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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode Two: "Just Rewards" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired October 10, 2003

We are flashbacked to Sunnydale, California nineteen days earlier (the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Spike and Buffy share a moment as the world crumbles around them. He tells her to save the other as he wearing the amulet saves the world.

In Angel’s office the gang deal with the return of Spike. Spike is not happy about seeing Angel he turns vamp face and runs to Angel for an attack but finds himself running right through him. Bugger!

Spike is a ghost. It’s revealed that Buffy is okay and living in Europe. Spike wants to see her but Angel says no way. Lots of questions of why Spike has returned but no one has the answers. Lorne thinks the whole Buffy, Spike and Angel triangle would make a good movie.

No ectoplasm is detected on Spike, which is what is supposed to make ghost visible. Fred detects brain wave activity and he’s radiating heat, which in the presences of a ghost is usually cold. They know he’s connected to the amulet and he can disappear but he doesn’t know where he goes.

Angel didn’t tell the gang exactly how Spike helped to save the world and that he has a soul. Spike says this is all Angel’s fault because he brought the amulet to Sunnydale and he chickened out and left the women he loved, this state he’s in should be him.

Spike appears where ever he wants (through the whole episode). Harmony tries to tell Angel that he has a three o’clock appointment but he and Spike are in an argument. Angel fights a beast that stepped out of the elevator unfortunately it was his 3 o’clock. They were meeting for negotiations so the beast would stop eating baby heads.

A lawyer named Novak comes to Angel because Angel has closed the grave digging department and that means they can’t supply a client Magnus Hainsley fresh corpses. He sends Novak to tell him they aren’t taking care of him anymore.

Angel knows he was the one that was supposed to wear the amulet. He’s trying to figure out what Wolfram & Hart are up to. Spike’s back after saying he was going to leave town. It seems he can’t, he is bound to W&H because of the amulet.

Novak returns in three buckets.

Hainsley is a necromancer. He charges demon for putting their essences inside fresh dead bodies. Gunn knows how to bring him down. Angel with his tag along Spike go to his mansion and find a show room of dead bodies displayed like they are at a party. The butler tries to kill Angel but Angel finishes him off with a spoon.

Hainsley has stronger powers over Angel but Angel fought back with the I.R.S. Hainsley offers Spike a deal. He can give him back what he lost but he has to do something for him.

Spike over hears Angel, Wesley and Fred talking about him. The only way for Spike to stop being a ghost is to give him eternal rest, which is the merciful thing to do. Amulet is protected but the magic doesn’t hold up on halo ground like a graveyard. It has to be destroyed.

A shirtless Angel goes to bed. Spike is in his room and tells him what Hanesley had to offer. Spike says he can’t live being useless and nothing and he wants it to end. They go to a graveyard. When Angel tries to hit the amulet and he hits himself. Hanesley appears and lifts Angel with his powers and throws him against a tombstone. It looks like Spike is taking Hainsley deal.

Angel is taken back to Hainsley’s mansion where Spike will be transferred into Angel’s body and then Spike will return to the office as Angel and fix Hainsley’s little problems. Spike enters Hainsley instead and he and Angel fight. Angel decapitates Hainsley with a tray.

Angel reveals to Wesley that Spike had come up with the plan to get Hainsley.

Spike goes to Fred. He feels like he is being pulled down to hell every time he does his little disappearing act. It’s not the place hero’s go to and he’s terrified. He asks her for help.


“You think I’m hot do you?” Spike to Fred when she says he’s radiating heat.
“Captain forehead.” Spike calls Angel.
“Your not in the world Casper.” Angel to Spike.
“Slayer loving freak.” Harmony accusing Spike.
“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t care.” Spike interrupting Angel and Wesley.
“Knowing you are going to haunt me till the end of time, it’s a dream come true.” Angel
“I knew you’d pick the Viper, so bloody predictable.” Spike to Angel.
“I’m his date.” Spike added comment when Angel introduces himself to the butler.
“I’m not here to back him up, I’m just here to haunt him.” Spike.
“You’ve gone all Patrick Swayze.” Harmony to Spike.
Harmony says, “I guess a leopard can’t change its stripes.” Spike replies “Spots you dink, leopards have spots.” Harmony’s retorts. “Excuse me Mr. Brainy thank you so much for sharing. Wow what a break through.”
“Relax beef cake I didn’t come for a fight.” Spike to Angel.

Written by: David Fury & Ben Edlund. Directed by: James A. Contner.

Starring: David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet and Alexis Denisof.

Guest-starring: Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Victor Raider- Wexler (Hainsley) and Joshua Hutchinson (Novak).

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Updated 12/3/08  


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