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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Ten: "Soul Purpose" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired January 21, 2004

The episode begins with a showdown for the Perpetual Cup. Spike wins and Angel evaporates. Then Angel wakes up.

Spike and Lindsay have a conversation in a strip club. Spike knows that he is the one that has helped Spike become corporeal. Lindsay introduces himself as Doyle. ‘They’ sent him. He was a simple drifter that starting getting visions, brain pictures that hurt like when you eat ice cream too fast. He sees people that are in trouble and need help and he wants Spike to lend a hand. Spike goes to the aid of a women being attacked by a vampire. He saves her life and then insults her. Lindsay makes Spike out a hero and informs him that Angel never save his first victim in distress.

Gunn and Wes are arguing and Angel looks a little stressed out. When Gunn, Wesley and Fred are trying to figure out how to dispose of a warlock Angel snaps out that they should just ‘kill them all’. He just wants to wipe out all the monsters. The gang notice that something is wrong with Angel and they suggest he rest.

Wesley walks into Angel’s office. Angel admits that he feels sick and doesn’t feel right. Wes’s tells him that he is irrelevant and spikes him with a stake. Angel wakes from a nightmare.

Spike is fighting demons and saving humans lives; like Angel use to. He calls himself ‘the hero’.

Eve gives Wesley an engraved piece of stone ‘a relic’ and says the senior partners want to know what it is.

Fred checks on Angel, she knows what to do. She puts on rubber gloves, gets out some operating instruments and slices open Angel’s chest. She starts digging out his organs (he doesn’t need them) and his heart is like a walnut. She keeps removing things like a license plate, snacks on a raison and removes a fish bowl and hands it to a bear. Fred doesn’t find anything wrong with him except the fact that he is empty.

The gang get word that there is a vigilante saving people from vampires. He asks the women victims if they would like to “get a bottle of hooch and listen to some Sex Pistols albums with him”. He has platinum blond hair and a long black leather coat. They know it is Spike.

Lindsay invites Spike to a place to live.

Angel wakes to see Spike next to him having sex with Buffy (or at least her voice anyway).

Angel shows up at work shoeless. The office is serving refreshments and the workers are watching the apocalypse. But Angel doesn’t have to worry Spike will save the world. Angel has something on his shirt, a creature that rips from his abdomen.

The gang are singing happily and they have cake for Spike who has ended Armageddon. The world is now a happy candy land. He is rewarded with a blue fairy that turns him into a ‘real boy’. Spikes heart is beating again and everyone wants to hear it, they cheer for him. Angel walks away a forgotten mail boy.

Gunn and Wesley check up on Spike. They are wondering why Spike left W&H if he is saving the world from evil just like they are. They say they are changing W&H for the better but Spike tells them that a place like that doesn’t change it only changes you. Spike says they have ‘sold out.’

Lindsay and Eve are in bed talking. They are building Spike up as the big hero and putting Angel down. They want the senior partners to think they are backing the wrong man. Lindsay has tattoos on his body that keep W&H from tracking him. As they start to make out Eve reaches for a box and says, “Oh, this is going to be fun.”

The gang have not heard from Angel so Fred asks Harmony to call him, no answer. Eve informs Fred that the ‘relic’ is very important and the senior partners want info on it ASAP.

Lorne dark haired wearing a moustache is playing piano and calls himself ‘honkey tonk.’ He wants Angel to sing so he can read his feeling but nothing comes out of Angel’s mouth. The gang sitting in the audience start to heckle Angel. The creature ‘junior’ comes out of his stomach and Angel crushes and kills it in his hand.

Eve walks into his room with a box and another creature. She tells Angel she is not really there. Angel wakes up and knocks the creature away but it bits into him.

Angel is outside in a bright and sunny field with the gang. They tell Angel he can stay forever; others will get the work done. He can be finished if he just stopped caring.

Lindsay has a vision and tells Spike he doesn’t want to walk away from this victim. It’s Angel in danger and Spike saves him from the creature.

The gang discover that the creature was a parasite that causes hallucinations and fever dreams to it victims and they don’t even know it’s there. If the toxins continue to be injected into Angel he would have stayed in a comatose state.

Angel knows that this was Eve’s fault even though she tries to convince him that she was just a part of his dreams. He says that she may have changed her clothes but forgot to change her earrings that he recognizes. Though Eve says she’s worn the earrings before Fred says that she has never seen them before. Eve says they are just trying to blame someone outside the gang but they should try to look inward unless you don’t like what they see.

Memorable Quotes:

“Are you taking Buffy to the prom?” Angel to Spike.

“Look who’s come to call Crocket and Tubbs?” Spike about Wesley and Gunn.

Written by:  Brent Fletcher.   Directed by: David Boreanaz.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley).

Guest Starring: Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Sarah Thompson (Eve) and Christian Kane (Lindsay).

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Updated 1/14/09  


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