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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Nine: "Harm's Way" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired: January 14, 2004

We begin with an advertisement for Wolfram & Hart.  There are changes at W&H with the new CEO.  They want to work with you; you're part of the family.  It includes the slogan,. "If you donít kill, we donít kill."  Angel has a zero tolerance rule on murdering innocent people and strictly upholds it.

So we begin the day (or two) in the life of Harmony.  Sheís like any other typical girl.  She awakes with an alarm, showers, brushes her (vamp) teeth, picks out a stylist outfit and goes to work.  Unfortunately, she doesnít fit in and is ignored by neighbors and co-workers.  Harmony is a diligent secretary.  She brings Angel his hot cup of blood, keeps him up to date on his appointments, and cleans up severed heads.  Though she works hard for Angel, she feels unappreciated 

W&H do routine checks on staff to make sure they have no human blood in their bloodstreams.

Spike has been gone for days and is planning on leaving for Europe, now that heís all corporeal.  Though the gang donít think itís a good idea, with the Shanshu Prophesy still going on, Spike makes a note of pointing out that he has someone waiting for him.  "Any message for Buffy?"  Spike asks Angel.  "Tell her youíre a moron,"  Angel replies.

Though he thanks Fred for believing in him, he has no goodbyes for Harmony.

Angel and the gang are preparing for a demon summit meeting.  Angel is worried that something may go wrong.  It is very important that they learn the manners and customs of these particular demons. to keep anyone from getting slaughtered.  Gunn is fluent in several demon languages, so he will do the talking.

Harmony has been trying to help out as well.  She worked on the catering and read about the demons customs.  The gang is just expecting lunch from her.  Angel is none too happy when he finds a live camel in the lobby.  Itís a delicacy to the demons, Harmony explains.  Harmony is trying so hard, but she feels everyone hates her.  Fred says she doesnít hate her, and to Fred's surprise, she is asked to go out for drinks with Harmony.

The girls bond, discussing Fredís love triangle with Knox and Wes.  Harmony reveals that she hasnít been popular since she was turned into a vampire at her high school graduation.  Fred says she needs to learn to connect with people and talks her into talking to a guy at the bar. 

Harmony wakes in the morning with the guy from the bar but finds that he has been bitten in the neck and is dead--oops!  She disposes of the body at her apartment building dumpster.  She doesnít remember bringing him home, and since Fred made her talk to the guy, it must be her fault.

Harmony, while getting Angel his cup of blood, drinks heartily from his thermos.  Problem is, for some reason, she is now craving human blood.

She overhears Angel speaking to a detective (apparently W&H own them) about a body that was found with vampire bites.  There was a W&H card found on the victim.

The gang discuss whether the summit meeting should be cancelled until the murderer is found.  The demons (who refer to Angel as "whore man") are superstitious and may believe that this is some kind of omen.

Fred examines the body.  Harmony goes to the lab to pry for info, but Fred thinks Angel has sent Harmony to keep an eye on her.  Fred discovers that the victim was bitten on the right side by a female vamp. 

Harmony realizes that she couldnít have bitten the guy because she is a left biter, but before she can do anything about it, she has her finger pricked and the test reveals that she has human blood in her system.  She knocks out the blood tester and throws him in the closet.  Lorne also finds out too much and is thrown in the closet.  Harmony knows that she has been set up; she has been clean for 8 months, so someone must have spiked her thermos with human blood.  She tries to talk to Fred, but she wants to tell Angel, so she, too, ends up in the closet.  Harmony apologizes and says she so owes them dinner.

Harmony freaks out when she realizes that a fellow vampire co-worker has set her up.  The woman is jealous of Harmony for getting the job as Angelís secretary.  She plans to kill Harmony and take her job. The two vampires fight; Harmony drags the co-worker to the meeting to confess to Angel, but she ends up spiking her instead.  The demons are pleased that there has been a blood sacrifice, but Angel is not, even though she saved the summit meeting.  Harmony fears she will be fired, but Angel just tells her to get them some coffee.

Harmony is back at the bar, annoyed that Angel still doesn't appreciate her and that no on cares about her.  Spike comes in; he didnít leave after all.   He tells her that didnít go because he didnít feel he could top his exit of saving the world and all.  He just couldnít show up on a cruise ship because then the grand finale wouldnít matter (probably he is afraid Buffy doesn't really love him).  He cheers Harmony up by making her feel like she matters because one co-worker hated her so much she tried to steal her job and kill her.

Written by: Sarah Fain &Elisabeth Craft   Directed by: Vern Gillum

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley).

Guest-starring: Mercedes McNab (Harmony)

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