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Angel Cast Bios

J. August Richards (Gunn)

J. August Richards photo

Full Name: Jaime Augusta Richards III
Nickname: Jay
Born: August 28th, 1973. Washington DC.
Parents: Panamanian
Height: 6’3”.
Girlfriend: Living with Tanji Miller (Elena of Felicity) in Los Angeles.
Hobbies: Painting, studying astronomy.
Performing Arts High school.
University of Southern California (B.F.A) where he won numerous
scholarships and grants to study theatre.
Awards: Two time Winner of the Levar Burton Award for excellence in a


Space, Mark Taper Forum - Taj
In the Master's House, Complex Theatre - Fletcher
Chemipalooza, National Tour - Montra
Summers in Suffolk, Towne St. Theatre - Keith Wilder
West Memphis Mojo, Long Beach Playhouse - Elrol
A Flea in her Ear, Bing Theatre - Augustin Ferraillon
Les Liaisons Dangeruses, Bing Theatre - Danceny
Cloud 9, Green Room Theatre - Joshua/Gerry
A Raisin in the Sun, Bing Theatre - Waiter Lee Younger
Dreamgirls, Ira Aldridge Theatre (Howard Univ.) -Ensemble
Bubblin' Brown Sugar, Ira Aldridge Theatre (Howard Univ.) - Bumpy Jackson
Caucasian Chalk Circle, Bing Theatre - Simon
Agamemnon, Bing Theatre - The Watchmen

TV Shows:
The Cosby Show 1988 (Roy) credited as Jaime Richards.
The Big Breakfast 1992 (himself)
Family Matters 1993 (Guy at Mall#2)
O.P Center 1995 (FBI Van Tech)
Space: Above and Beyond 1995 (Lieutenant Thomas)
Diagnosis Murder 1996 (Troy Sommers)
Players 1997 (Sam Brodie)
The Good News 1997 (John Braxton)
Jag 1997 (Seaman Bernard)
Clueless 1998 (Stewey)
Sliders 1998 (Damon)
Chicago Hope 1998 (Eric Lane)
Temptations 1998 (Richard Streets)
West Wing 1999 (Bill)
Undressed 1999 (Bryce)
Mutiny 1999 (Reece Johnson)
The Practice 1999 (former boyfriend)
Nash Bridges 1999 (Ernie Vesper)
Angel 1999- (Charles Gunn)
Running Mates 2000 (Randall’s Aide)
Any Day Now 2000 (Billy Rubens)
Moesha 2000 (Sean)
MTV Presents Undressed: Behind the Casting Couch 2001 (himself)

Good Burger 1997 (Griffen)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love? 1998 (Sherman)

Interesting Notes:
Attended same college as Danny Strong and George Hertzberg (Jonathan and Andrew of Buffy).
Studied acting under Eric LaSalle (ER).
In a theatre production he played a rapping bike messenger who believed he was a prophet of space aliens.

Special Skills:
Dialects: New York, Cockney, Standard Stage, Caribbean, British, Irish, Standard American.
Singing, Dancing, Rapping, Basketball, Football, and Soccer.

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Updated 11/7/08  


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