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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Twelve: "You're Welcome" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired February 4, 2004


Angel, Gunn, Wesley and Fred walk into a dark room full of dead bodies. The murderer of course is an evil Wolfram & Hart client. The gang can’t do anything about it because the guy practices the dark arts so he has escaped into another dimension and they have no way to get at him. Angel can’t handle this anymore and he announces he quits W&H.

We see a flash of Angel in pain and Cordelia awakes from her coma.

Wesley calls it a set back. Gunn wonders what W&H would do if they tried to quit, he believes in what they are doing.

Angel gets a phone call that Cordelia has awakened and considering she’s been in a coma how long? She is totally looking healthy, happy and ‘really hot’. She remembers everything and asks if everyone is alright, they are ‘super.’

After shopping for new clothes they bring her to the W&H office. She’s greeted by demons, Lorne, Gunn (w/hair), Fred, Harmony and wonders where Connor is? Who the gang ask?

Cordelia tells Angel about her vision she had that woke her from her coma. She saw Angel in trouble and lots of symbols on walls and on flesh.

Eve walks into the office and scolds Angel for losing their murdering client and then asks who Cordelia is. She is snubbed by Cordy. Eve tells Angel that he has no control over her because she is the liaison between him and the senior partners but he keeps security on her anyway.

Spike is playing video games and is visited by Lindsey. Spike has been recuperating from having his hands removed. Lindsey reminisces of when his hand too was removed. Lindsey receives a call from Eve that Cordelia is awake and had a vision.

Cordy is watching an old video of Doyle (first soldier down) she found while snooping. He lost his life so Angel could keep fighting. Cordy is not happy Angel is with W&H, she says he was seduced with money, expensive toys, penthouse with spectacular views and shiny things. He tells her he did it for Connor to give him a real life with a family that Angel couldn’t give him. It was all part of the contract that he works for W&H and they alter the universe. The only ones that have memories of Connor are Cordelia, himself and for some reason Eve.

Cordelia points out that not only he made a deal with the devil but let them rape the memories of his friends that trust him. He said it was the only way to stop Connor from killing her. Angel tries to defend W&H but Cordy isn’t buying it.

Angel then gives Cordy an update about Spike. She can’t believe it. What bizarroo world did she wake up in? She reminds Angel what he use to fight for. And questions him on what could have happened to them, if they would have ended up together. His reply, things happen for a reason.

Lindsay isn’t worried about Cordelia’s return. Powers That Be are taking interest, getting worried but he’s finding it exciting.

Wesley and Cordelia are kicking the books old school. No one’s talking to Cordy about when her body was taken over by the evil one. Wes reminds her that it wasn’t really her and she didn’t kill Lilah. They discover the meaning behind the symbols from Cordelia’s visions. (The same ones Lindsay has tattoos of to keep him hidden from W&H.)

Lindsay brakes into W& H and kills a research demon and removes a key from him.

Spike approaches Cordy and turns vamp face and bites her. Angel intervenes. Spike was told that she was evil, taken over by the big evil and was sent out to taste test her blood to see if it was evil. He said ‘tattoo boy Doyle’ sent him.

They grab Eve to find out what is going on. She’s playing dumb but the gang know better. Harmony steps in asking if she gets the afternoon off because the whole office building has cleared out, a code 7. Harmony steps in again to torture Eve for answers because after all Harmony is evil. Eve starts to spill the beans and reveals that a Code 7 is a ‘fail safe’ in case W&H couldn’t keep Angel ‘under thumb’. Eve doesn’t know what it is but they keep it alive in the basement. Angel asks Spike a description of ‘Doyle’ and Spike tells them that he had his hand chopped off once. Bingo! They know that is Lindsay.

Wesley thinks he knows a way to remove the tattoos. Angel puts Harmony on guard over Eve, if she moves Harmony can eat her.

Angel, Spike and Cordelia head down to the basement where zombies confront them. Spike stays back to fight them. Angel and Cordelia surprise Lindsay and try to stop him but Lindsay throws Angel across the room. He’s changed. Magically a small knife Lindsay is holding turns into a sword and he and Angel fight and reminisce. Cordy tries to stop the ‘fail safe’ release.

The rest of the gang are still trying to find a way to rid of the symbols.

Lindsay stabs Angel proving he’s more powerful but Angel goes medieval on him. Cordelia stops the release and Angel keeps kicking ass. He’s Angel he beats the bad guys.

Suddenly through Wesley’s chants Lindsay’s tattoos are lifted from his body. Damn! The senior partners want a word with Lindsay. A porthole opens up in the ceiling and Lindsay is sucked through. ‘You don’t think there angry?’ Lindsay sarcastically questions.

Eve is basically fired. The gang decide to go out together and have a drink. Everyone leaves in the elevator and Cordy hangs back to wait for Angel who had to grab his coat.

Angel feels bad for what he’s done to Lindsay. But he does believe in himself again and whatever W&H bring on. Cordy tells him that he’ll win in the end she just wishes she’d be around to see it. She can’t stay; it’s not her way anymore. Angel says he needs her but she’s on a different road at least she got her guy back on track. You take what you get and we do our best with it. She says goodbye but then gives Angel a long tender kiss. The phone rings and Cordy says he has to take it. Angel picks up and Cordy is gone from his office. He gets the news that Cordelia is dead, she never woke from her coma.

Memorable Quotes:

“Who’s’ your friend Angel?” Eve asks. “I’m Cordelia Chase” Cordy replies.

“Oh my names.” Eve says and then is interrupted by Cordy. “I didn’t ask.”

“You two are groin buddies? And I thought Darla was rock bottom.” Cordy to Angel about Eve.

Angel you’re not going down there alone.” Fred says. “If ‘fail safe’s’ for me I’m not going to risk anybody I care about.” Angel replies. “I’ll do it.” Spike employs. “Okay.” Angel retorts.

“It’s really been a pleasure, let’s never keep in touch.” Cordy to Eve.

Written and Directed by: David Fury.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley)

Guest Starring: Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Christian Kane (Lindsey), Sarah Thompson (Eve) and Special Guest Charisma Carpenter (as Cordelia)

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Updated 1/14/09  


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