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Angel Episode Guide

Season Two; Episode Nine: "The Trial" By Cathy

(This is a short recap; we hope to have a longer, more detailed summary later)

Aired November 28th, 2000

Angel, Darla and manAngel is still haunted by flashbacks of his 150-year love affair with Darla. He has to face the impossible choice of letting Darla die of a terminal illness, the same one she had suffered from 400 years prior, or use his dark powers to turn her back into a vampire. Angel goes to the Host and finds out where to find the only cure. Angel has to commit to 3 challenges that no one has ever survived. After making it through the first two he is told his last challenge is to sacrifice his own life. He abides and passes the last test. To Angelís dismay Darla canít be brought back to life for a second time.

Wolfram & Hart bring in Drusilla to help Darla.

W: Douglas Petrie, Tim Minear, & David Greenwalt. D: Bruce Seth Green.

Starring: David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof and J. August Richards.

Guest-starring: Andy Hallett (The Host) 
Christian Kane (Lindsey McDonald) 
Juliet Landau (Drusilla) 
Sam Anderson (Holland) 
Jim Piddock (Trial Overseer) 
Julie Benz (Darla)

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