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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Fourteen: "Smile Time" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired February 18, 2004

A sick little boy named Tommy is on his living room couch watching a children’s puppet show called ‘Smile Time’. When the mother leaves the room the puppet on the TV addresses Tommy and calls him to the screen. The puppet gets angry and the boy approaches the TV and places his hands on the screen. The boy turns white and his eyes roll back in his head. He collapses to the ground with a huge grin on his face.

Fred shares a report she received with Knox about 11 children between the ages of 5 and 8 who have all gone into a smiling coma. She thinks it’s something mystical, Knox jokes that maybe this is the act of the Joker (you know from Batman). Knox gives Fred a belated Valentine card (he didn’t take the discount on the card) but Fred does not accept it.

Nina, the werewolf arrives at the W&H offices for her monthly full moon cycle lock up. She lies to her sister each month telling her that she is going camping.

Harmony tells Gunn he has filed the wrong files for a client. He did a ‘motion for change of venue’ instead of ‘motion to dismiss’. Harmony thinks it’s a tricky lawyer manoveur but Gunn knows he has made a mistake and he is worried.

Angel escorts Nina to her cell. She tells him that she looks forward to seeing him each month. She also asks him to breakfast. Angel quickly changes the subject, locks her in and leaves.

Angel discusses the situation with Wesley. Everybody at the office has been talking about Angel and Nina, especially the women. Angel hasn’t noticed the signals Nina has been sending out. Angel says he has no right, no time and no perfect happiness can happen. Wesley tells him that he will just have to live with acceptable happiness and coax him to let it happen. “Get over it.” Wesley snaps at him.

Wesley starts talking about thinking about women and seeing there signals but who is he really think about…Fred walks into the room. She gives Angel and Wes the report about the children and Angel leaves right away to investigate.

Wesley tells Fred how Angel has finally realized Nina’s feelings for him. Fred asks Wes for a drive home, her car is still in the shop but Wesley unaware of the signals Fred is sending out calls for a driver for her.

Thanks to Lorne’s information Angel goes to the studio where the kids show “Smile Time” is created. It’s after hours so the studio is deserted. He finds a filing cabinet, which he moves from the wall and climbs through a hole to find a locked door. He breaks open the lock and enters a room to find a man seated with a towel on his head and on the wall over him a large glowing oval egg. The man speaks “You shouldn’t be here”. The egg cracks a glowing smile and a flash sends Angel flying backwards into a pile of boxes. He emerges as a puppet.

Back at the offices Fred receives an urgent call from Angel. She tries to tell him other explanations of what could be happening to the children but he interrupts in distress that what is happening is mystical. Fred, Gunn, Wesley and Lorne enter Angel’s office and are shocked to find Angel as a puppet. When they try to contemplate what has happened Lorne suggests maybe it’s ‘puppet cancer’.

Angel interrupts the gang when he realizes what time it is and he is missing an episode of ‘Smile Time’. He gets frustrated when he can’t work the remote with his little felt fingers. He is told he has the proportional excitability of a puppet. Fred calls down to the lab to record the show so she can analyze it. Angel gets even more angered and calls out a ‘red alert’. He sends Gunn and Lorne out to talk to the creator of the show and asks that his condition be kept classified.

Nina comes into the office and Angel hides under his desk. She asks him what she ‘put out there’ last night was a problem and why won’t he look at her? He asks her to leave.

As Angel comes out from under his desk Spike saunters into Angels office requesting a car. Spike sees puppet Angel and begins to mock him. This pisses Angel off and he attacks him. They crash out of the office into the lobby where staff watches as puppet Angel and a laughing Spike fight. Angel yells at his staff for staring and Spike gets his car.

Gunn and Lorne go to the creator Frampkon who offers them cocoa with tiny marshmallows. He has heard of W&H but is not worried because they can’t shut him down without a fight. The world won’t let them shut down ‘Smile Time.’ Gunn tries to argue with his lawyer jargon but can’t seem to remember everything.

When Gunn and Lorne leave a puppet crawls out of Frampkon's back and calls on the telephone for the other puppets to gather together for a meeting. They know Angel has messed with the ‘Nest Egg’ and that he has turned into a puppet. The ‘Nest Egg’ holds the energy of the all the innocent children. All workers are under their spell; maybe they should remove the spell off of some of them to guard the station. It doesn’t matter by the next day they will be able to drain the life force of all the children. Pure innocents have street value in hell. Frampkon begs to die. “Talk to the hand.” The puppet says as he shoves his hand up Frampkon’s back.

As Nina gets prepared for a night in the cell Angel comes to her to apologize but stays hidden. Angel reveals his puppet self to her after she calls herself a monster and a charity case. Nina is left speechless. He’s embarrassed but she tells him not to care because he is a hero and the vampire thing is sexy.

He tries to tell her that he has a complicated life and thinks about the past and the future and doesn’t look at what’s around him. Meanwhile Nina has transformed into a werewolf and attacks Angel.

With the stuffing ripped out of him Angel barely makes it down the hall begging for help and collapses. Lorne picks him up promising to make him better.

Gunn goes to the doctor that implanted his lawyer smarts, languages etc. The doctor says the implant is fading, almost reverted. This must be what W&H wants but he can’t explain why. Gunn can’t handle this, he won’t go back to the way he was. The doctor will give him a permanent upgrade if Gunn does him a favour and cut through all the ‘red tape’ he has to deal with.

Fred and Wesley have been up all night watching videotapes of ‘Smile Time’. They don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep but they are beginning to like the show. Knox brings Fred a cup of coffee, forgetting Wesley. Knox says they’ve done enough tests the tracks are clear but they say they are going to continue to work and Fred sends Knox home so he can run the lab in the morning.

Fred and Wes share the coffee and continue to watch the tapes. Wesley asks Fred about Knox. She tells him they went out a few times and he’s nice enough but he just doesn’t make her laugh. She likes a certain kind of funny. She’s not so much looking for but looking at, Fred doesn’t get to finish her sentence. Wes discovers that when they mute the TV the puppet isn’t singing but approaches the TV screen and seems to be talking to the audience. The music has been masking it.

Wesley and Fred tell Angel that they are using a hidden carrier wave masked by a spell that turns the TV into a two way conduit with direct access to the viewers. They know the ‘Nest Egg’ holds the power and must be destroyed for the kids and Angel. Angel gives Fred a big hug.

Gunn (back to his smart lawyer self) adds that the puppets are pocessed by demons. It was a deal made with the devil to make the show #1. Has this happened before? “Did you see the last few seasons of Happy Days?”

The gang led by puppet Angel with a large sword over his shoulder set out for battle.

A little girl is watching ‘Smile Time’. The puppet tells her to approach the TV and she puts her hands of the screen. As her innocents are being drained Angel interrupts and a fight breaks out, everything is being televised.

A big purple horned puppet is sent to protect the ‘Nest Egg’. Wesley and Fred are in the room trying to break the spell. The purple puppet attacks Wes and Fred continues the chant. Fred shoots the puppet when Wesley goes down.

Puppet Angel turns vamp face while battling the puppet and tosses him through a wooden fort killing him. The ‘Nest Egg’ is destroyed and the kids are saved.

Back at W&H Nina awakens and discovers stuffing around her; she thinks she has eaten Angel. Angel appears and tells her he will be back to his old self in 2-3 days. He unlocks Nina and invites her to breakfast. What do puppets eat? They will have to find out.

Fred informs Wesley that the children are coming out of their comas. She asks him if is sensing that something might have changed, that she is looking at him different. Looking clueless Fred gives up and kisses Wesley. “That was a signal, was that clear enough for you?” She asks. “Not even close.” He replies and they kiss again.

Memorable Quotes:

“All the signals are there. Nina definitely wants a piece of Angel cake.” Lorne.

“Oh my God Angel your cute.” Fred.

“Fred don’t.” Angel

“But oh look at your little hands and your hair.” Fred.

“You’re fired.” Angel.

“Angel baby, Muppet, pumpkin.” Lorne.

“Look a you. You’re a bloody puppet.” Spike.

“They’re looking at the wee little puppet man.” Spike.

“Papa Smurf.” Lorne calls puppet creator, Frampkon.

“You turned my boss into a frickin’ puppet.” Gunn.

“No name calling at ‘Smile Time’.” Frampkon.

“Bad person!” Lorne.

“I’m made of felt…and my nose comes off.” Angel.

“Nina tried to eat me.” Angel.

“Medic! Doctor! Is there a Gepetto in the house?” Lorne.

“You have a little demon in you.” Puppet.

“I’ve got a lot of demon in me.” Angel.

Written And Directed by: Ben Edlund.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley)

Guest Starring: Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Jonathan Woodward (Knox), Marc Vann (Doctor Sparrow) and Jenny Mollen (Nina)

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Updated 1/14/09  


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