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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Six: "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired: November 5, 2003

Two security guards are brutally murdered by an unknown assailant.

Angel is signing legal papers with his blood; demon lore requests it. Gunn loves the good they do at Wolfram & Hart though he does believe they could get a little dirty and need a little action. Angel feels disconnected.

Wesley enters the office and tells them three dead bodies have been found with their hearts cut out. The Mail guy in a wrestler’s mask ignores Angel when he tries to get his attention to give him an envelope. When Angel grabs him by the shoulder mail guy hurls Angel through a glass wall. The whole truth of the incident gets out of hand in just a short amount of time. Angel beat up an innocent old man they call Number 5.

Another body is found at an All Souls Mass, the Mexican Day of the Dead. Gunn, Wesley, Spike and Angel take off in the convertible to find the killer. Angel stops the car abruptly he can smell blood. They discover a fresh dead body with the heart removed; they know the assailant can’t be far. The men find the demon, they fight but nothing seems to bring him down. He disappears.

Fred tells Spike he is a champion. He saved the world, sacrificed himself and closed hell mouth. He says he just stood there as the fire engulfed him, that wasn’t heroic but she reminds him that he saved her and he takes pride in that.

Wesley and his team are researching what kind of demon they are looking for. Spike asks Wes about the Shanshu’s Prophesy. A vampire with a soul plays a major role in an apocalyptic battle will be able to live again. Spike wonders if this could be about him but Wes assures him it’s not. Spike reveals to Wes that Angel doesn’t believe in the prophecy anymore.

The demon they are looking for is an Aztec Demon called Tezcatcatl who appears every 50 years and kills many. The last time he made an appearance brothers that were champions of their time defeated him. One brother is still alive and he is none other then the mail guy Number 5.

Angel visits him at his apartment and again he attacks Angel. Angel fights back; he needs Number 5’s help to know how he and his brothers defeated the Aztec Demon.

We flashback to the five brothers in a wrestling match. All loved them. They never lost, never quit, never compromised. As Number 5 speaks of he and his brothers “helping the helpless’ Angel compares them to he and the gang.

After his brothers deaths Number 5 falls into self-pity and takes a job with Wolfram and Hart.

The Aztec Demon attacks Angel. It stabs Angel but then pauses and removes it’s dagger and leaves. Back at the office Angel reveals to Gunn and Wes that he is insulted that the demon did not want his heart. Gunn says who would want his ‘dried up’ heart. Wes says it is for meat not metaphor but Angel believes that it is because he is not heroic enough. Wesley then tells him that his heart isn’t in his work and he’s lost hope. Wes is worried about Angel.

Fred’s research uncovers that the heart and blood of a hero makes the Aztec Demon invulnerable. Gunn learns at one time the demon made a mystic deal with W&H. It was cursed into returning every 50 years, which made it convenient for it to look for a talisman that would make it powerful again.

Angel remembers seeing the talisman at Number 5’s apartment. He arrives there to find Number 5 and the talisman gone. Angel finds him at a graveyard. Number 5 has summoned the Aztec demon and he comes. Number 5 says he has swallowed the talisman and wants the demon to cut it out of him. The three fight and Number 5 is stabbed. His four brothers rise from their grave and they fight the demon. They ‘pin’ the demon and Angel stabs him.

Number 5 tells Angel the talisman was really in a coffee thermos. He dies and his brothers take him and they disappear.

Angel returns to W&H and gives Wesley the talisman for safekeeping. He tells the gang Number 5 died a hero.

Angel retires to his office to read the Shanshu’s Prophesy, the English translation.

Memorable Quotes:

“The geriatric community will be sorting their nappies when they hear you’re on the case. Bravo.” Spike to Angel.
“Always was a bit of a drama queen.” Spike about Angel.
“Just trying to put as much distance between myself and General Grumpy Pants as my ghost leash allows.” Spike.
“Tall, dark and dreary.” Spike describing Angel.
Angel to Wrestling brothers “Were trying to kill it not pin it.” After they ‘pin’ the demon. “Okay pinning works.”

Written and Directed by:  Jeffrey Bell

Starring: David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Ackers, Andy Hallet and Alexis Denisof

Guest-starring: Danny Mora (Number 5)

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Updated 12/3/08  


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