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Alias Trivia Quiz #1

1.  SD-6 was mostly an organization of

a. good guys

b.  bad guys

c.  both

d.  no one is sure.


2.  How did Sydney bring down SD-6?

a.  She killed the leaders.

b.  She blew up the SD-6 headquarters.

c.  She downloaded the security codes that tied the cells together.

d.  She told the newspapers about the organization, thus rendering it useless.


3.  Phase One was masterminded by

a.  Arvin Sloane

b.  Sydney Bristow

c.  Jack Bristow

d.  Irina Derevko


4.  What undercover name does Sydney use?

a.  Francie Calfo

b.  Irini Derevko

c.  Amy Tippin

d.  Marsha Flinkman


5.  What was the name of Sydney's fiance?

a.  Will

b.  Danny

c.  Michael

d.  Jack


6.  What was Marcus Dixon's wife's name?

a.  Sydney

b.  Irina

c.  Francie

d.  Diane


7.  Which country was Jack Bristow born in?

a.  Canada

b.  Russia

c.  United States

d.  Switzerland


8.  Who does Sark work for?

a.  Sloane

b.  Jack

c.  Irina

d.  Sydney


9.  Sydney's mother was thought to have died in a

a.  plane crash

b.  suicide pact

c.  explosion

d.  car crash


10.  Who is Rambaldi?

a.  architect

b.  artist

c. mathematician

d.  all of the above



1.  b

2.  c

3.  a

4.  c

5.  b

6.  d

7.  a

8.  c

9.  d

10.  d



Updated 6/26/03  

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