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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Thirteen: "Why We Fight" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired February 11, 2004

We begin inside of a submarine where a distress call has been sent out. The crewmembers are in a panic. There are blood spattering and dead bodies everywhere.

The gang are in a meeting. Under discussion are Eve’s disappearance and no new news about Lindsay. The white room is empty; they need a new liaison. The gang wonder what they did before Wolfram & Hart. All they seem to do now is work, work, work and work. Angel stays in his office and the gang leave planning to convene later for yet another meeting.

A strange man steps out of the elevator at the W&H offices unseen. He finds his way into Fred’s lab where she finds him snooping about. He begins asking Fred questions like if she is happy with her work. He says she can’t leave and he tells her that he is there to see Angel; they are friends from back in the day.

It’s 1943 New York City, the time of World War II. Government agent looking men bust into Angel’s pad. They need able-bodied men to be part of the war effort. But Angel is not a man. The Americans have captured a German Class A U-boat but something has gone horribly wrong. They have received a distress call; their boys have been attacked by something that had been carried in the cargo. They need Angel to go 400 feet under to the submarine and rescue them. You see they’ve had Angel under radar for a while and they know he is perfect for the job.

The crewmembers are holding a German soldier and working out a strategy to keep themselves safe. They hear a noise in the torpedo room and with weapons they go and check it out. They open a hatch where Angel appears, a ‘super soldier’ to come save them.

The stranger is Lawson a crewmember from the submarine from WWII and he’s still looking his youthful self. He has tied Fred up and when Wesley discovers her, he knocks Wes out.

In Angel’s search he comes across a dark haired Spike in a Nazi jacket. He’s not really a Nazi though he just ate one. He calls Angel Angelus unaware that he now has a soul; Angel plays along. Spike was part of the cargo after he was caught in Madrid. You see he had been invited to a ‘free virgin blood party’ and well there really wasn’t a ‘free virgin blood party’ it was a trap to catch vampires. Spike thinks Angel/Angelus was also part of the cargo and he introduces him to two other vampires Nostroyev and Prince of Lies.

Angel announces that there will be no more killings because they are 400 feet under the sea they need the last of the trained crew men to get them to the surface. Nostroyev doesn’t like the idea so Angel stakes him.

Lawson saunters into Angel’s office and he and Angel have a chat. Apparently Lawson has been following Angel’s life for the past 60 years. He couldn’t believe that he was fighting evil and working at W&H of all places.

The crewmembers are working on getting the submarine repaired and trying to communicate with the outside world. Spike and the Prince of Lies are being cooperative, well sort of Spike really wants to drive the sub.

Unaware that Angel is a vampire Lawson talks to Angel about why they are working with monster. Why don’t they just kill them especially after murdering his captain and fellow crewmen? Angel gives him no real explanation, he’s just following orders and he should just do it. They are fighting on the same side so Lawson needs to just trust him and they will get through it.

Lawson questions Angel about his motives; he wants to understand what happened in the submarine so many years ago. He pisses Angel off and Angel attacks and is about to stake him when Lawson gives him a reason not to do it. He shows Angel his display of Gunn, Fred and Wesley who he have been hung with a thin double wire that can easily, if moved slit their heads clean off. “They’ll be blood spilled tonight for old time sake.” Lawson taunts.

The submarine is running but there is still no communication. Spike still wants to control the sub and he also wants to be called Captain, he did eat him.

Something has set off The Prince of Lies and he attacks the German. He is shaking papers in his hand and when he won’t calm down Angel stakes him. The crewmembers are in shock. What happened, he just disappeared into dust? They didn’t know they were dealing with vampires. After Spike persuades the German to talk he tells them about research they were planning to do. With Lawson translating they find out the German’s were capturing vampires and cutting into their brain to control them. They wanted to create an army of vampire slaves. Spike of course wants the Nazi dead but Angel wants no more death, he just wants them off the submarine.

The sub goes under attack and after several hits they become dead in the water. While Lawson is alone the German sneaks up and stabs him with a screwdriver and leaves him for dead.

Lawson relives what he thought about and felt when he was dying.

Angel finds Lawson. Lawson tells him that he is the only one that knows how to repair the submarine so Angel has to keep him alive. Angel bites him and makes him feed off him.

Lawson repairs the damage and the submarine begins to resurface. He doesn’t care about his crew anymore he just wants to feed. Angel tells him he is sorry for what has happened but if he sees him again he will kill him. Angel makes him leave the submarine. He sends Spike on his way as well.

Lawson asks Angel if he was tortured when he returned with the sub but Angel said he had taken off as well. Lawson wants Angel to suffer for siring him. Lawson is the only person Angel sired since he got his soul and he gave a piece of it to Lawson. He has the yearning for pain and torture of the innocent but then suffers the pain of their loss.

Angel and Lawson fight and in the end Angel stakes Lawson.

Spike drops by to see Angel; Fred gave him the footnotes of what went on. Spikes surprised it took so long for Lawson to seek his revenge. Angel said he wasn’t looking for revenge but a reason.

Written by:  Drew Goddard & Steven S. DeKnight. Directed by: Terrence O’Hara.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley)

Guest Starring: Eyal Podell (Sam Lawson), Camden Toy (Prince of Lies), and Bart McCarthy (Nostroyev)

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