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Angel Episode Guide

Season Five; Episode One : "Conviction" (Season Premier) By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired October 1, 2003

Angel standing on a rooftop hears screaming and with super hero action he swoops down, fights and stakes the vampire attacker and saves the girl. Suddenly an operation team “backup” and other employees from Wolfram & Hart appear. Someone’s taking a statement from the victim and cameras are flashing. Angel is told not to take any actions until W&H is notified. The victim thinks this is all a publicity stunt.

The gang is setting into their new jobs and offices. Though Wesley is second guessing his decision, Lorne loves it.

Angel walks into his office, his usual double door entrance and finds an attractive leggy women sitting upon his desk. She introduces herself as Eve, a liaison between Angel and the senior partners. She informs Angel that his number one job is to keep the clients happy.

Angel and the gang spend long hours going through the client’s files. They don’t know where to begin their good deeds and they are still questioning if they are doing the right thing. Can they make a difference?

Eve is in Gunn’s office and questions his loyalty to the firm. She hands him a card and tells him he’ll become a new man.

Angel at his desk throws aside an envelope addressed to him. He is having difficulty with his telephone pressing several buttons all to find his secretary and request a cup of coffee. In walks Harmony his new secretary or assistant, as she would like to be called. Angel asks why shouldn’t he just kill her. Harmony’s reply, she’s just a single undead girl, their (W&H) evil they don’t judge and the medical and dental (which is important) is good. Plus she types like a super hero and they have the same hours. Wes arrives in the office and informs Angel that he chose Harmony himself because she was a familiar face. Angel comments he didn’t think Wesley would turn evil so soon.

There is a mention of Cordelia when Harmony asks about her. She is told Cordy is in a coma, Harmony is sad for about ten seconds.

Their first client is Corbin Fries who’s involved with guns, drugs etc. He’s in trial and about to lose. He says if the firm doesn’t help him he’s going to ‘drop the bomb’ which means ‘bye bye California’. All Fries has to do is say ‘the word’ and it’s a done deal. The gang need to find out what this ‘bomb is’.

The W&H staff is being screened by singing for Lorne.

Angel needing to do his own investigating goes to the firms garage and gets excited over finding an array of sports cars. “Their beautiful” he says. He’s approached by Agent Hauser and his operation team, they aren’t happy that Angel is not using them to do the legwork.

Angel visits a guy named Spanky that did some work for Fries. Angel beats out of him that he made a mystical container that could holds a virus, which is in Fries own son Matthew.

Angel is devastated thinking of his own son Connor. Eve speaks of Connor reminding us that Angel is the only one that will ever remember him and he’s not to take other jobs so personally. Angel angrily insists that she is not to let Connors name pass her lips again.

Gunn goes to the address on the card and ends up in a lab. He is hooked up to a machine. It turns out to be a mind enhancer. Gunn appears in court suited up and speaking great knowledge of the law. He gets Fries a mistrial after he reveals that the judge had stock connections to Fries Company.

Fred, who was a little timid of being a boss, takes charge to get her team working harder in finding an antidote for the virus.

Agent Hauser and his team head to Matthew’s school to ‘take him out’. Angel beats them there in his company helicopter and clears out the school. Angel can’t fire Hauser because of ‘tradition’. They shoot at Angel but Angel kicks their ass and kills Hauser.

Back at the office Wes and Fred say they are decoding the mystical container. The gang still agree that they have to change things in the firm and not just help evil. Angel rips open the pre- mentioned envelope and ‘the amulet’ falls out. In a tornado like fury a burnt and then human like Spike appears.

Written & Directed: Joss Whedon.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallet (Lorne) and Alexis Denisof (as Wesley).


Guest Starring: Sarah Thompson (Eve), Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Jonathan M. Woodward (Knox), Rodney Rowland (Corbin Fries).

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Updated 12/2/08  


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