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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Eight: "Destiny" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired: November 19, 2003

Royal London Hotel, England - 1880 – Drusilla has made William a vampire and has brought him home to meet Angelus and Darla. They had a little spat so Darla is gone. Angelus is tired of all the years of traveling and hunting with just female companions and is looking forward to having another ‘rooster in the house’ to share the slaughter of innocence. There going to be the best of friends.

Present day – Wesley is on a leave of absences. Angel and Spike are arguing as usual. Spike wants his own office and Angel isn’t giving him one. Angel says that Spike doesn’t work for W & H all he does is haunt the halls and annoy him. Spike figures he’s doing a
job well done.

Harmony presents Spike with a package addressed to him. She opens it for him and they are surprised with a flash a light but the package is empty. Harmony answers the phone and the connection hurts her ear. Spike walks away to go through Angel’s office door and smashes his body into it. Spike is corporeal and he’s ecstatic! He’s touching, he’s hugging, and he’s drinking Angel’s cup of blood. He’s taking Harmony for a nooner.

Past – Angelus and William are bonding. William confesses that Drusilla is his ‘destiny’.

Present – An employee with bleeding eyes snaps over photocopy toner and beats another employee to death. Other weird things are going on with the computers, phones, and other employees; the universe is out of line. Eve brings up the Shanshu Prophesy and now that Spike is corporeal again the prophesy isn’t just about Angel anymore.

While Harmony is doing her ‘Blondie bear’ her eyes begin to bleed and she takes a bite of Spike. She shouts of being used, he just wants his ‘slayer whore’. He smacks her and sends her over a desk.

Lorne’s been attacked by ‘toner guy’. The big cats gone from the white room so they have lost connection with the senior partners. Spike wants to leave and go to Europe but Angel asks him to stay so they can sort things out.

Gunn, Spike, Angel and Eve go and get a better translation of the Shanshu prophesy. They go to Cirk a snooty and humorless man; they miss Wesley. It is explained that whoever drinks from the ‘cup of Perpetual Torment’ is the champion and they will become human. There will be years of torture and mayhem but it will all end well. It’s in Nevada at an old abandoned opera house so Spike steals Angel’s Viper and Angel takes another fast car and they head to Nevada.

Everyone is coming down on Eve. She is being blamed for all the bad things going on but she says she has no control over it and doesn’t even know what’s going on.

Past – William catches Angelus having sex with Drusilla. When Angelus tells Dru that William believes that she is his destiny they laugh at him.

Present – Spike and Angel have found the cup and they start to fight verbally and physically. Spike says Angel’s soul was forced on him where he fought for his because it was his ‘destiny’. Angel thought it was just to get into a girls pants.

Fred has found no connection on who gets affected. Gunn’s eyes start to bleed and he grabs Eve and starts to strangle her and calls her a monster. Fred has to knock him out to stop him.

Past – William hits Angelus for taking Dru when he knew she was Williams. William says he and Dru are forever. Angelus says nothing is his everything is for the taking.

Present – Spike points out that Angel hates him because he can’t face him and all the dirty little things he’s done. Dru may have sired him but Angelus made him the monster he became. Angel tells Spike that Buffy never loved him because he wasn’t him. Spikes reply “I guess that means she was thinking of you all those times I was putting it to her.” Their battle becomes more intense and they turn vamp face to finish to the death.

Fred is being nice to Eve but she tells her not to bother. Poor Eve she’s not the bad guy.

Spike gets the upper hand and is in the position that he can nail Angel but doesn’t do it. Spike should have dusted him but honestly he doesn’t want to hear “her bitch about it.” He goes to the cup but Angel tries to stop him by telling him that if he drinks from the cup it will be a burden. Does he really want it or does he just want to take something from Angel? “Bit of both” Spike tells him. Spike drinks from the cup and drops it. Angel waits for a reaction but Spike reveals it was only Mountain Dew.

Back at the office Fred tells a returned Angel that things are still out of control and they still don’t know how it is happening. Spike tells them Cirk has packed up and left. Gunn and Harmony awake back to normal.

W&H have stabilized the universe for now but they still don’t know what has happened. Gunn apologizes for hurting Eve but she tells him not to sweat it. There are more things to worry about like the real prophesy but that’s for another day.

Angel confesses to Gunn that Spike beat him not just to the cup but their whole fight. In the end Spike was stronger he wanted it more. Gunn says it doesn’t mean anything. Angel worries that in the end what if it means that he isn’t the one?

Eve is undressing in her bedroom and is talking to someone. Throwing the whole universe out of whack wasn’t as fun as she thought it would be. She’s saying that they fell for the fake cup. It was pulled off right under the senior partners noses. ‘Teen Angel” is on red alert believing the partners may have sent out a warning shot. Spike didn’t kill Angel but they did beat each other to bloody pulps. “Well that’s a start.” A very tattooed shaggy haired Lindsey McDonald replies.

Memorable quotes:

“Try staking your mother when she’s coming on to you.” Spike. “Well that explains a lot.” Harmony replies.
“I thought is would be a little less goldeny with the torment and all.” Spike describing the cup.
“I’m I in trouble?” Harmony asks when she awakes and finds she’s tied up.
“Ya, well meantime this souled ex-ghost vampire has got some corporeal drinking to catch up on. What do you say Charlie boy feel like getting pissed?” Spike.

Written by:  David Fury & Steven. S DeKnight   Directed by:  Skip Schoolnik

Starring:  David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet and Alexis Denisof

Guest-starring:  Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Sarah Thompson (Eve) and Juliet Landau (as Drusilla)

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Updated 12/3/08  


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