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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Five: "Life of the Party" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired: October 29, 2003

Lorne is burning the candles at both ends. He is stressed over his regular duties and trying to get a Halloween party together. Rubbing his forehead in front of his mirror Lorne’s reflection speaks to him. He smashes the mirror and his reflection begins to sing. Lorne exits his office also belting out a tune.

Angel misses a meeting with Eve. She says he bottles his feelings and he needs a release. His problem is the baddies he’s been trying to bust are now his clients.

Everyone is busy with their jobs and not interested in going to Lorne’s ‘Monster Mash’. Angel thinks the party will become an out of control blood bath. He is told the party is more of a moral thing for the employees that think Angel sucks and are afraid of being axed in more ways than one.

Lorne and Angel convince the Arch Duke, a client to come to the party. If he came then other important clients and potentials will follow. The Arch Duke arrives with his entourage properly dressed with weapons. They believe their invite is a trap.

Lorne encourages the gang to enjoy the party. He tells wallflowers Wesley and Fred that they need to ‘get drunk.’ He tells Spike to ‘be positive’ and someone is peeing all over the place. While Eve and Angel are having an argument Lorne interrupts them and says that he could cut their sexual tension with a knife, “Get a room.” Eve and Angel hurry away and begin to make out.

Lorne reveals to Gunn that he has had his sleep removed to get more time for work and he loves it, Gunn thinks that is fantastic.

Someone kills one of the Arch Duke’s men in the bathroom.

Wes and Fred feel drunk but Fred isn’t drinking and Wes hasn’t even finished one beer. They know that something is weird and after talking to Gunn who is the one peeing and Spike who is grooving to the tunes, something is wrong.

The gang search for Angel and find him in his office having sex with Eve. They become aware that they are doing what Lorne has told them to do. Gunn remembers that Lorne told him to ‘stake out his territory’. They figure out it’s happening because Lorne had his sleep removed and because he is an Empath demon that can read destinies he is now writing them.

While searching for Lorne’s sleep Wesley reveals to Fred that he would like more then her friendship but Fred misinterprets him and confides in him that she likes Knox.

The Arch Duke and his entourage barge into Angel's office, who is still having sex with Eve and threatens to execute Angel; there are more dead. They re-enter the party where the ‘Hulk’ no excuse me a large bulking Lorne leaps into the crowd. It is his subconscious that has manifested and taken on a life of it’s own. Many take a stab at bringing Lorne’s subconscious down but in the end it is Fred who shoots the sleep back into Lorne that makes his subconscious disappear. Lorne falls into a deep sleep.

Fred has a drink with Knox, which Wesley happens to see.

It is deduced that Lorne’s subconscious was fighting what Lorne battles within. Angel worries that Wolfram and Hart are trying to change them.

Memorable Quotes and Moments:

“Magic windows, will the perks ever end?” Spike.
Angel was watching hockey. Angel tells the Arch Duke “how awesome he looks.”
“Hey Angels getting some. Good for you mate.” Spike.
“A fantastic entrance!” Spike.
“Wow I must really hate myself.” Lorne.
“You’ve pissed on the big mans chair, that’s fantastic.” Spike.

Written by: Ben Edlund  Directed by: Bill Norton

Starring: David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet and Alexis Denisof

Guest-starring: Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Sarah Thompson (Eve) and Jonathan Woodward (Knox)

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Updated 12/3/08  


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