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A Review by Mercedes 9/12/03

Whatever Happened To Angel?

   When this spin off of the series Buffy began, I was sad the relationship between Buffy and Angel had to end. It did relieve me to know the character Iíd come to love would live on. The first few episodes I watched had me very intrigued. Angel moves to Los Angeles to find his way. Uses crime fighting to right the wrongs of his past. A past when he was a vampire without a soul. Great emphasis, good show. Throw in the mix of Cordelia and the introduction of Doyle, it equaled series rating power house. I will always be a loyal Buffy fan, but I was more excited to see the next episode of Angel on Tuesday nights. Then it all changed.

   By the end of the first season my enthusiasm for the show started to decline. The initial blow was the departure of Doyle, whether his choice or the writers. That change was a great loss. During the second season the addition of Gunn and Wesley renewed some of that strength, then we were stuck again. No more Angel and Buffy crossovers. The reason, money, and Buffy moved to another network. Someone got pissed off. Just leave it up to a big executive in a office, who only cares about  a buck and vendettas, to screw up a good thing. However, as time progressed. things on the show only worsened.

Good Wolfram and Hart evil characters stayed on the show as long as it took to chew flavor out of gum. That had me seething. The hint of feelings between Cordelia and Angel made me vomit, although the sex with Buffy and Spike had me speechless. The characters who would never touch each other were doing just that. Having touchy feelies, YUCKY! Oh, I almost forgot the thing with Angel having a son was total sham. Not really the idea of him having a son, but the way the writers went about creating the story behind it. Honestly, Angel should have been able to rear his child up from infancy, but noooo! They had to send the baby off to a Demon Dimension. And look what came back in itís place. A supposed teenage boy with an ax to grind against his father. Like angel doesnít have enough enemies.

The show that I had come to love ended up the show going nowhere fast. Then the scraping at the bottom of the barrel began. Cordelia sleeps with Angelís son. Oops, I forgot again, that was evil Cordelia. Nevertheless, still a bad move.

To sum it all up, at the end of the season 4 a lot of questions were left unanswered. I guess my title should have been, ď Can Angel Be Saved?Ē Letís hope the writers were busy during the summer hiatus. Coming up with a way to restore Angel back to itís former glory. I would like to see it survive...........

Till We chat again,

Mercedes C.

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Updated 11/7/08  


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