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A Review by Mercedes 10/10/03

 I was in my car with a friend the other day when I saw a giant billboard for Angel. My goodness, was the WB finally promoting the show?? Of course not. The promotion was the work of TNT which now runs Angel repeats. On the brink of cancellation (again, a little promotion could help) Angel was brought back this season on the condition that it rework its premise and add Spike to its list of characters.

The first episode, Conviction, feels just like a pilot. We see old friends but they're now in new digs under new circumstances. They're running the evil law firm they battled against for four seasons. With Cordy and Connor gone we now have Harmony, Spike and Eve. At first I was skeptical of Harmony but after seeing her in the first two episodes I really like her and believe she's a good fit into the Fang Gang, providing the right mix of comic relief. Spike, introduced in the last minutes of the first episode, gets plenty of screen time in the Just Rewards. I'm waiting to see how he fits into the Fang Gang. My only concern is that his time on screen will take away from Wes' time. Probably my favorite character of the Angel set (aside from the main vamp with a soul) Wes was hardly used in the first two episodes. And Gunn the lawyer? I'm not loving it but again, I'll wait and render a verdict later.

Ok, Eve.......let's send the girl on her way. It's like she's playing dress-up and has chosen the role of lawyer for the day. She is an ill fit. here's a scene I made up and sent to a friend.

Angel: What are you doing here?
Lilah: What? Didn't miss me?
Angel: Where's Eve?
Lilah: Quit, fired, sacrificed to a Lorelah demon. I didn't get the particulars.

And there you have it.

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