesn't believe them and thinks they're pulling a prank for one of his friends.

     Eve tells Lorne and Harmony that she wants Lindsey back and she is afraid to die.  Lorne says the offices are like a fortress, but then security alarms go off.  The guy in the suit appears and punches a hole into a security guard.  Lorne, Harmony and Eve scream. 

     Angel rips a medallion from Lindsey’s neck off of him (this is retaining his memory) and he remembers them.  Suddenly, the wife attacks with a machine gun, as does a guy in an ice cream truck, men in black, and the son.  Angel punches out the wife and son.    They try to go outside but the Camaro has disappeared.  Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Lindsey run into the basement, even though Lindsey tells them that's a bad idea.

     Harmony jumps on the back of the man in the suit, but he is unfazed by the attack.  He throws her across the room as if she were a fly, knocking her out.  Eve and Lorne run to the elevator.

     The basement is a torture chamber where every day they rip Lindsey’s heart out. They see his hearts lying around and lots of scary equipment. A large scary demon with a leather mask appears, and Spike turns vamp face to fight him.  Angel also turns vamp face and fights as well.  The guys aren’t doing too well in the fight. Gunn puts on the medallion, knowing that they will not be able to leave with Lindsey without leaving someone behind.  Gunn knows that he will forget everything but says he believes that this is where he belongs (to atone for his sins).  Angel protests ,but he and Spike and Lindsey jump into a cell of fire and escape. 

     Eve and Lorne are on an escape of their own and run into Angel, Spike and Lindsey in the parking garage.   Lorne asks where Gunn is and points out that they never leave one of them behind, but he guesses they do now.  The well-dressed man appears again in the garage.  They are ready to fight, but they are surprised by his calm attitude.  He says Eve knows how it works, and he pulls out a pen for Eve to sign a contract.  The man is Marcus Hamilton, the new liaison to the senior partners.  Eve is let go, which means she will no longer be immortal. The others are annoyed that Eve made them think she was going to die soon, not just eventually.

     Angel tells Marcus that he has his own rules, but Marcus tells him that the senior partners are behind him 100%.  He wishes them well and leaves, saying something cryptic to Spike.

     Illyria still complains about the world she is in, with so many unstable humans that drink and call her a smurf.  She is not enjoying the body she is in.  She says the world is small and human are trapped in walls and routines, they are weak.  Wesley takes her up to the roof so she won't feel so claustrophobic.  At first she gets annoyed with him suggesting that she leave to go to another dimension, since she knows he is just trying to get rid of her.  But she says she can't leave (I believe).

     Lorne removes bullets from Spike's body.

     Angel wants answers from Lindsey, but Lindsey has none.  He says he knows what Angel knows (you know?).  Then, after some threats, he tells them that they are all in the middle of the apocalypse.  Lindsey tells Angel that heroes don’t accept the evil, they fight it.  Everything they do is a distraction from what is really going on.  In other words, by joining Wolfram and Hart, they have given in and compromised, so evil is winning.

     We see Gunn living Lindsey’s “Hell” (think ‘Groundhog’ Day).  Gunn, with the same family, is studying with his son when the wife interrupts them and asks if he would go into the basement for a bulb.

Memorable Quotes:

“I was dreaming, you twit.”  Wesley to Illyria.

“Ever heard of the Knight Rider?”  Spike.

“This isn’t hell, it’s the Burbs.  It is hell.”  Spike.

“One world entirely of shrimp.  I tired of that one quickly.”  Illyria.

“Sun’s the non-frying variety.”  Gunn

“Seems your wife is a little moody.”  Spike.

“Man! He is dressed well.”  Angel.

“War’s here and you're already two soldiers down.”  Lindsey.

Written by:  Sarah Fain & Elisabeth Craft. Directed by: Skip Schoolnik.

Starring:  David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria), Andy Hallet (Lorne) new Mercedes McNab (Harmony) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley).

Guest Starring: Sarah Thompson (Eve), Christian Kane (Lindsey), and Adam Baldwin (Marcus Hamilton)

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