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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Four: "Hellbound" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired:  October 22, 2003

Spike is not a ghost infact he’s nothing like Fred has seen before. His temperature is still lowering, and he still feels like he is being pulled into hell. If Fred can defy some of the laws of nature there’s a good chance she can anchor him to this plain and make him corporeal.

Spike disappears again and he finds himself in what looks like the W&H basement, the gateway to hell to find a creepy undead man slicing off his fingers.

Fred is preoccupied with trying to help Spike. Wesley is worried that she’s not getting enough sleep or eating right. Angel is concerned that she is spending too much like $800,000 over the quarterly budget in the practical science department. Fred explains
that she is doing something that has never been done before and Angel is less then thrilled that she is helping Spike. Fred feels Spike could be an assess to the gang. He says, he thinks Fred is blinded by Spike’s charm and he doesn’t want her disappointed if her attempt fails. What really worries Angel is if she does succeed and if Spike will go running back to Buffy.

Spike walks the basement halls as the lights flicker out and he finds an armless ghost women who says “It’s coming.” He then pops up to Angel’s office where he wants to hang out like a couple of vampires from the old days doing the ‘hangy thing’. They talk about prophecies, which are bunch of bull, nothings written in stone. Their evil past is all that matters, their both going to hell. Though they both agree they hate each other (in quite a witty banter) Angel admits he did like Spike’s (William’s) poems but then again he likes Barry Manilow, Spike points out.

Their conversation is interrupted when Spike starts seeing other ghosts. The gang gather and security does a sweep (hourly) but no other corporeals are found besides Spike. “It’s coming for you.” A ghost woman tells Spike in an eerie whispery voice. “It’s Here.” Another ghoul confirms. Spike begs for Fred’s help but disappears at least to the gang; Spike is still in the room calling for her. The ghoul continues “She can’t help you now William, no one can.” He finishes with an evil chortle.

Spike walks the hall of W&H but he can’t interact with the real world. He takes a waiting elevator back down to the basement. “It’s going to get you. The Reapers going to take you.” A women with a jagged glass jabbed in her eye taunts. She removes the glass from her eye and slashes it across Spikes face.

Gunn and Wesley think that Spike is crazy and seeing things. Fred reveals to them in a shocking revelation that Spike is slipping into hell. But that’s pretty much what Wesley and Gunn had expected. Where else would he be headed?

Spike arrives in Fred’s lab and tries to communicate with her. He tells her the ghosts he is seeing is his welcoming committee to hell. He thanks her and when he reaches for her she feels him.

Eve brings in a medium with attitude to conjure up Spike. The woman is killed by a dark soul, which Angel thinks is Spikes doing. Wesley and Gunn know it wasn’t Spike but something else inside W&H.

While Fred has a shower Spike is standing out side the steamed covered stall. He’s trying to figure out what and who the Reaper is. He figures out it’s trying to hide something. He also discovers if he concentrates he can touch solid objects. He leaves her a message “Reaper” on the shower glass wall but it shatters.

The ghost torment Spike until the Reaper appears and starts to torture Spike.

Wesley, Gunn and Angel are doing research where it is discovered that Angel is mentioned four times and he doesn’t like what is said about him. “That not fair, I didn’t even have a soul when I did that.” He complains. Fred reveals that they are looking for the Reaper; it came to her in the shower.

The Reaper was a doctor named Pavayne that did unnecessary surgeries that you don’t recover from. He was involved in brutal murders and the dark arts for over twenty years. W& H took him for his blood for their new branch they were opening in L.A. Spanish missions were already resting on the grounds they wanted so they used his blood to desecrate the grounds. The gang believe Pavayne must being using the dark arts to keep from going to hell. Also they wonder where all the people that must of died at W&H are. Where are their ghosts, is the Reaper munching on them?

The Reaper is bending reality. He chances things around them locations, appearances etc. He takes clothes from Spike and he’s left naked.

The gang need a massive serge of dark forces. But where do they find it? Though Wesley mentions a volcano in the deeps of South Africa Gunn knows a place a little closer to home, in the ‘white room’. Gunn has a little chat with the black panther.

Spike is weakening with visions of torment and death. The Reaper needs Spike to go to hell so he can stay. Spike gathers his strength and strikes The Reaper. ‘Reality bends to desire.’ If Spike wants to touch something he just has to want it bad enough. They battle.

The gang get the recorporealizer ready with a little dark force from the black panther. A circle is made in the middle that Spike has to stand in. Spike and Pavayne enter the lab and Pavayne grabs Fred around the neck to kill her. Spike has to choose between saving Fred or jumping into the circle and becoming corporeal. Spike chooses Fred and he knocks Pavayne into the circle and he becomes corporeal.

The recorporealizer is damaged and if ever fixed it would be highly unlikely to find another power source. Fred apologizes to Spike but he says that he made his chose and wouldn’t change it for the world. He doesn’t want to cheat hell like Pavayne. Fred says he’s worth saving. Spike shows her a new trick and he picks up a mug. Spike says there’s worst things then being a ghost.

Pavayne is trapped in a metal cage, permanent storage. He is going to live forever without being able to move, touch, or feel or affect anything in the world around him. Welcome to hell.

Memorable Quotes:

Can’t spirit the knick knacks about, can’t willy the locals. Bloody
sad ghost I turned out.” Spike.

“You’re making me a real boy again?” Spike questions Fred.

“The White room?” Says Angel. “Why do you think they call it that?”
Gunn comments as they stand in the room entirely of white.

Written and Directed by:  Steven S. DeKnight

Starring:  David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet, and Alexis Denisof

Guest-starring:  Sarah Thompson (Eve) and Simon Templeman (Pavayne)

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Updated 12/3/08  


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