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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Seven: "Lineage" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired: November 12, 2003

Wesley is in negotiations with criminals in the weapons trade business. Fred is helping him but is left weapon less when a masked stranger shows up and starts killing all the bad guys. Angel appears
for the fight. The masked stranger turns out to be a type of cyborg. Fred is found injured, with a hook through her arm.

Angel is pissed at Wesley for having Fred with him and blames him for her getting hurt. Wesley explains that she was there because she was experienced with the weapons plus she was someone he can trust. Angel tells Wesley that he has to be cleared through him before using any of ‘his people’.

Eve sticks up for Wesley after he leaves the room. She tells Angel he came down on him a little too hard. She blames him for still holding a grudge. She suggests that he may still not trust Wesley after stealing his son even though Connor and Angel are both happy
now. Maybe Wesley knew what he was doing? Angel denies it.

Wesley feels guilty about Fred's injury. He says he should have protected her, which Fred takes as patronizing and they are arguing when Wesley’s father Roger Wyndham-Pryce unexpectedly enters the office.

Mr. Wyndham-Pryce has returned to evaluate his son so he can be reinstate into the Watcher’s Council. He and four remaining council members are trying to rebuild the council after it was destroyed and despite his disgrace they want Wesley back.

Wes wants no part of it, even if it does supposedly clear his name. Wesley tries to tell his father that Wolfram & Hart isn’t the ‘Haven of Evil’ he remembers and they are trying to change things under their control and they can make a difference. They take their work seriously. Lorne appears speaking of a party for Louis Gossett Jr. and Gunn talks about the lab working on a robo cop. Roger isn’t taking them seriously.

Fred is working on the cyborg and may have found a human nervous system but the technology seems foreign. If she can crack it’s memory maybe they could find a record of everything it’s been doing and figure out who or what it wanted.

Spike in the mean time knocks over a beaker and Eve eyes this and doesn’t look impressed. Wesley takes his father to the lab where Roger meets Angel and Spike. Roger has met Spike in the past 1963 to be exact. He found Spike slaughtering an orphanage in Vienna. Also Roger refuses to shake Angel's hand.

Wesley and Roger join the autopsy where Wesley believes he has set off a bomb. He shouts for everyone to evacuate and tries to usher Fred out, he’ll stay with the bomb. Spike goes to run out and realizes he doesn’t really need to go anywhere. In the panic the elder Wyndham-Pryce defuses the bomb. Roger belittles his son.

Angel gives Wesley a report about the cyborgs. They maybe from an East origin and it seems they are doing Angel and the gangs work for them.

Roger tries to talk to Wesley about Fred and his love life but Wes doesn’t want to. He then explains to dad that he had to chop up (in little pieces) his last girlfriend because the higher powers saw fit to stab her in the neck. Roger thinks he’s being sarcastic.

Wesley shows his father the template books. The elder Wyndham-Pryce comments on how dangerous it is to have books like those just sitting around. He sees how powerful they are and how easily they could fall into the hands of evil.

While alone in an elevator with Eve, Spike confronts her. He's figured she’s keeping an eye on him in case he figures a way to get away from W&H and that she's part of the reason he's trapped there for all eternity. He says the amulet was meant for Angel but she asks who said it was meant for Angel.

The lights go out and security alarms go off. Cyborgs attack the building and go directly for the template books. Father and son battle and take down the cyborg. Roger insists they hide the templates and Wesley puts them into the vault. Just as he turns his back to his father, Roger strikes his son and takes a key and steals a crooked staff. He contacts someone saying “phase one is complete, begin phase two.”

Spike with concentration hits a cyborg and is able to save Gunn who was being chocked. He brings up the fact that Eve is stuck in the elevator but doesn’t care about finding maintenance to rescue her.

Wes wakes up with a headache and a bad feeling about what his father is up to. He tortures the injured cyborg to find out.

Meanwhile, Roger lures Angel up to the roof by telling him that Wesley is up there and he needs their help. Roger’s visit was not to investigate Wesley but to come for Angel. Once at the rooftop he whips out the crooked staff that holds magical powers and takes
control of Angel.

Wesley appears and holds a gun on his father. Roger is using the staff of Deva Sin to use Angel as a slave. He calls Angel a puppet to the Powers that Be and W&H, now he wants him. Roger has been controlling everything including the cyborgs just for this purpose.

Fred who has also arrived on the rooftop is grabbed by Roger to use as a hostage but Wesley shoots him several times and then throws up. Sparks fly from Roger's body and they realize that he had been a cyborg all along. Angel quickly regains his will.

Wes is guilt stricken over killing his father even though it wasn’t actually his real father. He believes the cyborgs came after him because they thought he was the weak link in the gang. He didn’t let anyone down especially Fred who because her life was being
threatened was the reason he killed his dad. Angel attempts to comfort his friend by telling him he killed his real dad when he became a vampire. Spike also adds that he killed his Mum, twice. Fred’s comfort leads them to what could be a tender moment but they are interrupted by Knox who offers to drive Fred home.

When alone Wesley calls his real father who with his usually criticism Wesley knows his dad is okay.

Memorable Quotes:

“If I knew this was going to be a seminar I would have worn a name tag.” Wesley
“Thank you Wesley I’d love a gun.” Fred.
“Sex with robots is more common then most people think.” Spike.
“I’m not very comfortable with hugging.” Angel.
“Apparently when Percy here was younger he use to be known as ‘head boy.’ Spike speaking of Wesley. (Reference to the Harry Potter books)
“I know what this is. You will never take me to hell Pavayne! Oh…well that’s just something I say when uh it gets dark.” Spike stuck in elevator with Eve.
“You know I killed my actually dad, it was the first thing I did when I became a vampire.” Angel comforting Wesley.
“I don’t know if you know this but I killed my mum. Actually I already killed her and then she tried to shag me so I had to uh...” Also comforting Wesley.

Written by: Drew Goddard   Directed by:  Jefferson Kibbee

Starring:  David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet, and Alexis Denisof

Guest-starring: Roy Dotrice (Roger Wyndham-Pryce), Sarah Thompson (Eve), and Jonathan M. Woodward (Knox)

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Updated 12/3/08  


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