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Angel Episode Guide

Season Four; Episode Fourteen: "Release" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired March 12th, 2003

Angel and FaithA very battered Faith is pissed off and frustrated and takes it out on Wesley’s shower stall.

Angelus is bragging at the demon bar where he’s not so popular anymore for bringing back the sun when a ‘big scary voice’ interrupts him. The voice is coming from Cordelia/Master who is sitting white eyed on her bed holding his glowing soul in her hand. Conner walks into the bedroom and Cordy asks him to keep the baby they are having a secret from the others because it is not only special but is growing fast. She knows the gang with think only something evil could come from this.

Angelus confronts Fred in the hotel with a ‘knock off’ amulet and steals their book and Wolfram & Hart papers about the Beast Master. Fred does fight back but shoots Lorne with a tranquilizer dart and when Conner tries to hit Angelus he is held back by the sanctuary spell, no demon violence. (Later Conner tries to make vampire faces in the mirror.) Angelus grabs Wesley outside and Faith seems to freeze up and Angelus escapes.

Angelus is in the home of a cult book guy to get help about the info he stole from the hotel but is again interrupted by the Master’s voice. The Master threatens Angelus that without his cooperation he will restore his soul and he will be trapped inside Angel again. Angelus agrees.

Gunn and Fred talk and Fred reveals that she misses Gunn and wants them the way they use to be. They kiss but then Gunn leaves to patrol the area.

Faith and Wesley show up at the demon bar. Wesley gets violent interrogating a girl for Angelus info. They find out the Master has control of Angelus. Faith is surprised at Wesley’s aggression but he tells her he only did what she couldn’t. He believes she’s gone soft and brings up her past (murder, torture, destructive behavior) to remind her what a bad girls she was.

They find Angelus. Wesley gets literally thrown out of the fight. Angelus holds a gun at Faith but then tosses it aside for a more personal battle. Angelus as well thinks Faith has gotten pathetic and taunts her by saying she’s just like him (Angelus), which gets her rallied up for a good fight. She gets freaky on him but in the end he grabs her to take a bite.

W: Steven S. DeKnight, Elisabeth Craft & Sarah Fain. D: James A. Contner.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel/Angelus), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia), Alexis Denisof (Wesley), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Vincent Kartheiser (Conner) and Andy Hallet (Lorne).


Elisa Dushku (Faith)
Christopher Neiman (Frotor Demon)
Paul Tiguel (Reg)
Catalina Larranga (vamp waitress).

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