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A Review by Staci October 2003

Life of the Party

This being a Halloween episode, let me take the time to guess the costumes of our heroes.

Angel - Superman. He wants to stand for all things good, helping the helpless and such. Unfortunately, there seems to bus loads of kryptonite getting in his way and rendering him powerless.

Gunn - A puppet. Surely someone is pulling his strings. Why else would be become lawyer extraordinaire? Or maybe, he can be Roy to a lonely Siegfried since the famed cat fancier got attacked. We all know Gunn speaks cat.

Fred - Xena. It was just a few years ago that our dear girl was a meek scientist hiding in a hotel room. My how things have changed. She can now kick ass and put men in their place. Watch out Knox.

Spike - A clown. Not because he's necessarily comical like a clown but because clowns are always the center of attention. Now a part of the Fang Gang, Spike has clearly taken center stage, along with Angel. I'm a big Spike fan but I miss the old gang's closeness.

Wes - The Invisible Man. Why do you ask? It may because Spike arrived in town and the writers are trying to deal with that but why does Wes have to suffer? He's hardly in any of the episodes, popping up to offer maybe a line of dialogue and that's it. Let's hope he finds the magical formula that will flesh him out.

Back to the episode....

A pretty decent episode as episodes go, but I still can't warm to Eve. She has no bite like her predecessor. And face it. When you think of Wolfram & Hart how can you not think of Lilah, or even Lindsey of season one and two. Its like the Fang Gang is playing house until the parents come home.

Anyways, we find out that Lorne is the latest to take advantage of Wolfram & Hart's many services. Unlike Gunn, he quickly found out what the cost of that procedure was (Incredible Lorne, anyone?). Just makes you wonder at what cost Gunn's sudden lawyerly knowledge will be. Only time will tell.

So it looks like Fred may find herself a new boyfriend. I'm not holding my breath for a longterm relationship. Spike is still a ghost. Wes helped but he's still underused.

On to next week!!!

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